Vaccine – My First Jab


I have put off getting vaccinated for a number of reasons. I have slight concerns over the safety and long-term effects but the main thing that has stopped me is the process where I live. Here, all information is disseminated via Facebook, so it’s really hard to figure anything out. Recently, it has been announced that there’s a limit on how long the vaccine will be available here, so the time has come to do what must be done and get the vaccine.

Based on everything I know about how things tend to go here I assumed the process was going to be a total pain in the ass. I thought I’d be stuck waiting outside, in the sun and heat, forever. I assumed there would be lines of people outside waiting because every time I drive past the clinic there are tons of people outside waiting.

The Reality

I was wrong, the process wasn’t too bad. I was able to wait indoors, in air conditioning. There wasn’t a lot of people ahead of me and the lack of appointment scheduling didn’t cause any issues. The biggest hurdle I had to get over was my own anxiety. The lady at the front desk was really bad at her job. I ended up waiting around for nearly twenty minutes for her to acknowledge me, and in the end I finally had to just engage her directly.

There was a bit of paperwork I had to fill out, of course. In total, I waited about thirty minutes to get into the exam room. But, as with anything medical, there was a little more waiting after that.

Getting Shot

When it was finally time to get the jab it wasn’t so bad. The nurse went over a few things regarding the vaccine and possible side effects. Then came the shot, no big whoop. It was odd that the nurse wasn’t wearing gloves, but I guess they don’t do that in this country. As a safety precaution I was required to chill for fifteen minutes before I could leave.

I was told that I needed to come back in just over two months for my second dose. That could be a problem, but I guess future-me will have to worry about it. Overall, I walked out the doors less than an hour after I walked in. Course, the nurse said she’d let me know when I could leave and then disappeared behind a closed door, so I just booked it.

Side Effects

Overall, the side effects of the vaccine were very mild. A little bit of aches and pains, but nothing too much more than the usual from old age. The possible side effects the nurse rattled off were much more extensive and I’m glad I didn’t have it worse.

Update: So, I think the side effects overall have been mild, but unexpected. I can’t full say the way I’m feeling is due to the vaccine but my appetite has just been non-existent and I’ve had other digestive issues. Super-mild, but still super-annoying.

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