Sleepless in Spanish Town



Another night with little sleep. I woke up around 1am and just could not get back to sleep. I tossed and turned the rest of the night until it was time to get up. I even tried watching YouTube in the hopes it would help, but it didn’t.


I played more Factorio with breakfast, as well as other times of the day. The factory is growing faster than ever. I’ve gotten a third nuclear plant running now and am already working on a fourth. Now I’m in the process of adding blue science to the rail network.


Running around. Delivered housekeeper to clean. I spent a good while adding water to a couple of pools that were low. I was able to trace the cable for Dish at one villa and I believe I found where the issue is. Problem being it’s inside of a PVC pipe under the deck. I’ll have to show the technician and see if he has any ideas on fixing it.



A bit more Factorio time today. Just continuing expansion of the factory. Got everything I need together to get blue science rolling, just have to actually build that part of it.


I attacked my nemesis again today. Gave it a good scrub and vacuum as usual. Did all that while waiting for a Dish technician to look into our issue. Of course, he was running late, so it was rescheduled. I ran off to go get more chemicals, but just as I did, I got a call that he was on the way! Seems cable techs are the same everywhere.

In the end, they found they still couldn’t do anything and need to run another line. I even tried running fish tape to see if I could possibly pull a cable, but even 25′ wasn’t enough (or the line is broken somewhere, which is very possible).

Then I had to go move a couple of mattresses. And of course, there was a truck in the driveway I needed for delivery. Then the driver couldn’t get it started! So I just went home and tried again later successfully.


Once that was all done it was time for accounting. My god, I’m going over bank statements now and it’s such a pain in the ass. The bank will combine multiple credit card charges into one line item. Makes accounting so much more difficult.

Conference Call

Tonight we had another conference call with my brother and his wife. We got to tell them the good news about adding villas and all the stuff that’s been going on. They took this opportunity to give us suggestions on things we’ve already started working on, like advertising initiatives. I also let them know that I will be trying to put together a weekly email with general updates as to things that are happening.



So much running around today. It started with unlocking one villa for the housekeeper. After that was buying supplies for prepping another villa, then buying more supplies for that same villa. I paid off power and internet bills. Cleaned the pool next door again. Then was sit down work, requesting an estimate to repair the Dish issue next door, checking up on work being done on another villa, ordering baking soda, etc. Long work day today. . .


I did find some time to play today. Mostly I’m just adding more trains to the network and increasing my production of things like copper cables and electronic circuits. The bots feel a bit slow, but I don’t have any rockets flying so can’t upgrade them any further.



Busy day again today. Started off heading to pick up a housekeeper, then getting call to let me know someone else was getting her, after I was on my way. Later, I headed off to run errands and found my truck had a flat! I was lucky enough to get some help changing the tire because I would never have figured out how to get the spare off.

Once that was done I continued on my way to clear a window with customs. Couldn’t pick it up, it was too heavy for me to move alone, but I did run around and do more stuff, moved housekeepers, fought my nemesis, the usual.


Even with all the work and running around I found time to play while hydrating and cooling off (such a hot day!). I’ve got everything I need to make purple science being produced on the rails now. Shouldn’t be long before I’m working on yellow science.



Such a busy day. In no particular order I helped move a refrigerator and four twin mattresses, drove the housekeeper around, got fourteen keys made at two different places, picked up 50lbs of baking soda at the dock during rush hour, and didn’t get a chance to work on any pools at all.


Even with all the running around I did find a few windows of time to grow the factory. I’m only a couple of components away from producing yellow science on the rails. It’s slow going though, can’t wait until I can speed the bots up some more.



Finally time to clean pools! It wasn’t much different than normal, started at the amazing house, went up the street to easy pool, then on to my nemesis.


I played more Factorio, obviously. Can’t remember exactly what I did. I have started working on black science though. Only a little bit more to go until I can try to get rockets launching on the rails!

Featured Image

This week’s featured image is some cool, colorful clouds. I like the way the colors appear to be layered.

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