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What Did I Accomplish This Week?

This week I’ve been focusing on gardening; successfully sprouted multiple tomato, dill, and basil plants. Got a decent amount of downtime to relax as well.



Slow day at work today. The intern is out which makes both the roommate and I less inclined to do much. That’s okay though, I’m still going to do a little accounting at some point. I still need to continue work on that process document too. Maybe I’ll put that off until tomorrow. I’m sure I’ll have to run out for some reason or another today.


So many little basil plants poking through the soil. At least I think it’s basil, I can’t quite remember which seed I put where in the planter. I may have put a few too many seeds in there. Still no signs of anything happening with the pepper seeds. I’m not even sure the two I put in soil were actually germinating, I’m just very hopeful. I could always just go buy a jalapeno and plants seeds from it if these seeds all suck.

After a bit of reading I realize that I’m just being impatient. While tomato seeds can take less than a week to germinate, jalapeno seeds can take two to three weeks. It’s possible I’ll get something growing out of the ones I put in soil thinking they were already showing signs of germination. I guess I’ll just wait and be patient.



My first tomato plant has broken soil! It’s still so young, not ready yet to put into the planter. I’m sure it won’t be too long before I’m ready to transplant it. That means I’ll have five other plants (hopefully) to put somewhere in the dirt. Still waiting on the other seeds to germinate.


I accidentally took the puppy on a walk with her shock collar on! The poor girl thought she was safe and ended up getting shocked because I forgot to take it off. Of course, later she went running after some goats and got a shock when it was meant to happen. Luckily she knows to come back home when that happens, so all is well.


After dinner I ate a papaya I picked from one of our houses. It was very ripe and delicious. Surprisingly, the fruit only had four little seeds in it. I was expecting a lot more because of the way the fruits usually are. But those four seeds will be planted soon and I’m hoping to have my own papaya trees eventually.



This morning I woke up to another tomato plant poking out of the soil. That’s two so far. I’m going to have to wait for them to get bigger for me to pick one to put in the planter, but for now things are going well. Still no signs of the peppers or sage, but my basil and dill are growing like weeds. By the end of the day all six tomato plants were showing above the soil. Two or three were looking like they might not make it.


Late morning I spent a good amount of time catching up on accounting. Put in a bunch of spending as well as guest payments. Of course it never ends, as we got a couple more guest payments after I stopped. There’s still the matter of a couple checks that I’m putting off, as well as employee hours and paychecks.


In the afternoon I had to meet a guy about a door. Over at the leaky pool house guests damaged one of the new doors so it won’t open properly. Hopefully this guy can make quick work of repairing it. He stopped by, took a look and said he’d be back another day with a guy to hopefully get it fixed.



Not much new to report. Still no signs of peppers, tomato plants are doing their thing. The intern’s husband stopped by with a couple coconuts to play with. We were going to have a competition to see whose strategy would grow better. Mine was to leave the husk on, his was to remove it. But as he came to the door with two coconuts, he dropped one, cracking it up. Now the dog has a new toy.

Oh well, just gonna try out my strategy then. So now I’ve got a bucket filled with water. The coconut is soaking in it (under a rock, to weigh it down) and will be for the next few days. After that comes the next steps, but first I must wait.


Most of the day was pretty chill, no real work. The intern and the roommate were gone most of the afternoon too. I got to spend some good time on the couch watching television with the dog. Gotta say it was pretty nice to just relax like that.

Pool Day (Friday)


I went out to check my plants this morning. Looks like four of the six tomato sprouts are doing well. Of those, two are already showing their second set of leaves and one may be losing a leaf. I checked my jalapeno seeds, still nothing on the ones I’ve had germinating for a while. But I started a few more a little differently and I already have one that’s popped! I transferred that to soil now, so hopefully I’ll finally get a small pepper plant going.


Pool service wasn’t too bad today. I started at the amazing house. We have guests coming in there, so I wanted it ready. It was a pretty easy clean, just the usual scrub and vacuum. Then it was onto my nemesis. The leaves were heavy in this one. The wind lately has thrown a lot in the pool. I gave it a thorough vacuuming then moved onto our old house.

Strangely, there was a lot of debris in the pool. I think it’s from the goats. I had to give it a full vacuum as well as a bit of a scrub, but otherwise it wasn’t too hard. Finally, there was a stop at the easy house. As usual, it was pretty easy, although I did have to clean a screen as it was blocking flow to the chlorinator. I’ve put off the leaky pool for tomorrow.

Slow (Saturday)


Just a little work today. I cleaned up the leaky pool. It wasn’t in too bad a shape. Just gave it a good vacuum. The handyman there had done some work on the “river” so it is currently disabled. I’ve got to make sure whoever is doing the guest check-in tomorrow is aware.


Five of the six tomato seeds in soil are looking okay. One has some serious true leaves growing, another is showing the beginnings of true leaves. One poor plant looks like it’s not doing so well, but it’s still trying! The pepper seed that germinated hasn’t broken the soil yet. So I’ve put a few more seeds in to germinate. Cross your fingers!


So, a while back I bought one share of Virgin Galactic (NYSE: SPCE) stock expecting it to rise. And it has! I paid just under $11 for the share and it is currently at just over $33, an increase of over 200%. Damn, I really wish I had bought more! I have a feeling it’s not too late though, and expect it to continue rising. As soon as my dividends pay out I’ve picking up as much as I can. Although I fear it may go up a lot by then. As always, if you’re interested in investing yourself, give Robinhood a try, commission free trading, and you get a free stock.

Slacking (Sunday)


So it’s another day off. Mostly alone too, since the roommate’s boyfriend is in town. They’re staying at one of our villas, so the place is mine. Except for when they stop by for a short time and interrupt my solitude. The worst was when they came home for like five minutes in the evening and turned on some lights then just left. WTF?


Other than the minor annoyances of the roommate interrupting my solitude I spent a good chunk of the day playing Warframe. Got a good bit of stuff completed in the game. Lots of Nightwave missions completed, finally finished the Archwing mission blocking extractors on Saturn, even got Pluto unlocked. We tried The Index but failed mightily. Not sure quite where we went wrong, but I totally lost 30k credits.

Featured Image

This week’s featured image is my budding garden. Since I’ve spent so much time working on it I thought I’d share my progress. You can see the dill and basil in the planter and my little tomato plants in the cups.

Remember to go check out my Gallery for more photo goodness!

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