Curfew Week Two

What Did I Accomplish This Week?

This week my lockdown was extended. The 24hr curfew will go for another 14 days. I was able to restock, luckily. I’ve been spending all my time in Animal Crossing.

Lockdown Day 3 (Monday)


Another egg for breakfast, down to 11. Finished off the package of turkey bacon, thought there were only four pieces left, but there were five. If I had known that I’d have stretched it another day but it’s too late now. Pulled out the maple sausage to thaw. Went out and picked three new mangoes off the trees since the one I had is ready to eat.

Lunch brought me down to only six slices of bread (with a couple crust pieces too). I finished off both the jar of peanut butter and jelly. Luckily, I’ve still got at least another full container of each. I may have put a bit more peanut butter and jelly on this sandwich than usual, didn’t want just a tiny amount leftover in the containers. I also finished off a bag of chips, that leaves just one bag.

Nothing I had on hand seemed too appealing for dinner. I went to slice up that mango and found it was no good. Seems some bugs got into it a while ago and that’s why it seemed to be ripening. Oh well, I tossed it and ate a couple of cookies for dinner instead. And I’ve also run out of rum and vodka, so if I want alcohol all I have is wine.


I’m trying to keep on top of things, so since it’s Monday I should get at least a little work done. And that’s what I did by entering all employee timesheets and paychecks. I also realized that I didn’t pay the intern before we got stuck on lockdown. I’ve now rectified that by setting aside her paycheck for when this is over. There’s definitely more accounting I can do but don’t feel like doing. I still need to enter a few checks (and write one) as well as all the pool service.

Lockdown Day 4 (Tuesday)


I used up the last of my Splenda so I switched to sugar for my coffee this morning. Instead of just eating my egg fried I turned it into pancakes, whole wheat and soy, of course. I really should have paid more attention when I bought that flour! Of the 6 pancakes the mix provided I only ate two, leaving me with some to freeze for later. Along with that I cooked up the breakfast sausage links. Ate 3, leaving me with 11.

I kinda skipped lunch because I ate late and just didn’t care for what I had to eat. Ate a couple cookies in the evening. For dinner I cooked a couple servings of noodles and mixed it with the leftover sauce. One meal for tonight, one meal for another time.


One of the things a lot of people worried about due to the lockdown is trash service. On my island people have to leave to take their trash to dumpsters distributed along roadsides. With a curfew in effect, no one can leave to dump their trash. So the government is having the trash guys go from house to house collecting. I don’t have a lot of trash, so I’m good for now. I sent the guy on his way and thanked him for coming.


I am right in line with where I should be. The last of the checks have been entered, which meant dealing with accommodations tax. I always dread that because it takes more effort to enter than just a simple check. I also had to deal with our off-island shipping agent payment. Got to go through all our invoices and match them up to what they want paid then write the check. That’s the easy part, the hard part is actually entering the check in QuickBooks and trying to figure out exactly who every delivery was meant for. . .

Now I wait for tomorrow to be able to worry about reconciling the accounts, checking all the guests off (and dealing with the cancellations), entering the last of everything, commissions, etc. I’ll end up spreading that over a couple days though, I could probably get it done in one, but why should I? It’s also possible the bank statement won’t be ready on time due to the lockdown.


Tonight they announced the curfew will be extended for another two weeks. The curfew will change though, they made it sound like we’ll be able to go out during the day. At least for essentials. Pretty sure I can pull off house walkthroughs and pool service as essential.

Lockdown Day 5 (Wednesday)


Breakfast was easy today, I just reheated a couple pancakes and three sausages from yesterday. But the extension of the curfew has me thinking and planning for the next couple weeks. I’ve put together a list of some things I should stock up on so I can last with as few trips to the store as possible. Of course, I need at least 14 days worth of food, that’s between 28 and 42 meals.

Going through my current stockpile I’ve got about 28 meals worth of food, possibly more depending on how I want to extend it. I will definitely want to get more water, I could always boil water from the cistern if I needed though. Would love more meats, bread, coffee supplies, and general snacks. I feel pretty good that I could easily last through this extended curfew if I couldn’t get to a store at all.


So with the curfew in effect and April upon me it’s time to finish month end in accounting. So far I’ve gotten all the cash, check, and charge expenses entered as well as pool service and cleaning supplies. All guests for March and their payments (and refunds) have been verified. All employee hours and paychecks in. What’s left is to reconcile the bank accounts and charge owners for commission and appropriate credit card fees.


