LorenHey there, I’m Loren, nice to make your acquaintance! I’ve gone by a few different names over the years, most notably Munchmo. I’m your average geek; I love computers, video games, and technology. For the past 20 years, I’ve lived a normal life, worked the 9-to-5 in IT, fixing other people’s problems and screw-ups.

Recently, things have changed. Back in 2013 my father passed away. He left my brother and I with a bit of a mess. But along with the mess he left us a decent inheritance. With that, my brother and I bought a property management and villa rental company in Virgin Gorda.

In May 2018 I packed up my life, boarded a plane, and moved to Virgin Gorda to help grow the business! Now I work by the beach on a beautiful island. Life here isn’t always easy. The island is still recovering from the devastation that was Hurricane Irma, but the locals are friendly and helpful.

So now my job is completely different, instead of sitting at a desk waiting for the phone to ring, I’m sitting in the kitchen of a beautiful villa, even though it still needs repairs! Now the work I do is much more rewarding and benefits me directly. I split my time between the computer and the real world. At the computer I work on the company website by creating meaningful content, analyzing site traffic, and improving our search rankings. I also manage our social media and advertisements. And when I’m not in the “office” I’m running maids around, helping with villa repairs, and networking.

I hope to regularly blog, but if you see me slacking feel free to let me know. Hell, eventually I’ll even start vlogging again!