Move, Would You?



OMG, I actually got a chance to relax and take a day off. It was a nice change of pace. Even so, still feeling anxious and stressed, probably about the inevitable move. I did watch a couple more movies, and I started playing Watch_Dogs. Fun game, although I can see why people didn’t like it. Not sure if it’s the game or just the overall stress I’ve been feeling but I’ve had to just suddenly quit playing a couple times because it was really getting to me.

Driving in the game mostly sucks, and a lot of the game is driving. Then there’s the stealth mechanics, which are okay, but also annoying at times. I’m so used to the GTAV stealth and it doesn’t quite work like that. I’m going to try to play through the storyline though.

Holiday (Monday)


Today begins the holiday of Emancipation Festival . . . Three days of all kinds of partying, or something. Course, for me it’s slow days that allows me to catch up on accounting work and stuff. I think the accounting is a lot of what has me stressed. I’m doing my best, but I’m really out of my depth when it comes to this and just muddling along as best I can.

Holiday Pt 2 (Tuesday)


Have guests arriving today so I had to spend the morning working on the leaky pool. A bit of cleaning and a lot of water and the pool looks as good as it can. Hope the guests will be happy with their stay.

Holiday Pt 3 (Wednesday)


And of course it’s not a holiday if I don’t have to work. More power issues over off coppermine. Surges this time, had to go meet a power guy up there. Turns out something was wrong with the transformer they repaired the other night.


Over the holiday I did get a bunch of time to watch more movies though. I’ve updated my list again to keep track of this stuff. I feel like I need to go back and re-watch some movies I know I’ve seen, I should add those to my “To Watch” section.

Move Day (Thursday)


So the homeowner here finally got back in touch and he’s not being very good about things. He’s coming down with only a few days warning so here I am busy trying to get things packed and move. Gotta get caught up on accounting too so that stuff can be filed and moved.


And of course, since the holiday is over I had to run around paying bills this morning too. What a damned busy day it is. Three different stops, each one took at least thirty minutes. And while I was at the last one I was reminded of another check I needed to drop off there, which I didn’t have with me. So later in the afternoon I made another run over there to deliver the payment.

Pool Day (Friday)


Ugh, another scorcher. Spent more than half the day working pools. My nemesis was quite the fight this time. Thing was totally nasty so I had to vacuum everything and I added a ton of chlorine. The rest of the pools were pretty easy though.

I did get to look at a pool I don’t usually service because I was out there looking into an internet issue. Damned thing was green so I dropped a bunch of chlorine tablets in it. Let the guy who normally cleans that pool fix it further.


Then of course my brother is on my ass about accounting. So I went through and reconciled the accounts for July. Sent off a strongly worded email along with a new monthly report. He really doesn’t know what island life is like, or how accounting works. Oh well, shit happens.



Holy fucking Christ. I had to go through so much crap because of the way the roommate keeps doing the owner statements. I spent so many hours today just adding transactions for up to 13 owners over a 10 month period. Yeah, somewhere around 130 transactions to get what I have in QuickBooks to match what she put on the owner statements.

The issues are things like, she charges them a markup but doesn’t bother telling me. Maybe she missed charging them for something one month and put it on another month (or maybe she just didn’t charge them at all). Or she just flat out included something from one month on a different month for some reason.

But now I can say that it’s done. All owner statements generated from QuickBooks match up with all owner statements we’ve sent them. Of course, because of the roommate’s ways, the next set of statements for August will be all wrong too. Hopefully I’ll be able to completely take everything over starting in September though, get her completely out of the mix.

Move On (Sunday)

Move More

My usual say off was spent packing and moving my own stuff. It was actually a lot more work than I expected. By the time I was done with everything I was exhausted. The move really took it out of me.

A New Home (Monday)

New Digs

The new bed is so much more comfortable than the old one! I didn’t sleep great since it was different, but I definitely felt better. The internet is more reliable too. And there is even Dish TV. This move is really working out to be a good thing, even it was last minute.


