Accounting Catch Up

Downtime (Sunday)

Finally time for some rest. With a little work mixed in. Putting off accounting for another day. Had to run next door to look into internet issues for our guests, but basically the box was in a bad spot and just couldn’t get signal. I finally finished the next Unity tutorial and educated myself. After that was all done I spent a good deal of time planning out IT Ninja, the first game I plan on making.

Oh no! I appear to have lost a file, and I’m pretty sure it is completely unrecoverable. A long time ago we had a logo made by a local artist and I’m sure I had a digital copy made. It’s been so long though, I don’t have the original anymore and I can’t seem to find it in any of my backups. I was totally going to use that as the logo for my game development shop.

Brain Melting (Monday)


I spent nearly half my day working in QuickBooks today. Finding and matching up deposits and then reconciling one of our bank accounts for a single month. This accounting stuff is hell to try to go back through and do. But I put in the work and got that one done. Just about twenty more statements to go! At this rate if I get one done a day . . . Jesus it’s gonna take a while. I’m sure as things progress the accounting will get easier though, I hope . . .

Game Development

I rolled out another post in my Game Development series. This post is all about my ideas for the game, IT Ninja. Laying the groundwork for how I want everything to flow. A design document basically. Gives a general overview of the game, as well as some specific details and thoughts about how certain aspects might work.

Boring Banking (Tuesday)


Spent some time this morning preparing for my trip to the bank. I realized that when I’m done I’ll be travelling with tons of cash so I needed something to carry it. Had to spend time looking for the proper thing. Then I made sure to write the account number on the back of each check I’m depositing. Double-checked everything and I hope I’m ready to go.


As usual, the trip to Tortola on Sensation Ferries was a pleasant one. At the bank I was stuck waiting in line for over an hour. I deposit done, but then was asked to wait again while they verified something to do with the wire transfer.

Well, wouldn’t you know it, the paperwork for adding me as a signatory never went through. No warning or notice. And, the person we we’re dealing with is on vacation until next week. So I can’t do the wire transfer and I can’t get the cash we need to operate.

Luckily the woman upstairs in business services was understanding and extremely helpful. She was able to help make sure I got everything done that I needed to. It only added about another hour and a half on to my trip. Unfortunately the round trip ticket I bought is useless since I’ll be using a different service provider.

While waiting for the ferry I actually sent an email off to the bank’s customer care address praising the woman who helped me there. Once on the ferry I got another round trip ticket with them, so I have one for each service to use in the next month. I’m certain I’ll need to hit the bank up again before they expire.

Wet and Wild (Wednesday)


So that pool we we filled a couple of weeks ago seems to be leaking. Not a whole lot, maybe a few inches of water a week, but over time that could be a problem (and costly). Unfortunately their city water is cut off right now so they’re running on limited cistern water which means refilling isn’t a great idea at the moment.


So I went for a swim today, for work! The pool that I talked about above, I went diving to try to spot a leak. Unfortunately, after about half an hour of searching I came up empty. How do you look for a leak in a pool full of water? Simple, a dropper with red food coloring. Just release a bit in the water where you think there might be a leak and the it should pull it in.


I’ve continued the process of reconciling our books. After a couple of hours in accounting world I’ve made it through February for one of our accounts. Woohoo! Still so much more to go, but that’s all the paper statements I have at the moment. There may be one or two more around here somewhere, but I need to get to work on the other account next.

Taxes (Thursday)


With Friday and Monday being holidays, we needed to get out company taxes paid as soon as possible. The roommate completed the paperwork yesterday, so I printed it all out, had the intern forge her signature, and wrote the checks. Ran down to the government building and it took less than ten minutes to get everything done.

Holiday (Friday)


Being a business owner means working even on holidays. Not a whole lot of work, but work nonetheless. I stopped by next door to check on an issue with their microwave. It’s toast. The power socket is fine, but the microwave just shows no sign of life.

After that was a quick checkup on all the pools. They are all in good shape, so I didn’t spend much time doing them. I did stop by the villa with water issues . . . City water appears on, but it’s a trickle. So we’ll likely have to switch them back to cistern again when the guests arrive tomorrow.


I took a dip in our pool today. First time in a long time. Figured since we have it and I have to maintain it that I might as well use it. It was nice stripping down and going for a swim at sunset. Very peaceful and relaxing.

Stoic (Saturday)


Those big black trash bags can get heavy when they’re full of laundry! The washing machine at the villa next door isn’t working properly, so I had to lug all the laundry (4 giant black trash bags) here. Exhausting and hot!

After that I had to head out to check on the water situation at a villa for the guests arrival this afternoon. As it turned out, there was still no water. We actually got the water guy out on a Saturday, of a holiday weekend no less! Dude got everything going just in time. I was barely able to get the pool topped up before the guests arrived.


Once all that was taken care of, it was time to get back to accounting! I’ve already reconciled the checking account for all the paper statements I currently have. So, I started on the merchant services account. Got all the way through every paper statement I have.

Featured Image

This week’s featured image is more clouds again! This week we’ve got some shadow-play within the sunset clouds. The contrasting darkness of the ocean makes the clouds almost look otherworldly.

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