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I finished the last few bits of work on accounting. Just had to add in our commissions, credit card charges, and reconcile the accounts. Didn’t really take all that long. Now it’s up to the roommate to go over everything and look for mistakes.

Game Development

The work continues. I’m working on a section that’s really complicated so it’s very slow going. But some progress is better than no progress.



So the intern has been renting a car while hers is in the shop. Today she returned the car and borrowed the roommate’s car. Of course, this meant me picking her up at the rental place. While I was on the way I got a message that the guests in the house on the hill locked themselves out of one bedroom. A quick stop by there with keys got them in.

Later in the day I had to go take the trash out. Guests departed and I had to make sure the place was okay to leave empty for later service. Also gave the housekeeper a ride when she finished servicing another house.



Not much today. Just running around after guests leave. Have to make sure they turned everything off and the trash is out. So far they’ve done a pretty good job. Better than most.



Holiday is over, not that it made much difference. Got in touch with two government agencies this morning. Schedule an appt with immigration for tomorrow and found out what was needed for social security. The longer I live here, the less I like it. So much red tape and hoops to jump through. Of course, I don’t have everything they need so I had to reach out to someone else for more.


And the day wouldn’t be complete without a power outage. Just as I’m sitting down for lunch the electricity goes out. No indications as to why or how far spread it is. I’m sure the power is out where the housekeeper is working though. Luckily, the outage wasn’t all that long. I wasn’t paying full attention, but I think it only lasted about an hour.

Of course, it wasn’t back on for very long when the power went out again. This time for much longer. No electricity for multiple hours makes it hard for the housekeeper to do her work. It sucks, but I can’t control is. She’ll just have to go back there tomorrow to finish what she couldn’t today.

Pool Day (Friday)

Work (Permit)

Started the day with a trip to immigration. had to get my passport stamped with an extension because my work permit has expired. Can’t renew it yet because I’m waiting for those stupid letters. On my way out I stopped off and paid a bill. While I was doing that, my housekeeper called to let me know there’s no water where she’s working.


Of course, the lack of water affected my cleaning of pools. I started at the amazing house, since that’s where the housekeeper is. Couldn’t add water even though it needs it. I did get water going for her though. Next up was my old house, not a whole lot to do there.

Then came my nemesis. It was not in good shape. I couldn’t add water either. I did give it a good scrub and vacuum. Tons of chlorine too. I hit up the easy house next, not much doing there. After a quick break for some water I headed to the house on the hill. As usual, that was a pretty easy stop.


Ran out to the grocery store for some stuff. Actually ran to all three. I could not find a single can of ginger beer anywhere. I did pick up some other things I wanted, but I couldn’t find everything on my list. Such is island life, yo.



Only the tiniest amount of work today. Originally I expected no work, but things happen. I had one guy stop by the give me cash. That’s always nice. Another dude showed up to confirm our location. Some government thing, not really important.


After spending most of the day watching TV and playing video games the power went out again. This time it was just at bedtime. So I stayed up a bit late playing more games until the electricity came back. It really does seem like the power goes out nearly every day now. I have no idea why this started.

Day Off (Sunday)


No day would be complete without a power outage! Just chilling and watching some TV while we laundry is going and out of nowhere the electricity drops. I hope it won’t be out for too long, I was in the middle of an episode! I sure hope my load of laundry finished.

When the power came back on about an hour later I found that my first load in the wash had gone through the full cycle. I swapped it into the dryer and started a second load. It even lasted long enough to get all my laundry done.

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This week’s featured image is another throwback to two years ago! I was really happy with how this photo turned out.

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