Keeping Up the Curfew

Back To Work (Monday)


Started out easy today. Went down and opened up a house for the employees to work at. Got the housekeeper and handyman doing a bit of preventative maintenance at an empty house. Once I got them going I moved on to my usual Monday walkthroughs. Nothing special on that front this morning.


Then I went through and continued my year-end accounting stuff. Still not quite done but it’s much closer now. I reconciled the credit card and another account, although neither are likely correct. I have no access to the “other account” so I can only estimate what the balance should be, although I’m fairly certain it’s wrong. All that’s left now is to carry over the balances from last year to this!



Ugh, just before bedtime last night the intern messaged me about a bunch of things. Because of that, my brain just kept churning over all of it and I had an impossible time sleeping. In turn I got up early and got started early. Checked in on the guy doing the woodwork at one house to make sure it will be done in time. Filled out a bunch of paperwork to pay taxes and such. Messaged back and forth with the intern all morning.

I feel so stressed and I haven’t even left the house yet. Because of that, I decided to put some of the stuff off until tomorrow. Some changes mean I have the housekeeper coming here tomorrow, so that will give me a bunch of stuff to go out and do while she’s cleaning.



Waiting. . . Housekeepers are supposed to be coming here to clean my house today. I have a bunch of stuff I gotta go out and do. Can’t rightly leave until they get here. So I’m stuck waiting. Once she arrived I began my journeys. First was a stop to build a table. Wasn’t too bad, although it was sweaty work. Once that was done I headed over to a couple hardware stores. Picked up a few things I needed from each of them. Then I did a drop off at a couple government offices to pay taxes.

Once all that was done, I made a quick stop at a grocery store. Didn’t get a whole lot on my list, but I did get a couple of needed items. When I got home the intern was there, so we chatted a bit about work stuff. Then I was off again to open up the house next door for our guests again. This time it’s because of hot water issues. Hopefully those’ll be rectified quickly/easily today.



A light day today! I headed out early and unlocked a house for the employees to work in. Hung around to get them started and that was it. I took the rest of the day for relaxation, although I did more work, payroll specifically. Time to get them paid! Mostly relaxing day though.



So they’ve extended the three-hour curfew for another two weeks. I still don’t get it. Maybe something in the way they instituted the laws/rules for dealing with COVID19 require an active curfew? That’s the only thing I can think of as to why, other than just “because we said so,” you know?


Friday Pool Day! Another hot and bothersome day. I started at the easy pool, doing extra work. I gave it a full vacuum but I also cleaned the filter, which was a lot of effort. Then was my nemesis, looking bad. . . Full vacuum and scrub, plus some extra chlorine. I then made a quick stop at the old house, didn’t need much work. Once I stopped by home to rehydrate and eat lunch I headed on to the new pool. There really wasn’t a whole lot to do there.



Finally time to catch up on accounting again! Spent nearly an hour doing it too. I didn’t get all the data entered even though I should have. I did get a large chunk done though. Mostly it’s just entering employee hours and pay that I skipped for now.


After that was done I ran out and did a tiny amount of work. There’s an outlet that’s rusted out at the house on the hill. I was going to try replacing it myself. But when I got there and took a better look at it I found it outside of my skillset. It’s in such bad shape the actual electrical box needs to be replaced.



Pretty much the rest of Saturday and almost all of Sunday I spent playing Frostpunk. It’s a quite harsh and unforgiving game. I still have yet to beat the first scenario, but I can REALLY close on my second try. Not sure if I’ll try that scenario again or not, there’s a couple more I think.

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