A Trip to Town

Where Did All the Money Go?

Running out of cash means heading to town for the bank. Maybe I shouldn’t have let the petty cash drop so low. Luckily, I’ve got a bit of free time I can waste in Tortola.

Sensational Ferry

I took the usual ferry into town. Not a whole lot different in that regard. There was one big difference though, the point of disembarkation. Instead of the usual dock, the ferries now empty at Tortola Pier Park. Personally, I much prefer this change. There is a lot less stupid traffic to deal with.

Bank Shot

The bank was not as busy as usual. Only half a line this time. Barely any waiting outside was a huge bonus since the heat is starting to turn up. The wait was about on par with what I expected. The lack of customers can only do so much when the tellers are limited. It really only took just shy of 30 minutes.

Hunting Headphones

I’m still on the lookout for good gaming headphones. It’s really hard to find good electronics around here. First place I stopped had some headphones that aren’t quite what I want but will work. So I spent the money to buy overpriced, no name headphones that might be better than what I have.

Then I went to another electronics store. As luck would have it, they also had wireless headphones. Good, name-brand wireless headphones. So I bought a second pair. More options means more chance I got something good, right? Either way, I have definitely wasted money on headphones.

That’s Not the Spirit

Dammit, the liquor store isn’t open. I really wanted another bottle of banana rum! Oh well, I already spent way too much money today. By the time all my shopping was done I still had to wait a while for the ferry back. I was tempted to grab some food while waiting but decided against it.

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This post’s featured image is the ferry waiting for passengers at Tortola Pier Park in Road Town. There’s something relaxing about the water lapping against the boat as it sits there waiting.

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