Partial Lockdown Week 8

Partial Lockdown Day 48 (Monday)


Another week is upon me and it’s time to run around! So many stops on my agenda. I have to hit up Inland Revenue, SSB/NHI, three houses (with two more later), and a business to drop off a check. Oh yeah, plus I need to go grocery shopping, and my housekeeper decided to clean one of the houses a day early. . . Busy Monday morning . . .

And how did it all go? I forgot some paperwork form Inland, so I have to back tomorrow. The place was closed for the check drop off. SSB/NHI had a line that took like half an hour and there was only three people ahead of me! Of course, once it was my turn, my forms still weren’t there. I stopped by two houses. One was pretty much as expected just with a lot of extra lights on. The other, the handyman wasn’t there to talk to, so I’ll try again tomorrow.

Game Development

I continued work on the new game. Didn’t actually get anything done though. I ran into an issue adding particles and no matter what I did I couldn’t make it work!

Partial Lockdown Day 49 (Tuesday)


Did a bit of running around this morning. Tried to take care of the things I couldn’t yesterday. Unfortunately, one had a line that I was not willing to wait in, so I’ll try again tomorrow. I did get that check dropped off though.

Game Development

I got it working! I’ve not got a working particle system in the game. Many, actually. The game is mostly complete now. I mean, it was a complete game before, but now it’s completely complete. I think. . .

Partial Lockdown Day 50 (Wednesday)


Ugh, fucking intern and roommate bugging me this morning before I even showered. Some stupid email thing, cert error or something. When I finally went out, I didn’t get anything done. There were already people waiting outside for Inland and the parking lots were pretty full at the stores. . .

Game Development

Well, I’ve done it. I’ve finally done a build on my game. I think it’s done, good enough. I know I could always find more to tweak but at some point you just gotta say it’s finished. My first real game is now available to play on Itch. Of course, once I uploaded and tested it, I found an issue I just couldn’t ignore. . . So I fixed it and it tested just fine!

Partial Lockdown Day 51 (Thursday)


Fuck! So, today they’re doing work on the house across the road. Electrical work, that requires digging up the road. And of course, they’re starting early, really early. As luck would have it, I got shit I gotta be out and doing, during the time the road will be closed. So, an early start for me.

I first unlocked one house for my handyman, then headed on to my nemesis. That’s actually a twofer. They’re supposed to be doing a fiber install there, and I gotta work on the pool. Course, thirty minutes after they were supposed to be at the house for the fiber install there was still no sign of them. And I had done what I could with the pool . . . So I took off to clean another pool, because why not? I normally do them Fridays, but that’s not set in stone.

Then, when I was done with that pool, I tried going home, but the road was still closed, three hours after they they started. I was told it would be quick, Yeah, three hours isn’t quick. So I headed back down to my nemesis to see if the fiber people would show up, and there was still no sign of them another hour later. Wouldn’t you guess, when I went home after that, the road was still impassable!

So, I parked at my neighbor’s house, which has it’s own drive from another road. Oh, then the maids showed up with their timesheets. So I had to get their paychecks done. And I had some paperwork to fill out for the handyman . . . this day is just too much!

Game Development

So I started another new game. This one’s going to be a platformer. I have ideas for it, but I’m not sure if I can quite pull things off the way I want. For now I’ve gotten a little bit done on it, as well as imported a bunch of assets I think will work well for the theme.


I made more pizza dough, and a pizza. This time I used barbecue sauce instead of pizza sauce. I added onions, like last time, but unlike last time I also put on some chicken and bacon! This time though, I put the mozzarella on first, then added the toppings, then added cheddar. Maybe I did it wrong and should have put all the cheese together, we’ll see. I’m sure it’ll taste delicious either way.

Partial Lockdown Day 52 (Friday)


Only two pools on the agenda today. I started with the new pool, it was really easy. Everything was pretty good there, so I didn’t have to do any cleaning. Then it was on to my nemesis, which I gave a full vacuum again. I’m slowly replacing water in the pool to lower the CYA, but it takes time. It’s not getting better, but it’s not getting worse either.

Game Development

I wasn’t exactly feeling it, but I dove into the platformer a little bit. Today was working on the camera. I’ve got some things to work out, but I’ve basically got the camera working the way I want. It will be set to follow the player (which I still need to get working) but only be able to go up and down within certain bounds. It was surprisingly easy when I found a script to lock the camera movement on a certain axis. I just took that and modified it to my liking.

Partial Lockdown Day 53 (Saturday)

Game Development

I started off early today. Got to work on a bit of needed stuff. Imported some objects and scripts from other projects. Started work on the actual platforms for the platformer. I also imported a whole lot of art I’m going to use for this game. All in all, it was a pretty productive start to the day.


Then it was time to do a bit of work. Just some accounting I had to get entered (although it wasn’t urgent). I had a few receipts and a few checks to enter as well as employee time and paychecks. All-in-all it took less than thirty minutes to do.

Partial Lockdown Day 54 (Sunday)

Game Development

I decided not to use the character controller asset I downloaded. It was a bit troublesome, so I’m going with a custom controller that I had previously built. I’m sure I’ll have to modify it but for now it will do the job. I really didn’t spend as long working on the game today as I should have though.


Once again, another pizza! This time I made a white pizza. I used a bit too much olive oil. I’ll have to experiment with white pizzas in the future. I love being able to just try all kinds of new pizzas like this. I just wish it was easier to find ingredients for toppings.

Featured Image

This week’s featured image is a throwback to two years ago, The clouds just looked so nice and fluffy. I don’t know what to say, this photo just appeals to me.

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