Animal Crossing: New Horizons

What Did I Accomplish This Week?

This week I got to finally play the new Animal Crossing! New Horizons is great and I want to spend all the time playing.

Back to Work (Monday)


With the current crisis almost all of our houses are empty, and when the current guests leave I anticipate it’ll be a good couple months before we get new people anywhere. All day was spent talking among ourselves about our response to what’s going on and the things we need to do.



Not much different happening. Met up with the handyman about a project that we’ve decided to put off for now. Owner wanted us to do something which doesn’t match up with what’s possible, so we’ll let him handle that. We have also continued discussing what we’ll be doing with no guests and employees who need to work.

Corona Closing (Wednesday)


They have now officially closed the borders to tourists here. Because of that I’ve been working on closing down villas. Unplugging things, leaving fridges open, etc. Our poor employees won’t have much work in the next month either. We have one set of guests leaving early next week and another set are extending their stay for a week.

Seriously, fuck today! Power outage/issues down in Crooks Bay all day. Two power outages at the house so far. Why can’t island life be just a little easier? It would probably help if we had smart people running things around here.

Early (Thursday)


Today I started my day early by taking the roommate to the ferry for her to travel back to Georgia. I understand her reasoning for wanting to go back, but during this whole thing I wouldn’t have done it in her shoes. From my point of view now though, I’m loving it. I’ll have the place to myself again for a while.


Decided to do pools a day early today because of Animal Crossing releasing tomorrow. I started with my nemesis. Did a thorough job there. Moved up to the amazing house, still no power so I couldn’t do much more than skim it. The easy house was easy as expected. The new pool was great, just added a little water. The leaky pool was no problem either, just put a new chlorine tab in each pool.

Day Off? (Friday)


Yeah right, can’t have a day off! Lots of running around today. The guests that were staying at our old house moved to another one today because of power issues. We also had a housekeeper working at the place they moved to. I had to go down there a few times for various reasons like transporting the housekeeper and turning the generator on and off.

Also had to deal with keys for another house because the guy there accidentally threw his keys away! How does that happen? Had to run some cash to another guy while I was out. And they still don’t have power and water down in Crooks Bay.

Animal Crossing

I did find a lot of time to play Animal Crossing: New Horizons today. I got so much done in the game. Paid off my vacation, started my house build, got Blathers coming in. Saved up so many bells too. Stacks and stacks of fish and bugs to turn in once Blathers arrives.

More Work (Saturday)


Still no power or water in Crooks Bay, and two housekeepers down there trying to work. Luckily, turns out, the people who were going to be coming in down there aren’t coming after all. So they’re down there doing what they can to close the house down. Also have a housekeeper here cleaning up my place.

Animal Crossing

Already got my house built and paid off! Turned in all the critters I can to Blathers, now I just wait for the museum. At least I can store them in my house storage instead of piling them all up outside. Invited three new people to my island, but I guess I have to wait until Nook’s Cranny finished building. But I’ve already turned in everything, so that should be done tomorrow.

Day Off (Sunday)


Well, not exactly a day off. The guests that extended their stay left today, fairly early. So I went down to the house to close it up and pick over the stuff they left. I ended up with a decent amount of foodstuffs. Just added it to my stockpile, I really won’t need to do much grocery shopping for the next couple of weeks!

Animal Crossing

The rest of the day has been spent in Animal Crossing. I’ve already got Nook’s Cranny open. I’ve built my first bridge. Setup all three new home sites, with all the furniture. Got my ladder too, so I have cleared all the weeds from my island. I’ve paid off the house and have already started the first upgrade. The museum should be available starting tomorrow as well. I’m still very sad that I can’t actually play online though. Tomorrow I’m going in to flow to see if I can get them to run me fiber.

Featured Image

This week’s featured image is the opening ceremony for Nook’s Cranny. I just had to use something from Animal Crossing: New Horizons! I hope you’ll celebrate along with me and my villagers.

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