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Clear Skies

The day started off normal, played a little more Factorio while drinking my morning coffee. As time went on and the sun rose the skies were nice and clear once again. Even with the slow start, the day will be busy. We have two arrivals and everything must be at their best.


First stop is the villa I from yesterday. Just a checkup on the pool and final prep work. The pool itself was okay, just needed a little more vacuuming. Put some cushions on the chairs outside and scrubbed some windows and everything is ready!

After a bit of lunch, it was time to work on the pool at the other villa. It was not in good shape. I added a few chlorine tabs to the pool then gave it a good skim, scrub, and vacuum. It’s looking better now.

I think I’m going to have to go by both villas an extra time every week to drop in more chlorine tabs. Once per week isn’t keeping the chlorine up, so a second trip for more chlorination and testing for a little while will help.

Radiation Island

I did pick up a new game to try out on my Switch, Radiation Island. I remember watching Generikb play through it a while back. It was on sale for pretty cheap so I figured I could give it a go. Adding another game I can play may well work for me. Plus, I think you might be getting tired of hearing about Factorio.


After nearly 34 hours into this playthrough I’m about ready to give up and start over again. Coming back from this horrible sushi into something usable is just not working well. I keep losing resources to biter attacks and I just can’t seem to keep up. I feel like if I start over the way I did in my last good playthrough I could get something epic going with my restrictions in place.

Maybe I should actually plan a playthrough out ahead of time and go for the really har achievement, Lazy Bastard, to manually craft no more than 111 items. Wouldn’t mind trying for the one where you have to build a locomotive in under 90 minutes, wouldn’t have to go all the way with that one.

I did start a new playthrough, not sure if I’ve fully given up on the previous one yet. I’m trying really hard for the Lazy Bastard achievement, but it will not be easy. I spent a good while just regenerating previews of the world to find a good one. At this point I have one more item I must craft by hand, but after that I think I’ll be okay just as long as I don’t forget.

Featured Image

Today’s featured image was taken among the boulders at one of our villas. I love the breathtaking view as you step through the door.

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