New Year’s Eve


Another slow morning, a day off basically. I finally got around to “shaving” and cut my hair. It feels so much better. I put shaving in quotes because I didn’t actually shave, just used clippers to get rid of the beard, leaving stubble behind. One of these days I’ll get some shaving cream and actually shave.

Tonight we’re having a party and we’ve got some stuff to do to prepare. First we’ll go grocery shopping, then we have to do a bit of cleaning. Shouldn’t be too much work. I’ll probably have a good amount of time for games today since people won’t be showing up until around dark.


I’ve spent a good amount of time this afternoon playing Factorio. So far I’m doing pretty good at not manually crafting. I’ve even begun the layout of my processing plant. True automation has begun! I mean, it’s not much more than ore processing at this point, but I’ve almost got red science done.


Well, I’ve gotten a lot more done in my free time today! I’ve automated so much now, red science, green science, yellow splitters, yellow underground belts, and everything in between. I’ve had a couple of small biter attacks that I barely noticed, so my next worry is protection. Nearly five hours in and I haven’t failed the Lazy Bastard achievement yet.

Further Progress

So much more stuff automated! I’ve now got blue inserters and red belts/splitters/underground belts going. I’m about to finally start pumping some oil. The biter attacks are getting worse though. My spread is looking amazing although I think I may have messed up by not leaving enough space between belts. Eventually I’ll redo the whole thing using robots, but that’ll be a while.

Party Time

As the evening creeps towards midnight (7pm-ish) people began to arrive. When does a gathering become a party? We had 8 people tonight, I consider it a party since it’s New Year’s Eve, but really it’s just a gathering. Amazing appetizers, wonderful company. Much better than Christmas (no crazy paranoia).

Alcohol, no weed tonight. A little too much already, I need to slow down. Still haven’t eaten a proper dinner yet. I’m sure after some real food I’ll be okay. The steaks should be ready soon (only 10pm). I might actually make it to midnight.


Nope, I drank too much. Less than 45 minutes till midnight and I’ve already puked. The champagne was more than I expected. Guess I won’t make it to midnight. Oh well. No big loss really. Maybe if the food was ready earlier I would have been okay. After all that, I crashed out.

Featured Image

Today’s featured image is the first sunrise of 2019! It was so pretty I had to snap a shot. This photo was taken with my phone, and google did their automatic stylizing thing to it. I think it turned out pretty good.

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