Partial Lockdown Week 6

Partial Lockdown Day 34 (Monday)


Are we really still in a partial lockdown? Yeah, I think so. We’re still under a curfew order even if it’s not very restrictive. People are still not allowed out between 8p and 5a. Plus, I think they’re not letting people boat around freely. So, until this curfew order is over on October 1 (and they don’t implement a new one) I’m sticking with my story of lockdown!


Another morning of running around. I stopped by the house on the hill for the usual Monday walkthrough. Then it was on to the government building. First stop was social security to check for my paperwork which still isn’t there. They told me try again next week . . . Then water, which had a line, so I’ll try again tomorrow to pay the bills. After that I made a stop to fill my water bottles and the machine was working! And lastly I went by another house for it’s weekly walkthrough. Overall, not too bad of a workday.

Partial Lockdown Day 35 (Tuesday)


Ugh, the intern wants to kill me. She scheduled a showing of my nemesis without consulting me. Pool is green because of the damned broken filter. It’s fixed now, but I have to spend the morning cleaning it. Oh, and the pool at the house next door too . . . Not to mention the work I had planned to do today, which I may not. Oh, and she wants to come work at the office for a few hours today too. I guess she can’t go fully work-mode at home.


Jesus, this shit just keeps getting worse! I go down to work on my nemesis, which is in surprisingly good shape for having no circulation for a few days. Yesterday I added a bunch of chlorine, so it’s not so green. I give it a good scrub down, vacuum it like crazy, it’s a little cloudy, but not so bad. Then I find that it’s got ANOTHER leak! This time in the broken chlorinator . . . Would be nice if the owners agreed to have us get it fixed before now.

After a bit of a break and cooldown I headed out to the other house to clean the pool. It wasn’t too bad but I gave it a good old scrub and vacuum too. I really didn’t expect to spend this much time and effort cleaning pools on a Tuesday. Of course, now I’m having to get ahold of the plumber again to fix another leak . . .

Game Development

Man, all over the place working on the game today. Putting a little effort into a few different areas but not really making anything happen yet. I have a feeling I might have some issues but we’ll see. At least a little work is better than no work, right?

Partial Lockdown Day 36 (Wednesday)


A small bit of quick running around this morning. Dropped off a check for $10,000 for one of our villa owners. Then I stopped by my nemesis to find the plumber still hadn’t come by. Gave him a call and he assured me he’d be there this morning. Then I reached out to a guy about generator maintenance. That’s pretty much all I have for work today, although, there is more I should do. . .

There’s actually more I did. I made a couple more trips down to my nemesis to check it out. The plumber has done his work but unfortunately it’s not good enough. There’s still water dripping from the chlorinator. I’m going to wait until tomorrow or Friday to call him about it again though.


YAY! Finally, a bell pepper seed has sprouted. I’ve dropped that sucker into some dirt and set it out to grow. I’m hopeful that I actually get to see a plant. I’ve also got a BUNCH of chamomile seeds that are sprouted. Maybe a few too many. That’s okay, I just need to let them get a bit bigger before I move them to a planter.

Game Development

So I’ve continued my work. I’ve hit a point where I’m bashing my head against a wall though. I’m having trouble figuring out a very small issue. I need to store two numbers in a way that I can save them and you’d think it would be easier. Of course now it occurs to me to use a 2D list, although that just seems like the wrong way to do it. Whatever, I’ll figure it out eventually.

Partial Lockdown Day 37 (Thursday)


So it looks like the current curfew order has been extended. I haven’t been able to find any official announcement from the government though. Not really sure why they extended the curfew, there’s been no new cases found here. Maybe they just like having the streets empty after 8p. Finally an official announcement, it’s been extended for another 7 days.

Animal Crossing

Even though I stopped talking about it, I’m still playing Animal Crossing every day. Today is the beginning of a new month (Duh!) which means new stuff in the game. Except, this month, there’s only two new deep-sea creatures. Everything else that comes in October is already in my museum. Luckily, there’s the whole Halloween thing, so that at least gives me something to work on in the game.


So, today my Reddit account was permanently suspended for breaking content policy. It’s funny because I don’t post anything to Reddit. My last comment was over four months ago, and my last post was a year ago. I’ve submitted an appeal but I doubt that will accomplish anything. And now it’s been undone. Turns out someone at Reddit made a booboo and accidentally flagged a bunch of people who were using IFTTT.

Partial Lockdown Day 38 (Friday)


Yay, another pool day . . . I only have one pool I really need to clean, but I think I might actually go all out and work really hard on them today. Of course, I say this now and will probably change my mind after the first one. I started with the easy pool. It wasn’t so easy, had to give it a thorough vacuum and scrub. Then it was on to my old place, I didn’t bother much with it since I gave it a full clean earlier this week.

Once I was done there, it was on to my nemesis. I hate this pool, so much. I gave it a full on vacuum and scrub. Still not looking good. It is getting better, but the weather is hindering it’s recovery. After that was a quick lunch break, then I hit up the new pool. It wasn’t great, had to dig big old crab off the bottom. Even drained the pool a little bit.


I finished the month-end accounting stuff today too. It helped that I had already done most of it. Just a couple little things and then reconciling the accounts. Now it’s up to the roommate to go over the reports and verify. Pretty sure everything’s good though, I looked them over and didn’t see anything to catch my eye.

Partial Lockdown Day 39 (Saturday)


Got a lady coming by this morning to walk through one of our villas on behalf of the owner. So I ran out and unlocked the place for her. This is the house with my nemesis, so while I was there I took a look at the pool. Still cloudy, not great. But it’ll clear up eventually as it cycles. All the rain and wind doesn’t help because it keeps throwing stuff in the pool.


While I was out I decided to hit up the grocery stores. None of them had much in the way of stock. Very unfortunate. I did get a few things, but there’s so much more I wish I could buy. There are a couple of grocery stores I haven’t been to (ever) but I don’t think they’d have anything I want either. At least I have what I need to make dinner for a few nights.

Game Development

Well, I’ve done it, I’ve implemented a working inventory for the player. One that allows the data to be saved and retrieved. I mean, yeah, there’s still a lot more work to do in regards to the player’s inventory, but this is a huge step!

Partial Lockdown Day 40 (Sunday)

Game Development

I didn’t do a whole lot today besides play games, watch movies, and work on my game. I did get some important things done in the game. There’s still so much more to do in relation to what I was working on, but it’s a great beginning.

Featured Image

As you can expect, this week’s featured image is a throwback to two years ago. Another beautiful shot of the sky!

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