Working Holiday

Almost a Day Off (Sunday)


Kicked back and watched some movies since it’s still a holiday weekend. IO was good, although a bit slow. Prospect was okay, but I was hoping they’d go more into the backstory of everything. Rare minerals from some alien creature? I wanna know more about that!


Then my day was interrupted with work. Last minute booking for an arrival tomorrow (a holiday) at the villa next door. Had to go check it out to make sure things would be ready for the guests. It all looks good, except my nemesis needs a bit of a beatdown. I’ll deal with that in the morning. So of course, the intern had to come by and check the place out for herself. Kinda killed my vibe.

Holiday? (Monday)


So it’s another holiday here in the BVI, Whit Monday, whatever that is. A quick Google search reveals it to be some religious thing. Anyway, we got a last minute booking yesterday for the villa next door. They’re arriving some time today but we don’t know when. I’ve already been over there and fought my nemesis. Came out a winner, as always.

The previous guests in that villa believed that they left some clothing behind, but we checked all the drawers and closets and found nothing. Oh well, can’t send them clothes we can’t find.

Then, after all that, the guests cancelled. They didn’t show up today, might not show up at all. Oh well, at least I have my afternoon free.


So I took to watching movies. Captain Marvel, Split, then Glass. Updated my movie page too. Obviously it’s an incomplete listing as I can’t even remember all the movies I’ve watched. I enjoyed them very much. Captain Marvel made me really want to see Endgame (which I already really wanted to see). Split and Glass made me hope for more in that universe, but it’s not planned as of yet.

Holiday Is Over (Tuesday)


And just like that, it’s time to get back to work, no more holida. Started off early, heading to one of our long term rentals to check on the tenants departing. Looks like they have almost everything out, just about a single load’s worth left there. They were supposed to be out already though. . .

That place is going to need some serious work. Pressure wash the entire outside, deep clean inside, repaint the interior, etc. Not a bad little house, but the tenants didn’t take too good care of it.


Not a whole lot more happening today, so an easy afternoon with some more accounting. Found two more statements in the filing cabinet. Got the rest of the paper statements done! Now I just need to go through the last two months for both accounts. Got logged into the online portal and printed them out.

Game Development

I did spend a couple hours this afternoon working on my game. I mean, yeah it’s not like I was actually building the game yet. But it’s a very important part of making a game. And even though it was just a singular piece of a much larger puzzle it is a critical piece, a keystone if you will.

Early Start (Wednesday)


Had to head out earlier than normal this morning to meet a plumber. Had to go over a few things about a long term rental that was recently vacated. Dude ended up going to the wrong house, luckily it was the one next door. Didn’t take long to go over everything and he said it should be done today.


The door to my room broke! Not sure how it happened but I closed it and then I couldn’t get it back open. The handle moved and sprung back like you’d expect but it just wouldn’t open. Eventually, I was able to get the handle off to check it out. I had to use my big ass pipe wrench to do it too.

Turns out the spindle was loose and slipped. The outside handle wasn’t turning it, so the latch wasn’t operating. I pulled the spindle back out to the right position, re-attached the outside handle, and tightened the set screws. All is good now, but I was so worried I wasn’t going to be able to get back into my room. I wonder if that’s the same issue with the door to the balcony.


So I went back to reconciling the accounts in QuickBooks, and something stood out to me. I made a horrible mistake! In the very first month of reconciliation for both accounts I had messed up. I had to undo ALL the work I put in and start over. Luckily, a lot of groundwork is already there so it’ll be pretty quick to redo it all. This time I’m going to pay much closer attention to what I’m doing so I don’t make a mistake like that again.

So I went back to it, got all the statements reconciled, properly, except last month. I still need to go back through last month’s owner statements and reconcile them with what’s in QuickBooks. Then I can reconcile what’s in QuickBooks with our account statements. I can’t wait until I can get the roommate out of the accounting mix so things are easier.

Early Again (Thursday)


Got a call earlier than I expected from a housekeeper for a ride. Makes sense, since we have guests coming at some point, but not sure exactly when. Gotta get the place ready! Then not long after I got a call to head over to another villa. The pool was low again! Place is losing like an inch of water a day. Not good.

Started refilling the pool, shut off the pump and let their little water feature drain. Hopefully disabling flow to that will help slow the leaking a little bit. But I have a feeling the real issue is around a jet. Never was able to actually find a leak there though. Once that was dealt with I had to give the housekeeper another ride back from the villa.


I’ve done it, I’ve begun making my game. Already run into some issues, but it’s a start. Slowly, this project will take time. But I had to start somewhere. Just a little bit of groundwork, importing assets and such.

Pools, Glorious Pools! (Friday)


The game development continues! I’ve actually made a breakthrough on an issue I was having yesterday. Pretty exciting stuff! Not exactly sure how it’s all going to go though. Still have so many thoughts and ideas in my brain I gotta work out. Maybe this first project is too ambitious?


My god, every day seem to be hotter than the last! Started off with a quick run to pick up chemicals. After that I took my sweet time. Started at the furthest pool, just checked levels and balanced, was pretty clean.

Then was the pretty house, the pool was so low! I spent quite a while just trying to get air out of the lines. Not sure I was completely successful, but we’ll see next week. Hopefully the renters will keep the thing topped off. I’ve talked to them before about it, I might have to again.

Next was a quick lunch. Just the usual PB&J. Then it was next door to face my nemesis. I gave it a half-assed fight. It needed water too, so while it was filling I skimmed it, and then used the net to pull leaves off the bottom. No need to do a full vacuum on such a hot day. Especially when we don’t have any guests over the next couple of weeks.

Finally, when that was done I headed home to check our pool. Levels were surprisingly good in each of the pools today. Although I never did get around to picking up any sodium bicarbonate. Need to get some next week!


Back into QuickBooks after pool work. Went over all the may statements we sent to owners and started marking things off. Got through a nice big chunk. Also got stuck on some issues with some previously entered information. Got that nice and corrected, marked off a lot of stuff, but still so much more to do.

Working Weekend (Saturday)


Running a maid around, delivering supplies, filling a low pool (or two), and payroll. Busy morning, and it’s not over yet. I’m going to have to run to the bank again soon to deposit another check and get more cash because I’m almost out.


After that was some accounting. Still gotta get completely caught up on May, but again, getting closer.


I’ve begun playing a new game, Deponia: The Complete Journey. It’s something I picked up for free at some point. It’s a cute little point and click adventure. I’ve gotten stuck a couple of times on a few of the puzzles, but mostly it’s been fun and straightforward.

Featured Image

This week’s featured image is just more cool looking clouds. I really need to find new subjects for my photography, I’m sure all the clouds are getting old.

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