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Continuing growth, black science is nearly ready to produce. Then it will be time to work on the final piece of yellow science . . . then it will be time for rockets! Whoa, getting way ahead of myself here. Rockets are a few days away I’m sure.


Spent a bit of time again on QuickBooks entering new data. I still haven’t (and need to) do the last little bit of the old data. It just kinda scares me. Well, that’s not the right word. Something about these last few transactions that need to be put in is daunting to me. It’s not about what comes next when they’re done, it’s about the actual doing of them. I feel like I will do them wrong or screw them up or something.


Today we had the owner of one of our newer villas come visit the house because he is interested in buying it. Him and his daughter (and her daughter) got a tour from the roommate then hung out chatting for a while.

Later this evening, the actual owner is supposed to show up too. I’m really not sure what to think of that. He’s only going to be here for less than a week, I guess he’s going to get things straightened out with the bank.



The photos came in from the photographer for a villa we’re adding to our roster. Spent a good deal of time working on prepping the site to add it. Now we’re just waiting on owner approval to hit the buttons to make it live.

I need to go out and do some things, but the owner of this house has someone over talking about the house and they’ve parked me in and I can’t go anywhere. Hopefully they’ll be done soon so I can get some shit done.

Had to go by the hardware store three times today to get a couple of keys remade. And of course, while I was out, the driveway filled up with cars so I couldn’t park. Instead I just headed off to an empty villa and chilled.


Been in a sour mood today. Not exactly sure why, prolly just because of circumstances, like the lack of parking, the feeling awkward at home due to extra people here, that kind of stuff.

Island Radio

There’s basically two radio stations I get in my truck. One from BVI and one from USVI. The BVI station is mostly garbage, it’s like someone took all the song requests from people on the island (old people, young people, religious people, etc) and put them into an iPod on shuffle. It will play classic rock, followed by gospel, followed by oldies, followed by country, etc.

Then there’s the USVI station, the actually play decent music. The only problems with it is most of what they play is a few years old and half the time the music is some horrible remix. It still beats the BVI station though.

Fire Emblem Heroes

I downloaded this game a while back on my phone but never played it. Finally got around to it during some down time. Seems like a fun time waster. Not sure how much I’ll play it, but for now I’m enjoying it.



Fought my nemesis again today, it was a hard fight. It was not in good shape. I vacuumed and scrubbed every surface. Added a bunch of chlorine and such and just sweated my way to victory. I even went back a couple hours later to check out how it was looking.


It seems that whenever the owner is around the internet just dies. I guess he tends to send out big files via email regularly and that just bogs everything down for everyone. It is just very noticeable that every time he’s on his device the internet dies for everyone.



Not exactly QuickBooks, but I did work on getting some transactions straight. It took quite a lot of paper flipping and reading and math to get it all straight though. Such a pain in the ass.

Once I got that all set I had to put it in QuickBooks though, plus another transaction for a payment from a guest. That part didn’t take too long though.

Lock Picking

Got to spend some time honing my lock picking skills. It really wasn’t that hard, just tedious. Mind you I was picking one of those tubular locks, so I’m really not sure if that’s easier or harder than a standard lock. I actually got the lock open too! I was very happy that I successfully picked my first lock.



Got guests checking into one of our villas this evening. I had to touch up the pool there because the guy who usually does it didn’t do a great job. After that was it time to try my hand at picking the lock on the other safe again. It took a while but I was successful! Got it open and reset the master code.

It seems that some past guest decided to change the master code for the safes. That’s what we get for leaving the manual available to guests. We already have an instruction sheet, so we don’t need it.



Spent the first half of the day on pools. Brought our handyman along to show him the ropes a bit. He’s worked on one pool, but I showed him around the rest. He’s still got more learning to do, but it should be okay for him to handle while I’m travelling.


Looks like we may be firing one of our villa owners. They seem to be much too aggressive and combative and rude. We’ve looked over the contract to see what our options are. We’ll likely just notify them we won’t be renewing when it comes due shortly.



I spent most of the day going through the invoices from March to make sure my accounting matched the roommate’s. It took a good while, had to take a break in the middle as it was clouding my brain. After getting back to it for a few more hours. . . I have a headache.

Featured Image

This week’s featured image is a pretty rainbow! It looked so much nicer in person than the photo, bu with the magic of editing it looks pretty good!

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