I did a little work, but not much. Took the slow day as a make up day for yesterday. I watched a lot of crappy television. Man I hate commercials! In the evening I played Minecraft with a friend and it was nice.

Bank Day (Tuesday)


Another trip to town to hit up the banks. Stopped in the Watering Hole for a mimosa and breakfast. Totes tasty. Then onto the bank. The line was surprisingly short, only a handful of people ahead of me. But of course, for some reason, every time I go to the bank there’s some issue.

Luckily, everything was sorted eventually and I made it to the second bank quick. Because of that I was able to catch the last ferry home before lunch. The next one would have been nearly two hours later.


And of course as soon as I’m back on island I had to do more running around. Switch a couple of houses back to city water, meet up with a guy to give him cash, get water for home, and on it goes. I really feel like I need a bit more downtime today.


Ugh, this living room really warms up in the afternoon. It has a great view of the ocean and sunset, but the sun just shines in and makes things so hot after about 3p. Hopefully I can find some way to combat it. The fans help some, but even with one blowing directly on me I’m sweating. Played more Minecraft. It’s nice having internet good enough to play online! I hope after the next move things are just as good as here.

Tax Day (Wednesday)

Tax Time

Once again, it’s that time of the month where I have to go over to the government building to pay taxes. Luckily this trip was actually rather quick. Took a lot longer prepping everything than it did to drive over and drop the stuff off.

My Nemesis

While I was out I got a message from the intern with a picture of my nemesis. It was green! I put so much work into it last time I was there, it should not have turned green. So while I was out I stopped by and picked up a chlorine and dumped a ton in the pool. That should hopefully help clear it up pretty quick.


Continued the nightly Minecraft streak. Me and two buddies ran around and did things. Working our way up in the world, trying to get prepared for the end. Of course, we only just barely got a nether portal built by the time I logged off. Still haven’t even visited the nether.

Early Pools (Thursday)


So I serviced pools a day early because of reasons. I had our handyman come along for a refresher. He’s going to have to deal with them when I’m in Atlanta for Dragoncon. Things were pretty smooth. My nemesis was a lot of work, but having both of us there made it easier.


After that was time for movies. I’ve updated my list again with movies I’ve watched and movies I want to watch. I might need to re-organize it, maybe alphabetically. Still taking suggestions! Then later in the evening it was time to play more Minecraft. Visited the nether, got some supplies from there. We’re pretty lucky that there’s a fortress right next to our portal, and it’s laid out for easy farming.

Payday (Friday)


The morning started off fast and furious. One set of guests pushed up their arrival time, and the other set had a laundry list of groceries they wanted stocked. So I headed over to leaky, unlocked it and started adding water. After that I had to run out (twice) to bring more cash to the intern to pay for the groceries.

Then we headed over and unloaded all the groceries for the guests. Overall, we spent over $700 on groceries. That 20% service charge is a nice profit. Then I had to run and deal with Payroll. Got the housekeepers’ timesheets. Put together the cash, then waited for the roommate to verify I was correct. Then I ran out to deliver cash to the housekeepers, did a bit of grocery shopping for myself. And while all that was going on, the intern was getting the early guests (who were even earlier) checked in.

The Weekend (Saturday/Sunday)


I spent pretty much all weekend relaxing for a change. No work, basically at all. It was so nice. I spent so much time playing Minecraft with friends on my Switch. Like, Sunday I spent nearly six hours straight playing.

I also watched the entirety of the first season of Titans. I really liked it, although I was very disappointed with the cliffhanger at the end. Luckily, season 2 will be airing soon, so I won’t have to wait too long to see what happens next.

And of course I also watched more movies. Well, maybe just one movie. . . But I have updated my list once again. I’ve also added a new section to list some movies I know I’ve seen but want to rewatch again.

Featured Image

Today’s featured image is the view from the new place. Even though the ocean was closer at the old one, the quiet is very tranquil here. And the view is actually so much nicer. The move has done me well.

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