Bird Brained


Woke up again not feeling too rested. Skipped out on the walk again, who knows maybe there won’t be any more walks. I spent a while reading a pretty cool story on Reddit. Now the coffee’s ready. Three spoonfuls of sugar and just enough flavored creamer to cover it. 

Work Work Work

While sipping my coffee I’m reading over the site’s stats for yesterday. Analytics look better. I like not seeing those obvious bots in my reports. Bounce rate has improved a bit too without them there. Our traffic seems more natural without the bots, less direct traffic. 

I’ve gone into Google Ads and changed the max CPC on all the keywords to match my strategy to get the ad at the top of the first search page. The strategy is still learning though, so we’ll see how things go there. I do hope I can get the ad to perform better. I guess I need to go through and do this occasionally. I’m just glad I can mass change them all to appropriate numbers without having to guess at each one individually. 

Yesterday’s Facebook post didn’t do too bad. Reach and engagement were better than our previous post. It seems that our reach tends to be about 10% of our following, not sure if that’s good or bad. I’ve recently been in the habit of making sure our posts hit at 1pm, but I’m thinking I should play with that a little. Next few posts I’ll try other times to see if our reach and engagement change. 

Twitter still isn’t growing at all. Likely because I still haven’t come up with any ideas for it yet. So far it’s just a feed from Instagram and Facebook. I know there’s a marketing strategy specifically for Twitter but I really just haven’t looked much into it yet. I have posed the question to my Reddit Digital Marketing folks, hopefully one of them can give me the answers that I seek. 

Another thing I think I’m going to look into is guest posting. I’m not sure I’m the best person to do the writing. Maybe once I find some good spots to put up some content I’ll get one of the other owners to do the write-ups. I do really need to keep up on the blogging on the company site too though. The real problem is I’m not the most knowledgeable and it’s hard to actually find information right now. 

One thing I’ve just started reading about is the Skyscraper Technique. It seems I’ve already put a bit of it into action. I just need to read more about it and see how I can implement it more appropriately. There is so much to marketing that I feel like I’m only scratching the surface. If I could actually get myself going better I could easily spend all day promoting and marketing.

Out and About

We made a quick walk over to the two nearby villas. At Casa Asombrosa we gave it a quick once-over. The owners are coming in tomorrow and we wanted to have it looking as good as we can. At Calypso we checked on the hot water situation. The guest has been telling us for a while that he’s had issues with the shower not getting hot and we’ve had our plumber look at it a few times. Inside the shower is great, although it takes too long to get hot. The outdoor shower just isn’t getting hot enough though.


We headed over to Bath and Turtle for a business lunch to meet with a local who has a couple of long term rentals. I ate their delicious fish and chips. Unfortunately it was too early in the day to have my usual mango martini. There was a semi-friendly chicken there begging me for food the whole time I was eating. I just couldn’t resist feeding her a few of my fries. 

Spoiler Warning

My roommate sent me to my room so she could lay out naked and I took that opportunity to play Sleeping dogs. I started out with some cop work, mostly drug busts. First I ran around taking down thugs so I could hack as many cameras as possible. It is a lot easier to take them down with a car. No need to fight them all, just run them over a few times and I’m good to go!

After that I continued on with the street racing job and took down Hotshot after he killed another racer by running them off a cliff. I tricked him into racing me right into a roadblock where I proceeded to disable his car with a few well placed hits.


Unfortunately, Sleeping Dogs was cut short due to rain. I guess I could have kept playing, but I was no longer restricted to my room. Not long after returning to the kitchen the rain mostly passed. We had another bird visitor to the pool too, it’s been a lucky day. I’ve gotten a lot of lizards up on Instagram but not many birds, until today! Last night I got a picture of a heron, got a chicken at lunch today, and now another heron to post!

It would be nice to get some good insect pictures. I know we’ve got scorpions around too, but they’re rarely out and about. There is this amazing red moth that comes around occasionally but it never lands. Sometimes we get some millipedes here too, but they usually don’t show up until they’re dead.

I played a bit more Minecraft and got my skeleton grinder all setup. Right now it’s just a rough design, but I think I’m going to see about building a bit of an underground base around it. At the very least I need to get brewing setup as well as an enchanting area. I’m going to continue my bowl design around the spawner. Luckily I have a villager with the mending enchant available to trade so my pick won’t break. By the time this place is completely setup I’ll have all the bone blocks I’ll ever need!

Spoiler Warning

Tonight’s entertainment is Preacher. Got all of the newest season to watch. This show is quite bizarre. I’m guessing this woman must be Jesse’s mother? No, that can’t be, can it? Okay, guess she is.

Hahaha, the chicken! I love this purgatory stuff. What was God going to say?!? Onto the next episode. . . Ah, the machine, time to find out what it does. Oh yeah, soul extraction! This love triangle thing needs to be worked out. This show just gets stranger and stranger. The Krishnas? That’s some messed up stuff. Who are the sons of bitches God was talking about?

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