Damned early start this morning. Sitting on the toilet before I even showered I got called in to work. Septic troubles again at the top of the hill. This time, I think we nailed it. Turns out there’s two timers involved with the septic system and BOTH weren’t functioning properly. Once that was taken care of, I got to go home to shower, then eat breakfast. Then it was time too run out and do more work! Payed a few bills, checked on other things, my usual Monday rounds. . . You know how it is.


I decided to pick Minecraft back up again. I figure Mondays are a good day, and I can use my old series title, Mining With Munchmo! This stream was just me running around in creative taking a look at the mod pack. I like it and look forward to more.



Got the employees going on the first house today. Probably the only house today but the housekeeper would like to start on another if she has time. I don’t think she’ll have time. I reached out to people about things on my to do list but I can’t actually do anything about them until I hear back.


Keeping the streak alive! I was going to do more game dev but I had issues because of the new machine. Lots of setup I still need to do, so maybe another day. Instead I checked out a few Minecraft modpacks.



A bit of early pools this week. Three arrivals this weekend so I want the pools to be ready! Took me all day but I got the pools as done as they will be. Well, I think I’ll go back for Pools Pt.2 on Friday, just to look, there probably won’t be much of anything to do.


Back at it with the Minecraft. This time I’m playing a skyblock based around CREATE and I’m really digging it.



Work was super-easy today! It was nice to get done quickly.


Keeping up with the CREATE Skyblock, no game dev again yet though. It’s cool, the guy who built the pack actually hung out and watched my stream!

Pool Day (Friday)

Pools Pt. 2

Time for the usual pool day, just without as much heavy lifting. I began by stopping by the already clean pools. Just wanted to give them a look and make sure all was ready. The only one that needed much of anything was my nemesis. I just gave it a bit of a skim, tons of leaves. The rest of the pools were no sweat.


Kept up the streaming, as best I could. There was a power outage, which I overcame with my new UPS. Took a minute to actually hook it up. Then I had to leave for some pointless work. Then I got to stream some more, for about another hour. I had fun.



I think I’ve finished setting up my new laptop now. Office is installed and configured. I’ve installed QuickBooks and updated it. Got my Dropbox sync setup to keep the books backed up. The actual accounting took less time than the installing/updating software to do it. There was a decent amount to enter too.

Pools Pt. 3

And of course it’s my nemesis. Fucking intern was all “Can you come take care of this thing and touch-up the pool?” So I did. Just a bit of vacuuming, wasn’t too bad. Gave me an excuse to go pick up lunch from somewhere. I was so hungry by the time I was done.


Still can’t get enough of this CREATE Skyblock modpack. So many ideas are flowing . . . I just can’t find time enough to get them all started yet.



A nice long day of playin Minecraft on stream. . . By the end I was exhausted. Seems I can’t just sit in front of a computer playing Minecraft non-stop anymore. Oh well, I enjoyed myself.

Featured Image

Figured a throwback to the beginning of the pandemic would be a good featured image this week. This is WAY back when I first started playing Animal Crossing last year. Great way to occupy my time during lockdown.

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