Journey to Atlanta


So today’s the day. I’m pretty sure I’m ready for my trip to Atlanta. Waiting on my coffee, still need to shower, but all packed! After a quick coffee and bagel it was time to shower. One step closer to leaving. . . .

I think I’m ready to go now, just another little bit before I leave. Suitcase is packed, passport is in my pocket, and my electronics are stowed in my backpack. I grabbed a couple larger flash drives just in case I need the storage. Can’t say I will for sure, but I wanna download a few good games while I have proper internet and don’t want to run out of space.

At 8:30 we boarded Speedy’s ferry to Beef Island. The trip was noisy, as always, but uneventful. I spent my time entertained by Reddit. I just saw something on Reddit that gave me ideas.

As you may know, I’m enjoying photography. It was long exposure still shots, double (and beyond) exposed over each other and put into a time lapse. Once I have my tripod, something like that taken from my balcony at sunrise would be great. Hell, moonrise too.

While waiting in the airport I met the sweetest stray kitty. It loved getting pets and rubbing all over my legs. After the roommate headed off to board her flight I went and got myself a bit of food then continued to wait until it was my turn to fly.

While waiting for my flight I spent some time talking with my director from Dragoncon. We discussed things related to the convention and other real life stuff. Seems she’s still stuck in a job she hates but hopefully she’ll find a way to out soon.


Finally time for the first leg of my journey, here I come San Juan! After a brief trip in the air I made my way through customs and immigration with ease. Then a quick trip to check in next flight. Once through security I stopped for an overpriced bite to eat.

Next up is the waiting game. Luckily I have a lot to entertain me while I wait. The time passed pretty quickly, Killjoys was amazing as ever. Almost time to board now.


After a nice long flight I made it back home to Atlanta. Not a very eventful trip home in my Uber. Really the whole thing was smooth. It was 9pm when I got to my friend’s house. We hung out for a few hours catching up, then I crashed hard.

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