Pest Power Problems

Back To Work (Monday)

Pest Control

Today was a bit different. Ran around in the morning with the handyman doing pest control. Okay well he mostly did the pest control, but I know how to do it if I need to. The company now offers pest control for our managed houses. This should hopefully mean more income. Later in the day I had to rush up to the house on the hill for a water delivery.

Game Development

I jumped right back in where I left off and got something done! This time I wrapped my head around hex grids in Unity. Mind you, I didn’t actually do any work on the game itself, but I learned a concept that will allow me to do what I want.


Not long after getting back from the water delivery the power went out. Left me without TV and not wanting to do anything taxing (like games) on my laptop. Never know when the power will be back. Luckily it was only out for about half and hour.



Ran the roommate’s car over to the shop after jumping it. Hopefully they’ll get the issue fixed pretty quick. Once that was done I ran to check on the staff prepping a villa. Collected and delivered some supplies they needed. Not a super busy work day today.



Ran out early this morning to unlock a villa for the housekeeper. While I was out I ran down to prep another house for the upcoming storm. Later I had to stock some toilet paper for housekeeper. The roommate’s car is ready for pickup, but with the weather I’m just going to wait until tomorrow to get it.


I kinda expected it, but power went out fairly early in the day. With the winds being what they are I’m a little surprised it didn’t happen sooner. I do hope that it comes back some time today. Would be horrible to be without power for the entire day. Eventually the power did come back, was only out for a little bit over an hour.

It dropped again. I guess I just shouldn’t expect there to be any power and count my blessings when there is. I have a feeling I’ll be suffering without power all day and even into tomorrow. After about 7 hours they got power restored.


And wouldn’t you know it, my trackball is dead. Tried a whole bunch of batteries, I doubt they could all be bad. It’s a laptop so it could be worse. But this laptop has the absolute worst touchpad. I must say, I really miss that about my MacBook, that touchpad was heaven.

Pool Day (Thursday)


Ugh, what a crappy day. I started out down at our old house. Not a whole lot to do there, but got the handyman and housekeeper going. Then was up to the amazing house, which I couldn’t really touch because the power went out.

Luckily, my next stop was the easy house which has a generator. So I got that one vacuumed. Then I headed up to the house on the hill, which didn’t really need much of anything done. After a bit of a break I went back down to the amazing house and rounded out my day at my nemesis. I think my nemesis was the worst of them. I was expecting it though. Gave it a full scrub and vacuum.


Of course, I had to take a bit of a break in the middle of pools because of power issues at one house. Turns out it’s a problem for the electric company to fix. Then it was time to go get the roommate’s car.


And of course, just as I was unwinding with TV the power goes out! It’s okay though, gave me the excuse to go for a walk. Had to turn the generator off at a nearby house. It wasn’t a short outage either. Lasted far too long for my tastes. At least it finally came back on before bedtime!



Two arrivals this morning, four total today. Luckily, I’m only needed for one. Had to do a lot of stuff this morning preparing for them. Ran down to the old house to unlock a door and put a couple chairs out. Ran up the hill to move some furniture there. Had to work with the handyman to get a crib put together for guests.

The actual arrival was pretty easy though, which was a relief. Just waited for the ferry, had them follow me to the house, then showed them around. After that it was all payroll. Barely had enough cash to pay all the employees but I got it done. Going to have to go to the bank REALLY soon.

A set of guests decided to come earlier than they originally planned, so I had to run out really quick to open up the house. The car barge was really late leaving though. When it finally got here I met the guests and showed them to the house. The actual check-in didn’t take too long, it’s just all the waiting for boats and everything else around here. . . .



This morning I harvested four tiny little roma tomatoes. There’s another four that aren’t quite ripe yet. Shouldn’t be too much longer before they’re ready to be harvested. The plant isn’t looking too good, and my understanding is once I’ve gotten the last fruit off it will be time to kill it. Luckily I’ve got a few seedlings almost ready to be put into a forever home.


Time to catch up on a bit of accounting. End of month stuff, you know? I actually got most of it done. About two thirds of my tasks have been completed. Some I have to wait for though because the bank’s website is having issues.

Game Development

Finally jumped back into the game. This week has just been hell. With everything going on I just couldn’t bring myself to do anything. But now, I’m back! This next bit is going to be tricky. Lots of concepts I’ll have to work around. Tons of stuff going on in the Shipyard.

Day Off (Sunday)

Umbrella Academy

So I’ve spent a good portion of my time this week watching this show. When season two released I thought I had seen season one but I had not. I was confusing it with another show. So I got started on season one, and today was the day that I finished season two. The show is very odd. Quite enjoyable though.

Featured Image

This week’s featured image is a throwback to two years ago! This is the very first picture I uploaded to the site. One of the first real pictures I took with my (then new) camera.

Remember to go check out my Gallery for more photo goodness!

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