Partial Lockdown Week 1



Ugh, there’s always more to do. I started out with a bit of accounting, got a bunch of stuff entered in QuickBooks. Got interrupted by the handyman. Got him going on his day. Sent him off to exterminate at a few houses. Hopefully that keeps him busy for a while. I also took a bit of time to go back and figure out the commissions and guest service payments due to our employees for the last few months. Gonna get caught up and pay them what’s due on the next paycheck.


Looks like one of my tomato plants didn’t fare too well in the recent storm. I’m hoping it will recover. The rest of the plants seem to be doing okay. I think with it being in the upside down planter the winds just beat the crap out of it.


More rumors floating around. Supposedly a police officer has tested positive and the station was locked down. There’s talk we could be going into another two to four week lockdown. I’m actually kinda hoping that happens. I highly doubt it will, and I’m sure if it does I won’t be happy.



So it’s happening, starting tomorrow evening we are going into another two week lockdown. Well, from what I’m reading we are. The way the government does things around here can be a bit confusing. Technically, they plan on implementing a lockdown but haven’t actually done it even though they announced it. I don’t know, I just know I need to stock up.

It looks like I’m not the only person who is confused either. Okay, re-reading this makes me feel like it’s only a twelve hour curfew and not a total lockdown. Although all businesses are supposed to be closed except certain essentials. I’m sure if things don’t go so well the government will consider implementing a stricter curfew.


Because of the curfew a couple things had to change on the schedule. The guests that were to arrive on Friday aren’t coming. I had to run out early to make sure one house is unlocked for the housekeeper. Communicated with the housekeeper and handyman about the work we need to do before curfew. And of course things change as time goes on. Luckily, it’s good change. Housekeeper has less work to do.

I did my running around. Hit up the local hardware store to pick up some pool supplies before it’s too late. Then it was off to dealing with the government. First was to clear up an issue with taxes. That was an easy one, they had what they needed and just didn’t know it. Still no form from them that I need for my work permit renewal. Next was social security, they had my forms. And then I stopped in to pay the water bills.


And then when I got back home the power was out! No clue how long it’s been off for, but I hope it doesn’t last too long. The UPS didn’t last too long, which means power was likely off for a while. It ended up being out for just over an hour more. I was lucky I found ways to entertain myself.

Partial Lockdown Day 1 (Wednesday)

Game Development

Alrighty, with this lockdown thingie in effect I’ll have lots of time to work on my game(s)! I haven’t actually done a whole lot yet, but I have done a little work on the game today and hopefully I can get myself to do more as time goes on. Of course, the shitty internet connection here makes it harder because the tutorials I’m trying to use are all online, many videos . . .


Last day of work for the employees this month. They’re off cleaning and closing up the last house and I’ve got their timesheets. So payroll time. It was the usual quick and easy process of adding up their hours, printing out their pay stubs and stuffing envelopes with cash. I was going to go out and check on them, but I didn’t. There really was no need since the house is going to be closed for a month or more.

Partial Lockdown Day 2 (Thursday)


I took the dying tomato plant out of the upside down planter and replaced it with another I had in a starter pot. It’s amazing, all three of my new tomato plants are budding. And I’ve got actual flowers on the original! The last time I was a the grocery store I picked up some new pepper (bell, cayenne, jalapeno) seeds and today I put a couple of each out to germinate.

Of course, I’m using all the potting soil I have and the hardware store is closed due to the lockdown. I’m hoping I can get my hands on something to use before the seeds are ready to plant. I think I might try taking actual dirt (there’s a pile at one of our houses) and mixing it with some goat manure and sargassum. I really don’t know if that’ll work too well, but if it does, it’s free.

Game Development

I spent a good portion of the day working on my game. I went back through and corrected some mistakes I had previously made. Then I continued working on new features. So far things are working out pretty well. There have been many little issues popping up, but as of right now they all appear okay.

Partial Lockdown Day 3 (Friday)


Even with the curfew in effect, I still have to do pools. Since we have no one coming to stay in our houses for a while I don’t have to do too much though. Overall, I was out and about doing pools for less than two hours. I didn’t bother with too much cleaning, but I did a walkthrough of all the houses.


While I was out working on pools I was also collecting some supplies for my garden. I brought a bucket with me that I shoveled a bit of dirt into along with some other organic material. Once I was home I mixed it up a bit, cut up some sargassum I had collected and added it along with goat poop. Gave that all a nice stir while I threw in some of softer compost. Now I just need to let that all sit for a while, stir it occasionally, and I’ll hopefully have some good dirt to plant in.

I also decided to chop down all my basil and dill. They were both looking pretty bad, the basil was all yellow and withering and the dill looked about the same. I’m not sure if I did something wrong, if this is the natural cycle, or what. I’m hoping chopping the basil down will get it to regrow stronger and better, but if not I have more seeds. As for the dill, who cares?

Game Development

I’m not really feeling it today. I could easily sit down and get to work on a game but I’m just not in the mood. Maybe it’s time to go back to the space game, or start a new platformer project? I’ve also got an idea for another space game, something much simpler than what I’m already working on. Meh, for today I’ll do nothing.

Partial Lockdown Day 4 (Saturday)


So the government has gone back to reconsider and realized it was a bad idea to keep the hardware stores closed. They have appended their curfew beyond that in regards to businesses. Restaurants are allowed to be open for carry out, electronics stores are open, construction is allowed, etc. At least this means I can go get soil and other garden supplies when I am ready for it.

Partial Lockdown Day 5 (Sunday)

Game Development

Another full day off! I took some time away from game development this week. I was getting overwhelmed with my ideas and had to take a step back. Now that I’ve done that and spent some time pondering, it’s time to jump back in. I’m starting off easy, not diving too deep into everything. And like that I’ve now added my first completable quest!

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Another picture of the ocean from a year ago. I just love the way the frothing water looks suspended in the air.

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