They gave more details on the next phase of the curfew. They’ll be letting people out for one day to deal with essentials like food and money. They have split the next three days’ time among everyone on the island based on last name. Tomorrow’s my day, tomorrow I have to stock up somehow for two more weeks.

Lockdown Day 6 (Thursday)


I finished off my pancakes from the other day and had a few more breakfast sausages. I’m down to my last 5 gallon bottle of water, although I have a case of bottled waters and a couple 1.5l bottles. For lunch I ate my last two slices of decent bread, all that’s left is the nasty crusts.


So today is the day I’m allowed out to stockpile for two weeks. I ventured out as early as I was allowed to in the hopes it wouldn’t be too bad. But at 8am it was already hot garbage. I have emailed in to one grocery store in the hopes of getting an order delivered. It’s been a while and I have yet to receive a reply. I sent out the same email to the other two grocery stores on the island in the hopes that someone will get back to me.

While I was out I also checked on the local wild fruits. I picked a couple of unripe papayas. There were some limes but I don’t think they were ready yet. I’m lucky to have all these mango trees. I should go out and pick a new mango everyday!


I did go out today and check on pools. I’ve basically over-chlorinated all of them as well as overfilling them with water. This should allow them to last for the entirety of the curfew. While I was there I also did a quick walkthrough of the houses. All was okay, as expected.

Lockdown Day 7 (Friday)


Last night the government announced that because people had so much trouble getting groceries yesterday they would be extending the hours for shopping until 9pm. They are also allowing the people who were supposed to shop yesterday to try again today. I still haven’t heard anything back from my inquiries to the grocery stores.

Because this lockdown will be two weeks long I decided to try something different. I shaved off my goatee and what hair I had on my head. It feels different, and I look different. I can definitely see that I’ve gained weight, and I have a bit of a double chin going on. I have also turned off my alarm, no need to be waking up so early. Soon enough these days will be blending together.


I’m considering counting calories again. I have definitely put on weight since I stopped, and it would allow me to make sure I’m eating enough and not too much. If you wanna play along with me, check out MyFitnessPal! Already entered my breakfast stuff, Waffles (and sugar/creamer from my coffee). That uses two eggs, so now I’m down to only 8. It did make 8 waffles though, so that’s 4 days’ (including today) worth of breakfast.

Today marks the beginning of a new schedule. I will eat breakfast a little later than normal as well as skip lunch. I’ll add in a little snacking, maybe some nuts, fruits, or something else. Then there will be dinner. This will allow me to extend my supplies, plus I’m out of lunch foods. I did pick another mango off the tree today.

While I was out walking the dog today I found that the neighboring house has a pomegranate shrub. Luckily, no one lives there (it’s still not been repaired from Irma) so I headed on over and picked what I saw (just two). One was small; the other looked like it might not be good, so I cut it open to check it out. It was fine, I ate as best I could. Can’t say I’ve eaten an actual pomegranate before, I just chewed on the seeds and spit ’em out.

For dinner I cooked one of my two chicken breasts and a cup of rice (basmati). Mixed in some honey, garlic, ginger, and sriracha and BANG! A delicious meal for two days. In case you’re interested, here is the recipe I followed. I wish I had the broccoli to go with it. After the fact I had the idea of mixing in fresh mango!


Today I decided to try something different. I totally took my clippers and stripped everything. No more hair, no goatee, nothing. I’m still not used to seeing myself yet.


Got three more tomato seeds to sprout, so I transferred them to soil. This time I’m doing things differently. I’ve got a makeshift pot I’m putting it in. Hopefully this will prevent whatever’s been killing my seedlings.


I finished it all up today. At least I think I did. I’ve generated the reports and passed them along to the roommate. She’s looked them over, I’ve looked them over a little. I’ve made some changes, re-created the reports. Now I wait on her to go over them again with a fine tooth comb. She probably won’t.


I also got new today that the intern may be leaving for another island. That means I’ll be running the show, all of it, alone. Well, the intern may still field calls and reply to emails. She may even do some social media stuff. But if she goes, I can pretty much plan on being here, alone, doing everything, forever.

Obviously, if/when things pick back up the roommate will come back. And who knows when my brother will move down here. I’m pretty sure his original plan is going to be delayed. At least I can do things my way now.


