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Back To Work (Monday)


Man, busy morning! Busy day! I stopped by the house on the hill, plumbing issues, again. This time it’s output and not input. Septic system’s got issues. It’s a whole big thing I’m not going in to now. I picked up some paperwork, went home, filled it out, wrote a check and dropped it back off.


So, again, no game development, but I did stream. This time I streamed on YouTube and man, so much better results. I had an average of seven viewers and a very active chat. I’m looking forward to doing it again soon! I haven’t given up on Twitch yet, but YouTube already has an audience for me even if it’s small.



Payday! Spent the first part of the morning working on payroll. I also did some office stuff, reached out to the owner with the septic issues, reached out to the local ISP, prepped for paying bills, etc. In theory, everything’s going good, in practice, not so much. I dropped off the last tax payment, but the rest of the bills are going to wait. Met up with the intern, picked up a cushion and gave her a check to deliver. Now I’m just waiting for the plumber about the septic issues.

Wow, it gets so much worse. Seems the gardener left a hose on, drained the house’s cistern and clogged up the filters. So, two trucks of water and new filters. Still working on the septic system though. At least it’s not overly full and backed up anymore.


Keepin’ the stream alive! Well, I streamed again on YouTube, had the same audience, albeit smaller today. Didn’t get to stream as much as I’d hoped because I had to do actual work. Hopefully the next stream will be able to go longer.



Mid-week pools today. Just two, my nemesis and the leaky pool house. Not sure exactly how much effort I’m going to put in on them, but I have to do something. I checked the levels on the pools, made sure they were in balance and thins were good. Did a bit of scrubbing on them all, added some water, the usual stuff. Not a super-deep cleaning, but they weren’t in too bad shape.


My starter isn’t working properly, or it’s not ready yet, or something. It’s been over a week and I can’t get it to double, or even grow much at all, yet. I’m going to try doing 12 hour feedings instead of 24 for a bit and see if that helps.

Game Development

I finally jumped back into the game, and I streamed it on YouTube! Slow and steady progress is better than no progress.


After spending about an hour on the game development I restarted the stream with gameplay of Oxygen Not Included. Keeping the streak alive.



Bank Day once again. Surprisingly, no line outside but the line inside was full. Everything moved along at a pretty decent pace though. First stop was the nearest computer store, but they didn’t have what I was looking for. So then it was on to pick up a bottle of rum and another computer store. They had what I wanted, basically. Picked up a new laptop because the current one is on its way out. That failing fan and the look of the inside tells me it is not long for this world.

Pool Day (Friday)


Just the usual pool day. Started at the old place, moved onto my nemesis. Did a thorough job there, moved on to the easy hose. Tested and balanced that one and the house on the hill. Added water to the leaky pool and its sister while cleaning.


No game development today cause I was tired but I did at least stream some more Oxygen Not Included. I like the fact that when I stream on YouTube there’s certain people who will commonly show up. It’s neat having an audience.



As usual, I started the day off with accounting. It wasn’t too bad, didn’t take too long, just about an hour.

Game Development

I spent a little while again today working on the game. Not nearly enough progress, but some is better than none. I’m still slogging my way through technical stuff at the beginning of the game. It makes it harder to feel motivated but I’m still going!


After the game dev I continued streaming more ONI. I’m not good about watching chat, I really need to get better at it. I missed an opportunity to talk to a viewer. Hopefully he’ll come back again soon.



I decided instead of just throwing out the discard every day, I’m going to look for ways to use it. I started this morning with pancakes! Yum!


Still no more Game Development but I did stream on YouTube again. Just more gameplay from Oxygen Not Included. Nothin much to report though.

Featured Image

This week’s featured image is another throwback to two years ago. This time we’re getting up close and personal with some coral.

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