Partial Lockdown Week 11

Partial Lockdown Day 69 (Monday)


Did a little running around this morning. Got one house unlocked for AC service, another walkthrough done, and stopped by Social Security. Of course, my forms still aren’t ready. Was going to do some more accounting, but I can’t get to the bank statements.

Partial Lockdown Day 70 (Tuesday)


Early start today, as the AC guys wanted in the house before 8am. I had to run out there to unlock it before I even had my shower. Of course, who knows if/when they actually showed. Two calls into the trade department to renew our license have ended fruitlessly. I did get the rest of the month-end accounting done though. And we did get signed up for the certification program we need, I think, hopefully.

Partial Lockdown Day 71 (Wednesday)


Headed down to open up the house and do a little work there in prep for today’s arrival. I had to tighten a couple of door handles. I also lubricated a few of them. Overall, there wasn’t a whole lot to do.

Partial Lockdown Day 72 (Thursday)


So I finally found something, a non-official post, in regards to the current curfew status. Seems we are allowed out for a couple more hours per day. Now, the curfew allows us out between 5am and 2am. . . What? What’s the point? And, it goes on for two more weeks! I mean, this doesn’t affect me in any way really, but it just makes no sense.

Game Development

Wow, I can’t believe the week is almost over and I’ve not touched the game at all! I decided to change that and get back to work. Part of the reason I hadn’t done anything is because I need to redo a ton of stuff within my platform and ground spawning algorithm, and that’s a lot of work. In the end, it really wasn’t that bad. It did take a while but it really simplifies things for the future.

Partial Lockdown Day 73 (Friday)


Easy pool day today. Only three pools to clean, the new one, the easy one, and my nemesis. As expected, the new and easy pools were quick, no problems. My nemesis wasn’t even that bad, just a vacuum and I was done.

Game Development

I’ve continued work on the game, this time adding an enemy! So far it works pretty well too! It sort of follows the player and drops projectiles. There’s still a lot of work to do, but so far it’s pretty cool. I’ve got a guy who follows the camera (which follows the player) who drops projectiles randomly. When they hit something, the do a little explosion thingie (with sound). And if it’s the player that’s hit, the player takes damage!

Partial Lockdown Day 74 (Saturday)


I went out to do a bit of grocery shopping this morning and I came home a happy man! Finally found some rubber spatulas! I was so happy to find them that I bought two sets. I’ve been looking for them for months at all the stores. This calls for a celebration!


I finally started catching up on the accounting. I tend to take a bit of time off from accounting after month-end. This month was no different. There really wasn’t too much to do, got it done in like thirty minutes. I had to write a couple checks, enter some expenses, the usual stuff.


With the acquisition of some rubber spatulas I’ve finally gotten started on my recipes for the site. The first recipe available is my favorite recipe for brownies. I kinda cheesed it and am temporarily using a stock photo for the page. Eventually, when I make my next batch of brownies, I will take my own photo to use. I have more recipes I’m going to add, some I’ve already started working on.

Game Development

Well, I released a new version of my platformer. It’s now got an attack and an enemy and stuff. I’m not quite happy with how the attack works yet though. I’m going to have to keep playing with it a bit. I know what I need to do, I think, but I’m not in the mood to fix it right now.

Partial Lockdown Day 75 (Sunday)


Ugh, I hadn’t been able to get ahold of my housekeeper about next week yet so I reached out again. And now she tells me she won’t be available! There’s a really important training next week that we already told her all about that she’ll have to make up. So stupid. And that also means I had to work on getting someone to clean a house for guests. It’s supposed to be my day off. . .

Featured Image

This week’s featured image is new, it’s the photo I took for my brownies! I made a batch and took pictures of the results and I must say, they look delicious, don’t they? This is actually the first photo that I’ve taken and added to the site in over six months. . .

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