Speaking of all this, it now dawns on me that I probably won’t be able to go to Dragoncon this year. Depending on what happens with travel and other things I might not be able to get someone to run this stuff while I’m gone. Everything should be locked up, and I highly doubt we’ll have any guests, so it might still be doable.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

So I’ve started doing this thing where I open the gates in my airport with a dodo code and posting it on my Twitter so anyone who wants to can visit. I’ve had a couple random visits. I’d just love to have my island swarming with people checking out all the neat stuff. I am really happy with how a lot of the island is turning out.


And just like that, a call out of the blue and groceries! I was just sitting and play Animal Crossing when my phone rang. The good people at RTW had my order pulled; I just needed to pay for it and take it home. I drove over right away. The line felt like it took a while.

All in all, from call to unpacked, it only took 45 minutes. I guess the wait wasn’t all that bad. One of the employees at the store said I had a lot of patience. In the end I didn’t really get a whole lot. Bags of chips, three cartons of eggs, bread, frozen pizzas, some veggies. . . . It will definitely make things easier, but I do wish I had more meats. Maybe I’ll get a call from another grocer and they’ll have meats for me.

Lockdown Day 8 (Saturday)


A tiny amount of work today, minuscule really. I checked on one of our houses, virtually, that had some tenants. I was afraid that they may have left due to everything since they work in a closed sector and are from another country. Luckily, they’re still here and good. I’m just glad I don’t have one more house I gotta check in on.

I also pulled a report of all the maintenance tasks that were completed last month. I almost forgot to do it, but now it’s ready to go with all the owners’ statements and such. The roommate won’t be dealing with any of that today, but I got it done and there’s no more work for me to do.

Animal Crossing

So, this morning I opened up my world and posted to twitter with the Dodo Code and select hashtags. So many visitors! I’m happy with how many people came to check out the place. Many compliments on my town too. I think I’m going to keep doing this as time and the game permits.


So I kinda skipped breakfast, it wasn’t intentional. I got so caught up in Animal Crossing that time flew by. I did finish a carton of grapefruit juice that the roommate left. And I stuffed a few handfuls of dry fruit loops (with marshmallows) in my mouth. Not my favorite drink, but it’ll help. I also finished off a bottle of flavored coffee creamer. Now I’ve switched to heavy cream since it’s past its date. I still have a small bottle, and I got a quart of half and half yesterday.

For lunch I had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with some chips. Now that I have bread I’m not as worried, although this loaf will probably only last a week. I took the undesirable bits from the last loaf and put ’em in the fridge. I’m hoping that they’ll dry out and not rot. Might be able to make use of them that way.


Pretty sure the government now has someone driving around blasting statements on some loudspeakers. Couldn’t really make out everything they said. They may have been driving much faster than they should to get the message out. But I’m keeping up with everything, so I’m not worried.

After 9pm they did release a statement, but it didn’t say much more than “This is what’s happening, deal with it.” So as it stands, everything is in line with all persons in the territory to stay home. I doubt it will last completely, pretty sure in a week they’ll open things up again in some manner, but I’m set.

Lockdown Day 9 (Sunday)


It has occurred to me that my potable water supply isn’t going to cut it for two weeks. Lucky for me I have access to thousands of gallons of rainwater. I could just boil it, but the idea of boiling water (and using up propane in the process) isn’t ideal. I’m contemplating ideas for making a passive solar still to process the water for me.

I’ve got three 5gal water containers (two are empty right now) and some 5gal buckets. I’m sure I can rig something up easily enough! My girlfriend thinks it’s a bad idea to use the plastic bottles and I should just boil the water. My research suggests it should be safe, but I’ll do more looking.

I cut up another mango today. The bugs got to this one too! There was still a bit of mango that was good, so I diced it up and stuck it in the freezer. If I keep collecting enough I’ll actually be able to do something with it.


All this failure with tomatoes and jalapenos had me forgetting I had other seeds. I’ve got bell pepper seeds and two other hot peppers! I put a few bell pepper seeds in to germinate and hopefully grow!


Breakfast and lunch were pretty much identical to yesterday. For dinner I did something easy, crappy frozen pizza. I was given the idea to try to make my own pizza, I’ve got everything I need for a non-traditional one.

Animal Crossing

I’m having so much fun posting my Animal Crossing stuff to Twitter! I use the built in image editing and posting for the Switch. It’s easy and I can do it pretty quick right from the console. No need to move files around and open up editing programs. I get so many visitors!

Featured Image

This week’s featured image is from Animal Crossing. K.K. Slider visited and I felt like sharing! Not a whole lot else to post as a featured image since I’m inside all day everyday.

Remember to go check out my Gallery for more photo goodness!

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