Atlanta Bound


So I wanted to make a quick not here about changes you may or may not notice. So in case you didn’t realize, I’m starting my week long posts on Monday instead of Sunday. It just makes more sense for me, especially since my posts are going out on Mondays now. Of course, because of my trip back to Atlanta for Dragoncon, this post will be an odd length.

Back to Work (Monday)


Last night I just couldn’t fall asleep. I think that because I finally had a nice relaxing weekend the anxiety of having to go back to work kept me up. I don’t think I fell asleep before midnight. Luckily once I fell asleep I didn’t wake up till morning.


Work has been pretty easy this morning. Picked up a couple things for the housekeepers. Checked a few issues with an occupied house. Nothing I can do but once the guests leave I’ll be getting the regular maintenance man to look into it. Also checked the water level at the villa on top of the hill. Just under three feet, we’ll need more.

Also ordered more sodium bicarbonate from town. Hopefully they actually call me when they’re sending it over. They have a tendency to forget to let me know. With all the rain lately, I’d hate to have it left out there for too long.

After I thought my work day was over, I was notified of a water issue at a house. Seems there was some water pooling in the bathroom of a villa that’s not occupied currently. So I had to head over there, mop it up, and try to figure out where it came from. After about an hour it was as good as it was going to get and I had no idea what the source was. Turned off the water to the house, turned the AC on blast and just let it dry overnight.

The Roommate’s Return (Tuesday)


Made many trips to that house from the evening before. All the moisture dried up nicely from the AC, but I still had no idea where the water came from. I turned the house water back on and checked throughout the day and there’s been no new signs of wetness. I’m going to assume some sort of roof leak during the rains.

Supposed to get that second truck for the house on the hill, but I guess they ran into some issues, so I’ll probably end up getting called up there later or even tomorrow. I did get some stuff done up there that I needed to. So the trip wasn’t completely wasted.


Got caught up on data entry. So many receipts. Didn’t take too long though, and god knows there’s going to be even more soon enough. I’m sure I’m screwing some stuff up, but oh well. I’m sure there’s still more I need to enter as well, but hopefully I won’t miss things.

The Roommate

So the roommate has returned. She’s here for a couple of weeks while I’m in Atlanta. I’m not looking forward to the few days we’ll be cohabitating. Luckily it will only be a few days before I leave for my trip. She actually flies out to Atlanta the same day I fly back in from Atlanta.

Make It Rain (Wednesday)


Started out a normal day, but as I was preparing for work it started raining. It was light at first and stopped by the time I went to switch the occupied villa’s water. Then there was a serious downpour while I was waiting for the ferry. Things looked bleak, but luckily when I got to Tortola it had all cleared up!


Once again, I had to go to the bank to get more cash. This time the line was the shortest I had ever seen. There were only two people ahead of me. Once I was done there I got a quick lunch at my favorite spot then stopped by the pool store for some chemicals. Overall it was a rather short trip to town this time.

More Work

And of course after coming back from town I had more work to do. Had to check out that villa for more water. No signs of any big puddles. Turns out the water never did get turned off like it was scheduled. I did some running around to prepare for my upcoming trip.



Started out meeting a guy to pay him more money then headed over to the villa again to check for water after rain. Still no signs of more water on the floor though so that’s good. Had to unlock a villa for the housekeeper and grab the laundry to do here since their washer is broke. After that I ran to get the last of the pool supplies needed while I’m gone.

Then it was onto the leaky pool house cause the guests checked out. Got me some rum, ice cream, coffee, and a few other goodies that the guests left behind. Left the chlorine tabs I picked up earlier there. Took out the two bags of trash the guests left behind and turned off the ACs they left running.

Last Day (Friday)


Last day of work before my vacation in Atlanta! And of course it’s pool day. Luckily I’ll have help again, since the handyman needs more practice before taking it over for a week. Most of the pools were pretty quick and easy, except for my nemesis. As usual, it took a lot of vacuuming and scrubbing. Tons of chlorine was needed, but in the end we won.


After all that it was time to start packing for my trip. Got everything I need stashed away in my backpack. I’m basically ready at this point. Just have to put some last minute things in. Oops, almost forgot my passport! That would have been bad. Okay, I think I’ve got everything ready now. Just need to charge a couple of devices and then pack ’em away.

Flying Out (Saturday)


Got up bright and early (5am) and got myself to the airport an hour before my flight. Turns out the plane isn’t here yet and we’ll be taking off late. Not a big deal as my next flight doesn’t take off until 1pm.

After being nearly an hour late to depart, the flight to San Juan was smooth. Customs was fast too, I think I was the first person through today. Security wasn’t too bad either. I must say the food situation in SJU airport is rather pathetic. Doesn’t help that a lot of the restaurants were closed because of how early it is.

I did grab an overpriced “crispy chicken sandwich” that was definitely not crispy. At least it was food. Got me some overpriced coffee, it was tasty, but way too small. After that I just had to kill a few hours until my flight to Atlanta boarded.

I really need to stop cheaping out on airplane tickets and stick to my decree of “no economy!” I wonder if it’s too late to upgrade my return flight. The flight was packed and I felt a bit squished in the main cabin. Luckily this flight is only three and a quarter hours long. . .

During the flight I watched Nancy Drew and Godzilla. Both good movies and help pass the flight quickly. I’d seen Godzilla before but wanted a refresher before watching the new one.

Atlanta Vacation (Sunday – Thursday)

There really isn’t a whole lot to say about these days. I spent time at my friend’s house and watched movies. That’s basically all I did. We played a lot of video games too. While I was here I got to miss a hurricane that passed by the island. No signs of any damage from what I hear. We did go out to eat a couple times for some really yummy food. I miss the American conveniences.

Featured Image

This post’s featured image is another view from the new home. It gives you a good idea of what what I see everyday from my dining table.

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