Beginning 2021

Back to Work (Monday)


Started out a bit later than normal today, sort of . . . I did some prep work for all the stuff I need to do. Then I waited until the right time to leave. First try was a dry run though, because there was a forklift moving a crate down my street. I had to wait for them to finish before I could go anywhere.

When I was finally able to go out my plan was to first head down and grab some garbage to drop in the dumpster. After that was a couple stops to check on houses. Once that was done I was to go by a couple of freight companies to pay invoices, drop off a few checks, stop by social security, and go grocery shopping!

Of course, not everything went according to plan. One company wasn’t open, so no check drop. Social security was a bust because they didn’t have anything. I put off hitting up the electric company because there was a wait. And I skipped grocery shopping altogether.

Game Development

Spent a good couple hours today working on a game. Didn’t get much audience interaction but I did get a good bit accomplished on the game. I’m kinda excited to see how things go.



Early morning today. Ran out to pick up rent from one tenant. Stopped by a couple places for other things. Wasn’t quite able to get all the things accomplished that I wanted to, but I did get some stuff done. Just means more to do tomorrow.

Game Development

I didn’t spend very long on the game today, only about forty-five minutes. I did get something accomplished though! Nothing huge, but it is definitely a step in the right direction.

More Work

Just after dinner I had to go down to move internet equipment around for the guests again. They specifically requested I come around that time, then acted surprised when I showed up. . . Then complained after it was all said and done! Whatever, just hope the internet works for them.



Wow, what a hard day this turned out to be. It started off easy, I went out and checked on the housekeeper, talked to the handyman. Came home and started working on accounting. Then I got a message about the fiber internet install at the house the guests are occupying. And then I spent the rest of the day there. Took four guys (me included) a total of six(ish) hours to trace a cable run and then pull a new cable through it.

Wouldn’t have been so bad if the house wasn’t built stupid. No one knows anything about the cabling there. None of it makes any sense. It was built without any foresight. But now there is a fiber run, and tomorrow hopefully there will be a working fiber modem!



I continued a bit of the month-end accounting stuff, mostly counting cash. Now I have a good idea of how much petty cash there is and just have to reconcile that in the books. I also got those two bills paid that I’ve been trying to take care of all week. Got the employees working away at an empty house. Just waiting to hear back from the internet technician to get the last little bit taken care of at the old place.

He was only an hour or so late. Took about an hour for him to finish splicing lines and whatnot. Still have to wait for the service provider to finish provisioning the equipment, but that shouldn’t take too long.


So, I know I’ve mentioned the curfew (for three hours a day, between 2a and 5a) that’s still in effect until at least January 14th. But now we’ve got potential community spread of COVID-19 here. A tourist has tested positive for the virus on departing the island. This guest went to basically ALL the restaurants on all the islands, so it’s very likely there’s more cases. The government is working on contact tracing, but this could be bad news.


In the evening I was stuck doing a conference call with the company stakeholders. It was a shorter than average call, which was nice. It did cut squarely into my gaming time though. We just went over all the recent happenings and how everything is in the business.

Pool Day (Friday)


Put a lot of work into pools today. I started at the easy house and gave it a thorough vacuuming. The weather lately has thrown a bunch of stuff in the pool. Then it was on to my nemesis, which wasn’t looking good. I had to give it a full vacuum and scrub, took quite a while! Next up was my old place, it wasn’t too bad but the guests have tracked a bit of sand into the pool. Not quite a full vacuum, but a decent one was needed. The only easy one this week was the new pool.


Was supposed to meet a guy in the morning about some work on a house. Didn’t hear from him until after dinner. Went over there and met up with him, talked about what needed to be done and it’s good. He’s going to get to work on it and I don’t gotta do anything but give him money.



There is always more accounting to do. I spent a bit of time this morning catching up. It wasn’t too bad, although I didn’t do everything I needed to. I started by reconciling the petty cash for the first time in over a year. Obviously, things didn’t quite add up, but that’s okay. I’m going to do a better job with that going forward. After dealing with petty cash I went through and entered all the transactions for this month. It was more than I expected, although there’s always more at the beginning of the month with rent payments and such.

There’s still more I need to do to get set properly for the new year, but it’s a start. I’ve still got to carry over year-end balances, and square away a couple more accounts. Then I get to go through all the transactions that haven’t cleared. That will be fun.

Game Development

I kept on going and actually worked on the game for a couple hours today. The game is progressing, although I did leave a bit of what I was working on incomplete. I had a viewer today too, it was nice interacting with someone on stream. Slow and steady will make this game, I just have to keep going.


Game Development

Once again, a lazy Sunday, mostly spend relaxing. I did take some time to stream more game development. Nothing much to say about it though.

Featured Image

This week’s featured image is the first new image for the site in a LONG time! The sky was just so pretty that I had to take a few shots. This is the one I chose to share today.

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