Different Days



So the roommate and the intern headed off island for some business. While they were gone we had a couple of the housekeepers here cleaning. While they were working, I spent my time with QuickBooks and working on the pool. Unfortunately, it seems there are no replacement parts available locally for our pool filter.

Stardew Valley

I did play through another day. Nothing big to report, but I did get my beets to place into the Mayor’s fridge. Just one more quest to complete for Qi’s challenge.


I also played some Minecraft today. There is this idea I want to build, so I spent some time looking for a place to make it. I ended up spending most of my time caving . . . I’d forgotten how unresponsive and buggy Minecraft is. I had it lock up on me a couple times while saving and opening chests.



Lots of running around today. Guests next door departed early in the day, so it was time to get some work done there. Our handyman was quite busy with all of it. I got to run around and get some supplies he needed. I also had to run up to check on that new washing machine. The housekeeper there said it was having issues. Turns out it’s working fine, it just sounds strange the way it does its thing.


I did spend a little time playing Factorio with dinner. I’ve begun setup of the coal liquefaction plant. The layout is mostly complete, I just need to add the steam, then prime it with heavy oil. I’ve already got the train making coal runs up there. I will need to setup my circuits for disabling stations next.

Featured Image

Today’s featured image is another amazing cloud. The way the sun light hits this one just makes it look divinely lit. It almost looks like a fist too.

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