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What Did I Accomplish This Week?

With my birthday this week, I managed to survive for another full year! I found potting soil, so I got the upside-down planter hangers finished! Made quick work of getting seeds in soil and I’m excited to see new greens.



Started a little later than I expected. Ran off to drop some stuff to one housekeeper. Then went to our old house to check on a couple things there. Had to look at the new doors to see what the guys installing them did. Then I ran and touched up a pool for arriving guests.


First training day with the invisible fence on shock mode. The poor puppy did not expect what was coming. She was very unhappy with the shocks, but she’s doing well. Once it was all done I made sure to play with her and cheer her up. Just a couple more of those today, and some more over the next few days and she should be good to go. She’s a smart dog, I’m sure she’ll learn quick.

Training (Tuesday)


Let the dog run around unleashed with the shock collar on. She did so good, only once venturing out beyond the border and then came right back. She’s still learning though, as she’s now a bit afraid to venture too far, even while leashed. But now we can play with her outside without worry about her running off. The real test is going to be when there are goats in the yard.


Had to do a little repair work on a toilet. Nothing major, just tightening a bolt. Was dripping a little where the tank meets the bowl. After that I ran to customs to pick up a delivery and dropped it at the villa. Easy day so far, giving me lots of time to play with the puppy.

Of course, got a call from some guests asking for an extra pool service. It’s my nemesis fighting back, late in the day too. So I had to run down there in the heat to vacuum the thing. It really wasn’t too bad. And as a bonus I got to see Dusty while I was there. She is a dog belonging to a neighbor who used to hang out at our house when we lived on the beach.

Slow (Wednesday)

Potting Soil

So, today is a really dead day work-wise. I took this opportunity to do a little shopping and I finally found potting soil! That kicked my butt into gear to get my upside-down planter project finished. So that’s what I did, check it out here! There’s still the next step of actually turning those buckets into planters, but that’ll be pretty easy once the seeds are sprouted and ready.


After I got them done it was time to start seeds. I have a bunch of pepper and tomato seeds in baggies trying to germinate. I also planted some basil, dill, and sage in a planter on the back porch. I’m so excited that I might actually get something growing finally. I’m really hoping I can get some good homegrown tomatoes and basil to make soup.

Happy Birthday (Thursday)

To Me

So today is my birthday and I turn forty-two. Neither the roommate or the intern mentioned anything. It’s okay, other people have been wishing me a happy birthday on FaceBook. What am I going to do special today? Not much really. Finally, at the end of the day they both wished me a “Happy Birthday” so that was nice.


A little bit of work today, mostly slacking, but I did touch up the new pool today. The owner is arriving for a short stay. I added some water, vacuumed, and scrubbed. Should be good for the owner’s stay and I won’t be bothering him on his Valentine’s day. I did have to run out in the afternoon to transport a housekeeper, but it was just a quick trip.


As a birthday present for myself I purchased the Warframe starter bundle. And thanks to that I was finally able to claim my Oberon without having to sell another frame. Ran around for a while testing him out. Unfortunately I played alone because my friend was busy. I like Oberon, might even become my next favorite, although I really like Vauban.

Pool Day (Friday)


Pools weren’t too bad today. There was the easy pool, which was easy. Then I moved onto my nemesis. It wasn’t so bad, was actually better than the last time I cleaned it. I did give it a thorough cleaning though. After that was the amazing house, I did light service on it today. Finally, I hit up our old house. Basically just added some more water to it.


While I was out I stopped by the local hardware store for some supplies. I’m planning on making a new space bucket. Bought a giant light bulb, but turns out it wasn’t what I thought it was. It’s got the wrong kind of base and it’s unballasted. Basically useless unless I can find a fixture for it. Oh well, I’ll have to keep hunting for big bulbs.



As usual, work started with transporting a housekeeper. From there it was straight to the leaky pool. Got guests checking out and in there today. Had to get the pool in good shape. Well, as good a shape as those pools can be. Spent about an hour working on the pools. Then it was home to work on employee paychecks.


Not exactly accounting, but it was time to get the employees paid. Since it’s the middle of the month I had to work with our commission and guest service payments for staff. Decided to put the formula into use to make things easier and more automated. Now I can just plop an extra number or two down and it’s automatically calculated for me in the spreadsheet!


I have now transplanted four seeds (two each jalapeno and tomato) from the germination bag to a small cup of potting soil. A few of the seeds were already showing signs of growing, so I transplanted them in the hopes to get good plants going soon. This is exciting! I’m hoping I’ll get something I can put into my hanging planters soon.

Day Off (Sunday)


I put four more tomato seeds in dirt cups. That’s six cups vying for the coveted upside-down planter. There were even more seeds showing roots, so I just planted them in the dirt below where the planters will be. No more of the pepper seeds are showing signs of popping, and I’m not even all that sure the two I put in dirt were ready. I’m pretty sure my basil has already broken dirt and is showing leaves.


The rest of the day was spent finishing the first season of October Faction, then starting The Order. Two pretty good shows. Of course I also played more Warframe before bed. My friend is still off doing his thing so it was a short solo session.

Featured Image

This week’s featured image is one I took while working on pools. I just love the way the water looks as it’s flowing into the pool for a top-up. There’s something so captivating about water, isn’t there?

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