Partial Lockdown Week 9

Partial Lockdown Day 55 (Monday)


I’m here ready and waiting to get my work started but I gotta get the handyman going before I can leave. So, I’m stuck, hoping he’ll arrive soon. . . At least I wasn’t waiting too long. I finally made it into Inland Revenue and turned in the payment.


I hit up two of the three normal grocery stops today. I got a good amount supplies. Still more stuff on my list though, I might have to go to the third store soon. Luckily, I have what I need to make it through today and tomorrow morning. I’m not sure why I didn’t bother going to the third store, I probably should have.


Well, just one pool. Time to play with my nemesis. After not touching it for two days it was not looking good. I didn’t do as much as I should have. I scrubbed it a bit and drained it a bit while refilling. Threw in a bit of chemicals, probably not enough. Just have to keep going to get the CYA lowered.

Game Development

I tried, and failed, to get my procedural stuff working. The problem I’m having means I have to split my object for detecting and spawning the ground into three. It won’t be so bad, but I spent long enough playing with it today that I’ll come back tomorrow to make it work.

And, as happens often, I was wrong. I dove back into the game, split the object into three and rewrote my code. Then I played with it a ton! But now, I have it doing (mostly) what I want! At the moment I’ve got it creating an infinite floor. That will change over time, the floor will be broken up with water, there will be platforms, and eventually there will even be enemies and traps!

Partial Lockdown Day 56 (Tuesday)


Just a little bit today, sorta. I started out by checking on my housekeepers who are prepping for an arrival tomorrow. Then it was on to vacuum my nemesis. That pool just isn’t getting better! I continued the process of slowly replacing water. I’m hoping soon it will get back to a more manageable CYA level. But for now I just gotta keep playing with it every day.

Game Development

I’ve expanded on what I was doing yesterday. Now the procedural ground will also be water. And it shapes itself accordingly. Now I just need to randomize it a bit. And after a bit of playing with the logic I was able to make the ground more random! Now the sections of ground and water can be anywhere between one and whatever number I set in length.

I made a new collectible, a heart based on the coin I previously made. In testing it I found some issues so I had to go back and modify both. Now they work pretty well. The coin is picked up and the players coins are increased accordingly while the heart is only picked up if the player is missing health. Of course I don’t have any sort of UI setup yet . . .

Partial Lockdown Day 57 (Wednesday)


Let’s see, started off at the old house. Opened it up for the handyman to get it prepped for next week’s arrival. While I was there I found a leaking pipe. Hopefully the plumber will get in there and get it fixed quickly. Then I went and opened up another house for guests arriving today. Once that was done it was time to go meet them. The actual arrival wasn’t too bad, didn’t take that long.

After that, it was back to the old house. Turns out the leak wasn’t a pipe but was the cistern. A tiny hole was spraying water through the wall and hitting the pipe making it look like a leak. So weird, but not a big deal. Then after I went back home, I was informed we were going to have a government inspection of the house in less than thirty minutes!

I ran back over there, checked all the signs and sanitizer, ran back home and copied two of the signs. Went back to the house and put everything up. Then they didn’t show. Turns out they didn’t need to do an inspection after all! Luckily, I got some good news not long after. The booking for Friday cancelled. We had to bug them to find out if they were even coming. Glad we found out now instead of spending money on cleaning the place for them to no-show.

Game Development

I didn’t really do a whole lot on my platformer today. I’m implementing something new that will force me to rewrite most of the procedural code I’ve already written. But in the end it will make the game better, I hope. It will allow for more randomization and multiple different looks to the levels.

Partial Lockdown Day 58 (Thursday)


Ugh, it started early. Those guests who were scheduled for tomorrow and cancelled yesterday have decided they want to un-cancel. So I’ve been frantically trying to verify if my employees can still do the work tomorrow. I’m confident they can, but I’ve not been able to get ahold of the housekeeper yet.

In the end, we decided to just say no to the booking because the housekeeper couldn’t confirm her availability quickly enough. I blamed it on the guests though because I don’t feel like dealing with the employees’ flack. Just means I’ll have an easier day tomorrow with just pools and not a bunch of other crap.

Game Development

I’ve continued my game development. I’ve added a really easy randomization feature as well as improving the way some things work. I ran into an issue with one thing because the tutorial I used was no good. The way I have my game setup I found a much more reliable way to do what I wanted. Even so, the tutorial was just bad. It was comparing an objects name, even though it already had a collider it could have referenced instead.

Partial Lockdown Day 59 (Friday)


Another pool day . . . An easy one actually. . . I let someone else deal with my nemesis and it was magical. It was boggy and green and in a day the water was clear and blue. No clue what he did exactly, but I don’t care, because I didn’t have to fight it. I’m sure it won’t last, the CYA will probably still be too high, but for now I’m enjoying the ease. The rest of the pools were even easier than that one. . .

Partial Lockdown Day 60 (Saturday)


Not much in the way of work today, just some accounting. Got it all done (well, all that I felt like doing) in less than an hour. It was mostly entering expenses and a few payments by guests. I’m mostly caught up, just the usual month-end stuff coming soon.


So, right around 1.30pm the power cut out. I was in the middle of watching the final Matrix movie! And it’s another hot day (aren’t they all hot days?) here. Without the fans running it gets pretty unbearable. Thankfully it was only out for about fifteen minutes. By the time power came back I was in a bad way though.

Game Development

Even though I took the day off from the game yesterday I didn’t do a whole lot today. I mostly played with animations. I added a few new art assets that I need to incorporate. But I really didn’t get a whole lot done. That’s okay, because it’s all laying the groundwork for later. Plus, I think, the next step in the game’s evolution requires more planning. Gotta mull it over.

Partial Lockdown Day 61 (Sunday)


Of course I have to work today, why would I get a full day off? Luckily, it was just running out to talk to the maintenance guy at one of our houses. Didn’t really take too much time to do.

Game Development

I almost didn’t do anything today, but I did. Not much though. I tweaked a consumable and created a new one. I’ve been kinda putting off anything major because it’s a bit of a daunting task.

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This week’s featured image is a spot of rain out at sea from a couple years ago.

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