Not So Good Mood

What Did I Accomplish This Week?

This week I did stuff. What stuff? I don’t know know, but I’m alive. Just not in the mood to figure out something witty here.



Headed out to do a couple house walkthroughs. Nothing to report there. Just a quick stop at two houses. Everything seemed okay. Once I was back home it was time to do a little more accounting. Not that there’s a whole lot of accounting to do.


Hit up a different grocery store again. I was so flustered that I totally didn’t get everything I needed. Not to say that they actually had everything I needed. But I’ve still got my list, so I will eventually get everything. I did get sugar and flavored coffee creamer! I’m so happy about that. Still so much on my list to get, maybe the third store will have what I need when I go by.


I’m still not feeling great. My stomach just won’t quit. I think it’s stress though. Nothing I’ve done has helped much. Could be my diet too, since lockdown lifted I’ve not been eating great, mostly because I just can’t bring myself to eat very well. It’s a mental health thing. And it’s been hot as shit lately.


Mental Health

Tried to go out and get some stuff done today. It didn’t work. Was going to run by the office to pay some internet bills, but they seemed busy. People were waiting outside because of the New Normal. Figure I’ll just have to try again another day, earlier too. After that I swung by a grocery store, it was the same. Line of people waiting to get inside. Again, I just drove on by and told myself “Tomorrow . . . ”

This stress really is putting me off. I just need to get out there early and get this shit done. Doesn’t help that my stomach is still being a bitch, making me want to do this stuff even less. And it’s made even worse by the fact that I don’t exactly have any breakfast food at the moment. Course, even if I did I wouldn’t feel like eating it.


The government has announced that they will be modifying the curfew. Starting Sunday we will be allowed out between 6am and 7pm! That’s such great news. Businesses won’t be quite so packed because people will have more time to get stuff done.

Of course, not more than an hour later they also announced a new case, bringing the territory total up to 7. Mind you, the new case was linked to a previous one. The person has been in quarantine the whole time. So I’m very hopeful that this won’t cause any other issues.



There was a news article posted saying that there will be no Dragoncon this year. City leaders ruled not to issue permits for the parade. The headline was a bit misleading. Not that it matters much since I won’t be going no matter what.


Ugh, so much, too much. Let’s see . . . Don’t really have much for the handyman to do. Found a leak at our old house, pump is basically dead. Luckily it will run off city water. Not gonna spend money on that place until the owner pays us back. Gotta meet up with tenants at once house who are moving out today.

Ran into issue with our website that I had to fix. Was pretty stupid. One slide somehow broke the whole front page slider. I just disabled it and BAM, working. Of course, that was after testing out all kinds of things.


Well, I’ve done what I can. Everything seems to be in order for April. No account statements from the bank yet though. I’m sure I fucked something up but I can hopefully correct it once I get those statements. I’ll let the roommate do the work of sifting through everything to look for my mistakes.


I went grocery shopping today. I went pretty early so it wasn’t bad. Didn’t have to wait outside at all. Wasn’t able to get a lot on my list though. I did get eggs, which I desperately needed, along with some other goodies.


I finally did it. Today I made mango jam! I hope it turns out okay. Was really simple. Just the four containers of mango I had collected,three cups of sugar, and a half cup of lemon juice boiled for twenty minutes. The flavor seems right, and I think I got the consistency correct. We’ll just have to see once it cools.



Ugh, such a morning. After the tenants moved out yesterday, I had others interested in moving in there today. They asked to meet at the property at 7am to pay and sign the lease. Of course they were late, making me wait around for half an hour. And of course they didn’t have the money. They better not screw me.

Then it was time to go pay the internet bills. Only took about an hour of waiting and such. I was able to suspend services for our houses, so the owners will be happy about the savings. Just happy everything’s dealt with on that front, for now.

Pool Day (Friday)


Stupid work! Those new tenants called me early to tell me they have the money and I can come get it. Oh, and also that there’s something wrong with a light and fan or something. . . I don’t know. Then, a short while later while I was showering, the roommate messaged me to tell me the website is messed up again.

Turns out that when I was troubleshooting the last problem I broke something else. Took a while to fix it, I even reached out to support for the reservation manager software. The pages for our rentals just kinda disappeared and wouldn’t come back. In the end I was able to fix it myself though.

Then I had to head out to collect that cash. It wasn’t so bad there. A floor fan was dead, so I gave them one of mine. There’s an issue with a breaker, but I can’t deal with that today. Maybe tomorrow or Monday, we’ll see.


Pools weren’t too bad today. They all needed water. Added chlorine as needed. Was done before noon. Had to stop the water early on a couple places because the power went out. God I hate this shit. Luckily the power didn’t stay out too long, just long enough for me to shut off the water to the pools early and annoy me.


Mental Health

So, I really should have tried to do something today. I just couldn’t bring myself to it though. So instead I wallowed in my . . . whatever. . . and watched movies! Rewatched The Neverending Story 1 & 2 as well as The Martian. Enjoyed them mostly, although the second Neverending Story isn’t the best. I have the third, and I’m afraid to watch it.



My poor tomato plant isn’t doing great. At first I thought it was because of my watering habits, but I’ve come to realize it’s actually the design of my planter! The screen I used is aluminum and it has been cutting into the stem in the wind. I’ve modified it a bit with a paper towel in the hopes of protecting it but it might be too late. I’ll have to correct this flaw before the next time I plant.

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