Cultist Simulator Frenzy


Hooray! There’s water again! But before I shower I should do a little bit of work. Coffee first though. While I sip, I can’t stop thinking about going back to Cultist Simulator.

First up is Analytics, all seems to be okay there, not sure exactly what I’m looking for at this point. Bounce rate was below 40% for yesterday! After that comes Google Ads. Maybe I shouldn’t have messed with my bid strategy. We’ll give it more time, but yesterday is just ugly looking. Nine new keywords suggested and added though.

Not much to report from Facebook. I really need to get a post up. Without being able to do a poll I have no idea what to post right now. Still nothing happening on Twitter. I wish their analytics were better. I can see very broad information but I can’t drill down to look at it in depth.

We did post a picture from a guest on Instagram that’s doing really well, so that makes me happy. It’s been viewed by more people than we have following us. It has thirty-four likes and three comments. So far, it is the best post we’ve had.


It felt so good to take a real shower again. Water pressure was high although there still wasn’t any hot water. At this point I’m used to taking cold showers. One day things here on Virgin Gorda will return to normal and I’ll be living somewhere that allows me to take a hot shower. I think I would be willing to give that up for better internet though.

Cultist Simulator

I played a bit more Cultist Simulator again this morning. Just plugging away at the game trying to figure out what I’m doing. It seems I got my first victory, very unexpectedly. And even though it was a victory, it didn’t feel that way because it had nothing to do with the cult! I feel like I need to make a cheat sheet for this game.


I was looking through my Switch’s gallery to see if I’ll be able to properly setup that zombie spawner. I want to get a whole new base of operations setup around the skeleton spawner and witch hut. As I’m flipping through my screenshots from Minecraft I found one I took previously of the witch hut with coordinates! All that searching could have been avoided if I had just looked here first. . . 

Out and About

We ran a few errands; we stopped by the bank, checked on a couple of villas, and met up with one of the owners. At the bank we just stopped by the ATM for some cash. I was happy that we didn’t have to wait in line. At Grape Tree the roofing work is coming along nicely. The water level at the Hunter house is pretty low, but it should be enough to last through these guests. Our plumber finally got the hot water issue resolved next door at Calypso!


More Cultist Simulator

I’ve been working on the cheat sheet for Cultist Simulator. I want to turn it into a guide (I’m actually branding it as the “Ultimate Guide to Cultist Simulator”) but I want it to look nice before I “release” it. I dug through the game files to see if I could locate the art assets used in the game but it seems they are inaccessible. Looks like there’s some interesting and useful stuff in the press kit from Weather Factory that I can use though.

I’ve been trying to get the page looking good, but for the life of me I can’t make it right. Over time it will change and adapt, right now it’s just a work in progress. Trying to get it the way I want with the Gutenberg editor isn’t easy. Maybe I should try the classic editor to see what I can do with that. Nope, classic editor has even less useful options. Time to try Elementor. Yeah, this is so much better. Now I just need to fill in more information about Cultist Simulator.

A Resort?

We headed out again to talk to a local that has recently acquired some land. He’s got ideas to build and rent villas on the property and wanted to talk to someone who could advise him. The property would be great to build a full on resort, but it would be very expensive and take a lot of time to do right. While we talked I could just imagine how great it could be with the right plans. Who knows what will actually happen, it will likely be a long time before anything gets built.


I’ve put in the start of the sorting system for the skeleton grinder. It can separate the bones, arrows, and bows, although it’s not perfect. Occasionally, it will allow bones or arrows into the final hopper for destruction, but it’s good enough. Now I just need to get the final water streams setup to output into my storage chests. 


After a delicious steak and potato dinner it was once again time to retire to my room. First up is a quick episode of Robot Chicken. Love this show so much. Stupid monkey!

Preacher – Spoiler Warning

Time to see what’s next for Jesse and friends. TC really doesn’t seem like he’s that tough. Back in the swamp, man I’d hate that. I hope Jesse gets his soul back soon. Another vampire? At least she’s got. Oh, guess she isn’t really one after all. Come on Jesse, you can do it! Of course Grandma had some sort of insurance policy. Oh Cassidy, what have you gotten yourself into this time?

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