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What Did I Accomplish This Week?

This week was full of good things! My brother is here for Thanksgiving, attended Taste of Virgin Gorda, and visited Oil Nut Bay for the first time.

Back to Work (Monday)


Another week means more work. I started off early working on the leaky pool. It’s now in surprisingly good condition. Gave it a good vacuum and all the sediment has now been sucked up into the filter. After that was a run to drop off some cushions from that house to be re-covered.

Once I was done with lunch I headed back to the leaky pool to add more water and hose out the filter again. The filter took a good while to clean thoroughly, but it was so much easier with the sprayer attachment I bought. I’ve left the hose filling the pool, going to go back in a couple hours to turn it off.


Once I was done with the leaky pool it was time to catch up on a bit of accounting. I entered a bunch of transaction (our spending) and a couple of payments from guests. I have more I should do but I just don’t feel like entering the employee timesheets. It’s not hard, just annoying.



What a morning! Started off with an early morning pick up from customs. Bunch of little things moved to a villa in preparation for building a deck there. Once that was all dropped off I had to pick up some crash pads that we rented out. After that was a trip to a villa out in Mango Bay for some photos. Got some great shots with my camera, edited them a little, then put ’em up on our website.

Ugh, a mostly slow day all day. Then the stupid pool project needs my help with a water delivery at rum o’clock! Had to go up to the house on the hill to finish filling the pool from one truck. Then had to have a second truck dumped into the cistern. The delivery guys took their sweet time pumping too. Overall I was nearly two hours late for my rum drink.



Another early start. Got complaints of water being out at the villa we just had trucks delivered to. When I got there I didn’t find an immediate problem. But when the water was on the pump was cycling fairly often. Seems there might be an issue with the pressure tank. So I’ve got a plumber set to head out there to check it out.


Had a bunch more stuff to put into QuickBooks. Entered all the employee hours for the past couple of weeks, a couple receipts, and some more income. Going to have to go to the bank again soon since I have two rather large checks to deposit.

Another Early Morning (Thursday)


Started out early, ran up to the house with the new pool around 8am. Met the guy who is going to deliver the lumber for the deck. Not too bad, came home, at breakfast, then left again to service the leaky pool. Once that was done, I was ready to work on the other pool there, but was interrupted. Had to run back up to the house with the new pool to deal with the lumber delivery.

Which never happened. I sat around for four hours waiting for the truck and it never came. I did find an issue with Dish service there, called out the guys to fix it, still haven’t showed. Also a problem with one of the AC units. Tech came by, tool a look, needs a part. He’ll be back later.

So at 2pm I headed home for lunch. A quick PB&J and then headed back for more waiting. Finally everything started coming together close to 4pm. The AC tech came back, with a part, and got the unit working. The Dish guy came and fixed the problem. One of the cables from the dish was split, so he spliced it together.

And the wood delivery finally arrived. When all was said and done I got back home close to 6:30pm. I was so tired and hungry. Luckily, dinner was waiting for me when I arrived.

Pool Day (Friday)


Did my usual rounds today. First pool needed water, so while filling it I gave it a good and thorough vacuuming. Second pool, the amazing house, was not a big deal. Had to add water to it too. Then was my nemesis. It wasn’t too bad either. After that I hit up our old place, didn’t do much except add more chlorine. The pool water is clear but the bottom is covered in sediment. Waiting on the new filter to arrive before I do much there.

Once I was finished there I headed home for lunch then was out to finish the house I started yesterday. Had to add a bit of water to the upper pool (and added some to the leaky pool) and gave it a good scrub. It wasn’t too bad a pool day overall.

Taste of Virgin Gorda (Saturday)


A little accounting in the morning. A touch-up of the leaky pool in the afternoon. Ran a couple errands. Not much of a work day today. Only reason I touched up the leaky pool is because the intern said there was a bit of sediment and my brother is going to be staying there when he arrives.

Brother’s Arrival

With my brother coming in for a week over Thanksgiving he was scheduled to come in today. I (and the roommate) urged them to take the ferry from St Thomas to Road Town, then hop another ferry here. That way they’d get here in the afternoon. But my brother was insistent they wanted to go straight from St Thomas to Virgin Gorda, which would have them arriving much later. Finally around 6:30pm they arrived. Then we had to wait around for them to actually get to the house and get ready for the Taste of Virgin Gorda.

Taste of Virgin Gorda 2019

This year’s event was much bigger than last. A lot more people attending, and a lot more restaurants were setup to show off. The food was amazing all around, although I didn’t get a chance to taste everything. Little Dix had a sampling of their desserts and they were all just so delicious! The intern’s husband was representing the restaurant he works at and his dish was so tasty. I went back for seconds and thirds and . . .

Oil Nut (Sunday)

Oil Nut Bay

With my brother in town we will be doing a lot of things I normally don’t do. Like brunch at Oil Nut Bay. This is actually my first time coming here. It starts by catching a complimentary boat ride. The trip was quick and pleasant, even got to see Saba Rock’s ongoing construction up close.

Once we got to Oil Nut Bay we headed to Novanfor brunch. I had some wonderful eggs Benedict and we all shared a couple bottles of wine. Of course, I got to finish a couple of others’ meals. Overall the Nova experience was great, the service was wonderful and attentive, and the food was absolutely delicious.

Once done eating we stopped in the shop to gawk and laugh about the prices. Other than that we sat on platforms overlooking the water (literally a mattress suspended over the ocean) and relaxed. I spent a good long while watching clouds and chatting.

Featured Image

This week’s featured image is from one of my pools. I really like the way the water moved over the step and the patterns it makes.

Remember to go check out my Gallery for more photo goodness!

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