Of Clouds and Weddings


So, I didn’t get the photo I was hoping for last night. Maybe tonight I will. This morning I didn’t go on my usual walk. My roommate has things she has to do, and I just don’t feel like walking alone.

I’m still waiting on GoDaddy to finish with my SSL certificate. I really hate how long these things take. I’m waiting to really publicize this site until I’ve got it working with SSL.

Looking at my analytics, the company site hasn’t had a ton of visitors, but the flow is steady. We have been getting a good amount of inquiries lately though, so something must be working. As for this site, there are no visitors, mostly because it has been stagnant and I have yet to do any promotion.

Our Facebook insights are interesting. Prior research indicated that the best time to post is on weekdays between 1 and 5 in the afternoon. The insights I’m seeing really back that up. My personal facebook insights are just like this site, no visitors because there hasn’t been any meaningful content in a long time. It’s just been a feed of all the YouTube videos I’ve liked.

At the advice of a marketing professional I’ve been working with, I adjusted my Google Ads bid strategy for the company site. I was running “maximize clicks” and I changed it to “target search location”. Our CTR has increased, which is exactly what I was hoping for, but our CPC appears to have dropped, which is a little surprising. Of course, the strategy is still learning, so this will likely change a bit over the next couple days.

My roommate has a wedding to go to later today. Thankfully, I wasn’t invited, but luckily I still get to crash the reception on the beach! While she’s off at the wedding I plan on running down to the beach and hope to get some good photos.


While my roommate was off at the wedding, I decided to head down to the beach to see if I could get anything good for Instagram. Unfortunately, the tide was too high to get much of anything good, but I did find a nifty lizard that I posted and the photo I’m using here for the header.

Once I was back, I got a message that the wedding hadn’t even started yet! Guess she’s just been waiting in the church for a while and no one knows what the holdup is. The wedding started nearly an hour late.

I wanted to play some games, I’ve been working my way through Dying Light, but the game just isn’t keeping my interest. So I ended up starting Sleeping Dogs, a title I got really cheap during the summer sale. I played through most (if not all) of the tutorial portion of the game. As I was playing, the game seemed really familiar. Turns out I had watched VintageBeef play through the game a long time ago.


Ahh, the wedding reception. We arrived fashionably late. The reception was held under a tent on beautiful Spring Bay Beach. The food was wonderful, I truly enjoyed the jerk chicken, it was extra-spicy! I’m not certain what the fish was but it was delicious.

Later on, they served a whole roasted pig ! I’d never got to experience that before, but it was amazing! Perfectly crunchy skin and succulent pork. 

Of course, no reception would be complete without an open bar. I did over-indulged a bit towards the end by a drink or two. I was drinking rum and coke all night, and the bartenders made each one stronger than the last! In all, we were at the reception for at least 5 hours, but by the end I wasn’t quite seeing straight. After stumbling my way back to my ride, things get a little fuzzy. 

I don’t really remember getting home, but I do remember spending a while chatting with Cherryl. After that, I think I passed right out. I didn’t manage to get the cloud picture I was hoping for either!

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