Storm’s A’comin’



I can’t seem to go without an early start to my day. This time I have a late morning arrival so I have to make sure the villa is ready and open. It’s my nemesis so I have to touch up the pool. The pool was not in good shape. Even though I did a thorough clean four days ago it needed another. I skimmed, scrubbed, and vacuumed that sucker. I was hoping for a quick touch-up but it turned into a full hour-long cleaning.

The actual arrival wasn’t too bad. I didn’t have to wait too long for the barge. Got the guests to the house and showed them around with no issues. Once that was done I stopped by to check on the housekeepers who were closing up another place. Then after a bit of grocery shopping I came home to do some accounting.



Finally getting around to the bank. Ferry ride wasn’t bad. They had Storage Wars on the TV, been a while since I’ve seen it. I used to really like the show. As always the bank was painful. This time the line was outside. Luckily, they had coverings so I wasn’t stuck in the sun.

It only took about fifteen minutes of waiting outside before I made my way into the bank. Another ten minute wait in the vestibule led me to the main area where I continued to wait. Instead of depositing my checks at the teller I decided to drop them in the deposit box.

I was very happy to be done at the teller with minimal wait. Overall, I waited about thirty minutes inside. Once I was done at the bank I made a quick stop at the electronics store and picked up a mouse. Then it was time to catch the ferry back home.

Game Development

Having a mouse is so much better than relying on the stupid touchpad. Of course, I’d rather have my trackball back. Of course I’ve moved on from the drawing of the game world so the mouse isn’t as important. This is definitely not a great mouse. Inputs lag a bit, which is surprising. But it’s technically a business mouse, whatever that means. I did get another cool thing done on my game though. Well, cool to me. . .



Another arrival today. This time at a villa I’ve never been to. I took an early trip out there to look around the place then headed back home. The car barge was a little late, but I was okay chilling in my car with the AC running. Got the guests up to the house, and of course they didn’t tell us they wanted a room with twins. Had to call to get someone out to swap a bedroom around.

Game Development

I picked up where I left off with the save functionality. I haven’t tested it yet because it’s not finished, but I think I’ve got everything set for loading a game. I’ve still got to work on starting a new game as well as saving and deleting saves.



I’m not sure if I mentioned this before, but the curfew here was lifted not long ago. Last night, however, there was another government stream and there’s another new case here. I didn’t actually watch it because it was that one guy who is really horrible with publicly speaking. Because of that I don’t have all the details but this one is a bit different I think. Pretty sure the other recent cases are all people who came in carrying, but this one doesn’t have a history of recent travels. No new lockdown as of yet, but we’ll see how things progress.


So this isn’t specifically a “today” thing but I’ve got news on my garden. I put another tomato plant in an upside down planter. Two others have gone into normal planters. And the original plant that I thought was done has started blooming again! So now I have four (five, if you could the one still in the too-small container) tomato plants growing. I’m hoping they all give me better tomatoes than before.


Ran around and serviced pools early this week. There’s a last minute booking that arrives tomorrow so I won’t have time then. Nothing much to note about pool service today. Mostly it was getting readings and balancing chemistry. Only had to give one pool any serious cleaning.

Game Development

So I’ve continued working on the game some more in my spare time today. I actually was able to get a decent amount done too. Even posted a new blog about the game. That whole post wasn’t today though. Today I took the previously created save/load functions and made them work. I’m happy I’m able to make something.


Ugh, it’s out again! At least it’s been a while since the last outage. Of course, the outage meant having to run out and power up a generator. I really wish we’d not run generators for these “staycations.” At least the power wasn’t off for too long, less than an hour.



So, we’ve got another storm set to roll through today/tomorrow. According to the weather service we are expected to see wind gusts up to 40 knots with rain beginning tonight and dying down tomorrow night. This will be similar to the last storm that rolled through, although I think it will be a little weaker. Of course, this will probably bring power outages with it, yay fun. . .

Not only that, but when storms like this roll through a lot of places close down early, ferries stop running, stores close, etc. We’ve got guests coming in today on the evening ferry . . . Currently, there’s been no change in the schedule for the ferry the guests are coming on. It is very possible that it will be different later today.

And just as I finished typing that I see a post on Facebook from the ferry service saying that the ferry won’t be running the last service of the day! Now to figure out what’s going to happen with the guests . . . At least this means I don’t have to wait all day for their arrival!


I ran around a bit this morning to pay some bills. I stopped at a grocery store while I was out. Ran into the guests that arrived Wednesday. They’re having an issue, so I contacted someone to deal with it. Then I found out the guests coming today are coming earlier because of the weather, so I hit up that house to do final prep. Then it was off to my Nemesis to clean the pool and make sure the house is prepared for the weather.

It really wasn’t too bad. I was only there for about 30 minutes. The pool was in surprisingly good shape. Most of my time there was spent tying cushions to furniture. They likely won’t be an issue, but I figured I’d make it look like I was doing something to prepare.



With the weather expected to be bad most of the day I’m going to just relax today. I’ll probably have to run around a bit tomorrow to check on the houses but so far things aren’t bad. Overnight there wasn’t too much rain, the power actually stayed on all night. So far this storm has mostly been wind. It’s possible the rain will pick up later today though.


It has been announced that there are now nine new cases in the territory. All of the new cases are on a different island. It seems during the recent holiday a couple week ago someone carrying the virus may have illegally entered the territory. Because of this, the mandatory curfew is back in effect. Luckily, for now, it’s limited to night time. We aren’t being put under a 24 hour lockdown yet and this curfew is only set to last for around a week.



Treating this as another day off, although I did run around to all the empty houses to check them out after the storm. No signs of any issues at any of the houses. Surprisingly, one house’s pool was a little low. I expected them all to be topped off after the storm rolled through.


Decided to run to the store after checking the houses for a few things. The first store I went to didn’t have a single item that I wanted. No eggs, no flavored creamer, no ginger beer, no steaks. The list goes on. So I headed to the next store. The line in there was just insanely stupid. So I left without even checking for any foods. This place is infuriating sometimes.

Featured Image

This week’s featured image is another cool ocean shot from a year ago. I love how the frothing water just floats.

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