Partial Lockdown Week 3

Partial Lockdown Day 13 (Monday)


Little bit of running around this morning. Did the (now) usual stop by my nemesis to check the water meter and look around the property. Next I went to the house on the hill and did my walkthrough. Then it was off to the leaky pool to add some chlorine tabs. After that I ran to another nearby house for it’s walkthrough. Lastly, I made a stop to drop off a check to one of our competitors. Overall it was a busy outing.

Game Development

Continued work on the game a bit. At this point it’s mostly drawing. I have once again reached a point where I have to look at little pictures of other littler pictures to find some I like. Yep, searching through all the assets I can, looking for more tile palettes. In the end, I actually ended up paying for something. I don’t feel bad about it, I’ve paid for a ton of assets I may never use. It was only $1.20, paid through to the artist.

It took a long time to break those assets down and get them all imported right. Now that I have them though, I think I’m good for a while. I have a ton of stuff I can use to draw out my game. There’s going to be some smaller incidentals that I’ll need from time to time, but I can really start getting to work!

And, as I dove in to begin drawing things, I realize I need to now create a scene template for the game. I began to draw a new scene and as I did it occurred to me that most of these scenes will be the same thing, but with different pictures and stuff inside. There are a couple of systems I have yet to implement though, which will maybe mean I still have to add more to my scenes.

But I do know the way I’ve been doing my tilemaps is all wrong. I was almost there, but now I realize I need even more! Probably at least 5 for a basic map, maybe six or seven? I need one for the default background (whatever that is) and another that’s just the collision layer. And then at least three layers for just drawing my scenes. Maybe one on top of everything to deal with masking, but I’m not sure if I’m ready for that. I can always add more layers to scenes as needed though.

Partial Lockdown Day 14 (Tuesday)

Game Development

Not a whole lot to do today so I decided to relax and work on my game. I went back through and redrew all my current scenes using the method I described above. Only three scenes so far, so it wasn’t that bad. I have also created my scene template which I can use going forward to create new scenes without having to put in all kinds of extra work. This way, all the scenes will work similarly as well.


So I think I have a couple seeds that sprouted. Whether they’re viable or not is a different story. So I’ve put the tiny seeds in the dirt, and I am hoping they grow. I do have two jalapeno plants started now though. The second seed finally broke soil. So I’ve got two seeds each of bell and cayenne peppers in the dirt. There’s four tomato plants, flowering. Two baby jalapeno seedlings, and one tiny little lettuce.

Partial Lockdown Day 15 (Wednesday)


Oops, totally forgot to check the water at that house yesterday! Upon remembering this morning I set a daily reminder and then headed down there. I got the reading from the water meter and headed back home. If my readings are correct this house currently uses at most twenty gallons of water a day. Then after coming back home it was time to catch up on accounting. Turns out there really wasn’t a whole lot to do though!

Partial Lockdown Day 16 (Thursday)


Not a lot to do today. Just ran down to the house to check water. No issues there. Then it was off to drop off a couple checks. Once place was closed, so only two checks got delivered instead of the three I had planned. The rest of the day was spent relaxing.

Partial Lockdown Day 17 (Friday)


Another quick pool day today. Still under the curfew restrictions that only allows people out for eight hours per day. That’s more like four or three for me, cause I’m not starting my workday at five in the morning. I did a little scrubbing at my nemesis and added water at the amazing house. Other than that, nothing too interesting.


I decided to try my hand at picking up some groceries. All the stores seemed pretty busy. I chose to go into the one with the open parking spaces. It wasn’t too bad, although they didn’t have much for stock. I did get a couple things on my list, but there’s still a lot more I want.

Partial Lockdown Day 18 (Saturday)


Went out after breakfast for a small amount of work. Hit up my nemesis to get another meter reading. It’s been raining pretty well so the house hasn’t been filling the cistern from city water too much. The numbers are all still looking pretty uniform. I then stopped at the amazing house to run a speed test on the internet there. Wasn’t good, but definitely better than I get at home once curfew hits.

Partial Lockdown Day 19 (Sunday)


Just the tiniest of work today. I ran down and took a reading off the meter at my nemesis, but no trip inside.

Game Development

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, I haven’t been doing much on the game development front. I’ve hit some cognitive dissonance that I have to rectify before I can proceed. I’m not happy with how a part of my game is working and I don’t know how I want it to work. Because of that, I’ve been mulling it over in my head. I have made some notes on my ideas though, so that’s something.

Featured Image

This week’s featured image is more clouds from two years ago. Almost looks like it could be something other than clouds, eh?

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