Hard Work Week

Half Day (Sunday)


The morning was scheduled for work. Had to make sure the pool we filled the day before was ready for the guests coming in the afternoon. The water level had dropped a bit, which is good because it was overfilled. I had to add a lot more sodium bicarbonate and chlorine, but otherwise it was ready for use!


The rest of the day was spent doing nothing in particular. I actually played a lot of Bloons TD 6, a game I picked up for free from the Play Store. Played some Minecraft, watched some Twitch. Overall it was a nice day to relax on my own.

I really should have worked more on my Unity tutorials, but I just can’t seem to bring myself to finish it. I know I’ve said that before, and really I could get it done in just one sitting I’m sure. I’ve just got some kind of mental block.

Memorial Day (Monday)


So, I had scheduled a meeting with our accountant for today. Totally forgot it was a holiday. Got an email from her about an hour before the meeting was scheduled letting me know. So we’ve rescheduled for another day.


Work had me running around a bit in the morning. First it was to move a housekeeper, then to make sure a villa was open for the exterminators. Then in the afternoon it was time to drop the housekeeper back off. Otherwise, I spent time going over the schedule, doing prep work for the week, and even started the process of putting a set of each villas’ keys together for myself .


I jumped back into Surviving Mars, been a LONG time since I’ve played. Somehow I’ve ended up with all the DLC, not sure how that happened. So I’m giving this Green Planet thing a try. Not doing so hot, but not utterly failing yet.

Tropico (Tuesday)


Woke up to no water this morning! Luckily it wasn’t out for too long, by the time I was ready to shower it was running enough. Although I did have to take a cold shower, I could probably have let it run enough to warm up, but I didn’t want to risk it. It was actually good because it’s going to be another hot day today.


Played more Surviving Mars with my coffee this morning. Still haven’t failed yet. Finally starting to terraform. It’ll be a slow process though as I’m not trying to rush through. The game is very different from when I previously played. There are other colonies on mars (which you can trade with), you have more uses for rockets (research and resources), drop pods, bigger research tree, and of course, all the terraforming stuff (if you have the DLC).


Today we get to work on a new villa! We have dubbed it Tropico. For now it’ll have some long term renters in it while we do some work to prepare it for vacation rentals in the next high season. We’ll have most of our staff there today to work on it. I have other stuff I’ll have to do today to, like get some keys made, check out some maintenance issues at a villa, fight my nemesis. . . You know, the usual kind of stuff.

In the end it was mostly running around, no pool today. Took the keys to get cut, was told to come back later to pick them up. Ran around, paid some bills but not all. When I returned to get the keys they told me they didn’t have a single blank that would work with any of the keys. . . Guess I’ll be trying to get more made tomorrow!

Nasty Weather (Wednesday)


The work day started quick with a conference call. Touched base with the roommate, discussed what’s been going on, went over the usual business stuff. After that it was a trip up to that villa again to check on the progress. Once that was done I was off to the government building to pay a bill.

Next stop was waiting for 19 keys to be made. Sure took a while, and wasn’t cheap either. So far I’ve tested two, one didn’t even need to be made and the other is a bit finicky (although it does work).

And of course, all day it’s been overcast and drizzly. I had to fight my nemesis in the rain. Luckily it just needed a bit of skimming and vacuuming. Levels are still good, surprisingly.


I’m still struggling along in Surviving Mars. This terraforming DLC really ups the difficulty. Doesn’t help that I keep bringing disasters on myself. I’m enjoying it though. Still a long way to go before Mars is green.

Accounting (Thursday)


Had a call with the accountant today. Spent a good hour going over some things, gives me a lot to work on going forward. At least now I know better about reconciling the books. I REALLY need to make a push to get this stuff done, but there’s only so many hours in the day and a finite amount of accounting my brain can take on any given day.


So the ladies where here at the house to clean today. Unfortunately, we had no water at the time so they weren’t able to finish the job. That just means they’ll be back Saturday to finish what they started.

Pool Day (Friday)


Work started early today. Ran around before, during, and after pool service to get some stuff that is needed at different villas. It’s been such a busy day today. Two different hardware stores, a grocery store, 6 different villas.


Pool service itself wasn’t too bad. Amazing house first, pretty easy job on that one. Then the easy villa up the road. After that was my nemesis, it’s starting to fight back again. I hope I can get it loaded enough with chemicals to keep it as easy as it has been the last few weeks. After that I finished up with our pool.


After pools was lunch, then accounting. So much data to enter for the last few days. Checks to write, bills to pay! This doesn’t even count the catch-up work I still need to do. I’m going to have to set aside an hour or two everyday to really focus on that.

Wet (Saturday)


Work started early today with a water emergency at one of our long term rentals. Seems the water main broke. Called the water dept and they came and fixed it. Seems a pipe coupling didn’t hold and gave out under pressure. Just gotta let that dry for a while and then I can turn their water back on. And then, of course, it started raining.


Not having a bank on the island really makes payroll an issue. Not enough cash on hand to cover paying all the employees. I’ll be going to Tortola Monday or Tuesday to re-up on cash. I just hate having to go to the bank, means standing in line forever.

Featured Image

This week’s featured image is of a beautiful orange sunset. The clouds just look so amazing! I was looking out at the ocean from my bedroom and just couldn’t resist taking pictures to share.

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