Post Dragoncon Blues

No More Con (Tuesday)

Games All Day

Tuesday was spent doing nothing but playing video games all day long to fight off the post-con blues. Well, almost nothing. I took a trip to the bank to deposit some cash and get a reference letter. But other than that I played Minecraft. So much Minecraft. It was pretty nice to be able to relax for the whole day after all the running around at Dragoncon. We tried building a dark room mob farm, but it just didn’t work. It was all built in the water, below ground level, so that might have something to do with it.

Last Day of Vacay (Wednesday)

The Good Place

While my friend was at work I spent time binge watching The Good Place. It’s so good! I made it through the first two seasons. I really didn’t want to stop, but I had to because my friend got home from work. So I prepped the last season to watch during my travels home.

More Minecraft

And of course, night was filled with more Minecraft. We found a guardian temple and began clearing it to setup a guardian farm. Also went and explored the End more, got a ton of shulker shells. My ender chest is now completely filled with shulker boxes. It’s so nice to have that much portable storage space.

Heading Home (Thursday)


Got up super early. The Uber ride was okay, but traffic sucked, so I was kinda rushing to get to my flight. Security in Hartsfield is different now. It wasn’t bad though. I got stuck in a window seat. It wasn’t so bad, until the guy next to me was all up in my space with his legs. That didn’t last long though, thankfully. I did get to watch the rest of The Good Place. I’m really glad the next season is happening really soon.

I didn’t really give myself enough time between flights in San Juan though. Security was a nightmare, looooong line. Luckily because of my flight timing I was put in the VIP line. Even that one took forever though. I made it to the gate only a few minutes after boarding time. But of course, boarding times are never right, so I still had to wait a little while. The flight back to Virgin Gorda was uneventful.

Back Home

Oh my god. Everything at home was wrong. The roommate left a mess, dirty dishes, dirty laundry, things were moved in weird places, etc. I was very unhappy with the state of the place. She even had a guest during her stay and of course the guest used my bed.

Back To Work (Friday)


Oh my god, first day back to work and it’s pool day. So much work, I was exhausted by the time it was done. Two pools with chlorinator issues, my nemesis, the leaky pool, and then all the rest. Then, of course, there were all the other fires I had to address; two of our villas have plumbing leaks, multiple bills to pay, and finding work for the handyman next week to name a few.

Game Day (Saturday)


I spent most of the day playing Minecraft with my friend in Atlanta. We actually spent a good long while in creative building some paths in the nether to the guardian farm. I setup a track switching mechanism to make getting there by rail easier. Sure, some could consider it cheating, but it would have been so hard to do all that we did in survival.



A bit of work to do. I checked on the villa with the leak to see how things are going. The guy there hasn’t been able to find anything yet. I also stopped by another villa to check on their septic system. Everything seemed to be in order, I think. I’m not really an expert on septic systems though. Then it was off to check out the work going on at another villa searching for a leak. Didn’t really look like much had been done. . .


The rest of the day was spent playing Minecraft again. We built a giant storage sorting system. It took many hours to complete, and really it’s not done yet. There’s so many more blocks to add to it that I feel we’ll need to expand a ways. Plus, there’s no automatic smelting or cooking setup yet. Pretty sure it’ll expand on the level we built it, then add a lower level for the smelting/cooking. But for now it’ll make dumping materials (and finding materials) easier.

Featured Image

This post’s featured image is clouds covering the mountain peak. I’m sure I’ve shown similar before, but I love how everything comes together in this image.

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