Welcome Weekend

With the roommate’s boyfriend in town, I’m due for a relaxing weekend. They’ll be off doing their thing and I can finally have some time alone.



The morning started off normally, a call to drive a housekeeper. Got her dropped off then ran to get supplies they needed. Once that was done I looked over some maintenance issues there and headed on to work on pools.

Somewhere in the middle of cleaning pools I stopped by another villa that had just had its washer replaced. Seems the dryer isn’t working properly. When I got there, I found it was heating properly. However, the housekeeper said it wasn’t drying right. I found the lint trap looked like it hadn’t been cleaned in a long time. . .


Another hot day in the sun servicing pools. I started out as usual, cleaned a pool, headed onto the next. That next pool was the one that had a chlorinator issue. Looks like things are back to working properly, whew. Then I hit up my nemesis. That thing is still issues. I really need to find a way to better address the chlorine problem. After that was back home to vacuum our pool. It’s still in bad shape because of the busted filter.


After I cooled off a bit from pools I did some more accounting. Put in some new receipts, not a whole lot. I do have a major thing I need to do but I’m kinda putting it off.


Well, I spent a little time playing with dinner. I got my coal liquefaction going! Of course, it’s already filled up the tanks with oil . . . time to get cracking! And also get some plastic made with that extra coal.



I did it! I fixed my issue. Turns out it was an issue with a popup plugin I used. No idea why it happened, I don’t remember the plugin updating, but it seems it did. Disabling the plugin fixed my issue with new posts. Hopefully there will be another update that fixes this issue, because there’s a couple pages I used it on in the past that won’t work properly without it.


I got a call from one of our housekeepers needing a ride. I run out, pick her up and drop her off at the villa. Upon returning home I find an unknown car in our drive. Turns out some entitled tourists just thought it was okay to traverse the property to get to the beach. Once they were on their way back up I pointed out how public beach access was available from the roundabout at the end of our driveway.


Got a good deal of time today to play. What did I accomplish? Not a whole lot. I got light and heavy oil cracking setup on the rail network as well as iron gear wheels. It took while because my base is pretty starved for resources now.



I continued working on the rail base. Fixed some stuff that was preventing my base from getting a good amount of resources off the rails. Unfortunately, my main patch of raw resources is choked by how much coal I’m putting out. I need to get my plastic processing setup to use up some coal. But, there’s so else much I need to setup as well.


Once again I fought my nemesis. I don’t really need to figure out a better way to keep that thing clean. I had to give it a full scrub. Added more chlorine too. It seems no matter what I do it will never hold chlorine!


I also spent a good while watching movies. First was Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets. I enjoyed it, quite entertaining. After that was Mortal Engines. Another good movie.

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Today’s featured image is another cloud. The colors in this one are just so vivid.

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