Partial Lockdown Week 10

Partial Lockdown Day 62 (Monday)


Well, I was going to do more but then I remembered one place wasn’t open, so I didn’t do much of any work today. I did my usual Monday walkthroughs and that’s about it. I probably should have done more.

Partial Lockdown Day 63 (Tuesday)


So, the government finally announced their plan for reopening to tourists. We will be required to get some sort of certification prior to being allowed tourists. The tourists themselves have to have a negative COVID test no more than five days prior to departure. Upon arrival they will be tested, then required to quarantine for four days at which time they’re tested again. After that they have to isolate for a further four days when they’re tested a final time. Of course, there’s no mention of what happens when someone tests positive . . .


Normal kind of work today, running around paying bills. Well, I started with water, which was surprisingly easy. Then I didn’t pay power or internet because there were already too many people inside. I’ll try again later. After that, I stopped by home and created a new blog post on the company site about the opening for tourists. Then I ran out again to try to pay bills and do some other stuff.

As expected, we’re already seeing cancellations due to the reopening protocols. Anyone in the near future with shorter stays aren’t going to come. We have people who are scheduled to be here for less than the required quarantine/isolation period. There’s no way those people will come here for a vacation.

Game Development

I wasn’t really feeling the game development today but I did some work anyway. I added a few more sound effects and create another new pickup. Mind you, even with the pickups existing, there’s still no way for the player to get them. I’m still putting off the actual platform part of the platformer. It’s a bit complex and I still haven’t come up with how I want to handle it.

Partial Lockdown Day 64 (Wednesday)


Not feeling it so much this morning. I went and checked on the housekeepers as they got started closing a villa. Then I ran off and paid another bill. After that I decided to put off the rest of the work until tomorrow except I did reach out to the tourism board to see if I could find anything out about this completely unknown certification we are required to have. There’s literally no information online about it on either the tourism board’s website or the college that offers the certification.

Game Development

I did it, I bit the bullet and added the platform spawning system. It actually wasn’t too bad and so far works pretty well. There was a bit of trial and error to get the platforms working properly though. I also changed how the randomization system works for traps and made it an actual percentage chance.

Partial Lockdown Day 65 (Thursday)


What a morning. I started with an easy run to pay the internet bills. Then a quick stop at the local hardware store for some stuff. After that was the hard part. Old house has a drain blockage in the roof of the kitchen building that’s causing major issues. I spent a good while trying to resolve it myself with no luck. It was so hot and sweaty up there too.

Game Development

I continued working on the platform system, this time adding trapped platforms. I had to kinda redo the platform collision script to incorporate traps. Well, I took the two existing scripts and created a third that’s a combination. Once I had that done proper, and made my first trapped platform, the rest of the ones I made were simple copies and adjustments.


Another pizza night tonight. Even after all the exhausting work and sweating I decided to put a little effort into dinner. By the time I was done kneading the dough I was sweating like mad. Not really sure I did a very good job kneading the dough this time though. Yeah, I watched a video about kneading dough and I’m doing it all wrong. Yeah, this one didn’t turn out quite as well as the last few. I’m going to have to keep practicing!

Partial Lockdown Day 66 (Friday)


Did some extra pool work today. Well, more than normal, less than it should be. I started with the easy pool, which was in good shape. I did have to clean a bit of the filter system which gets clogged regularly. After that was our old house where I gave it a thorough scrub and vacuum. Supposed to have guests there next week so I want it to be in good shape.

Next up was my nemesis. Letting the plumber deal with clearing the pool worked wonders, but it wasn’t cheap. It’s nice to see the pool looking so clear and blue though. I did give it a thorough cleaning, and I think going forward I’m going to have to give it extra care every week too. I hate that pool. Lastly, it was time for the new pool, nothing much happening there.

Game Development

I got back to work on the trapped platforms. I had to recreate a bunch of them because of issues I was running into during testing. I’ve now expanded the options for trapped platforms though. Now I need to tweak the spawning algorithm, it’s putting some too close together.

Partial Lockdown Day 67 (Saturday)


Started work early today because my handyman wanted to pick up his paycheck at 7am. He has to catch a ferry and wanted money before he did. Luckily, prepping a paycheck isn’t all that hard of work. Of course, I also need to do the other employees’ paychecks, but they gotta get me their timesheets!


Spent a bit of time working on the month-end accounting. There was a surprisingly large amount of stuff to enter. I must have spent nearly an hour on it. There’s still more to do since I don’t have a couple employee timesheets and it technically is still October. And, of course, I’m going to have to bug the roommate for the credit card charges.

Game Development

Well, I think I have my issues with platform spawning figured out. I’m no longer getting two platforms “stacking” over each other. It was as simple as creating a list to store the most recent locations of the platforms and making sure the new location didn’t match. Maybe I should rethink the way I’m doing traps. . .

Partial Lockdown Day 68 (Sunday)


So, I’m pretty sure the curfew should be over now, although, the last update to the curfew order didn’t give an end date. The last thing I can find said it was to end Oct 22, but then there was an order modifying gathering sizes. Oh well, maybe it’ll never end?

Animal Crossing

Yes, I still play AC everyday. . . With Halloween over, I decided to do a little bit of cleanup on my island. I took all my spooky decorations and built a little area for them. I also looked through all my flowers and found that there was only a single flower color I didn’t have. So I removed all my flower breeding stuff and left just the one set going in the hopes of getting the last color.


Tore down my laptop cooling pad to clean it. Also took the bottom off the laptop. Been having what I think are heat issues when gaming. Hopefully the cleaning helps, but I do see some corrosion/oxidation in the heatsink, so it’s possible it won’t help enough.

Featured Image

This week’s featured image is a spoopy moon in honor of Halloween! It’s another throwback, although I might have used it not that long ago. I just felt it was appropriate.

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