Water Storage

Water Woes (Monday)


Oh my god, things just keep getting worse. It seems when the roommate was running things she noticed an issue with the solar water heaters at one of our houses. While doing some work over there I headed down to check it out and found a huge mess. A support beam came free, causing the water tank to break a pipe and disconnect another pipe.

Seems water has just been getting pumped from the house out that pipe . . . Who knows how much water was wasted and how long it was like that. The roommate initially noticed something was amiss over two weeks ago but didn’t bother doing anything about it. It’s possible that we were just dumping water 24/7 for over a week, then had the pump running while dry there for another week. Haven’t had a change to get anyone else out to look things over yet.

And, we’ve still not been able to locate the mystery leak at that same house. Leaving the water running overnight in the hopes of refilling the cistern and locating the leak. I’m starting to doubt there’s actually a leak where the landscapers say.

Washers and Dryer

Also spent a good long while transporting washing machines. Moved one from that villa to another with a broken one. Then picked up a new one from the ferry and delivered it there. It was so hot today and moving those washers was sweaty work. Then I had to run to another house with a broken dryer. Turns out, the exterior vent was completely caked with lint. Stupid tenants didn’t even think to check it.


Once the workday was over it was time for more Minecraft with my friend. I’ve decided that the storage building definitely needs to be expanded, there’s no question about it. So we spent a while caving for resources. Probably didn’t get nearly enough iron to expand as much as I’d like but it’s a start.

Water Works (Tuesday)


Spent the morning back at that villa with the big water issues. I was able to successfully prime the pump and get water flowing again. Even after leaving city water on to fill the cistern overnight it still wasn’t done. Pretty close though, hopefully in the next couple of hours it’ll finish. I’ve still not found any signs of the mystery leak.

We got a plumber out to start work on the solar tanks. He’ll have it finished tomorrow hopefully. All the running around over there just left me exhausted and sweaty. I don’t know what it is about that place but it feels hotter there than other places.


We began expanding the storage system. Added thirty-seven new spots per level. Once that expansion is complete I think I’ll begin working on the lower level with smelting and cooking and stuff. Completely ran out of iron and couldn’t finish the work so we went caving for more resources. I found a spider dungeon on top of a zombie dungeon on top of a skeleton dungeon! And not too far from base.

More Running Around (Wednesday)


Started the day with a maintenance check at one villa. Went out there with the handyman to see what kinds of things will need to be done. We’ve got long-term tenants in there right now, and eventually we might move in there for a while. Would be nice to have the place in decent working order when that happens.

After leaving the water on overnight I was able to make the mystery leak appear. I’ve got a good idea of the location of the leak, but it’s gotta be a pipe running underground, so it’s still going to be hard to pinpoint.


Started off with a bit more caving. Ended up with a good amount of iron. Got the expansion on the storage depot finished. Just have to reorganize it and start filling it. Then it will be time to build out the lower level. That’ll take some serious effort, but it will be worth it. I’ve got a series of systems I’d like to implement to allow us to keep a stock of both cooked and raw materials.

Tiring Heat (Thursday)


Continued to run around in the heat today. Had to go back to the villa with the mystery leak. Still no signs of the plumber doing anything about that. Also nothing happening with the broken solar tanks. Called the guy about the tanks and he should hopefully get it done today. I won’t hold my breath.

Had to run and do some IT work. . . Internet issues for some long term renters. Seems something’s off with their wireless router. Packets hit the router, go out two hops, then die. I lent them our router and will see about getting theirs to Flow soon.


I’m slowly getting caught up on accounting. Between all the running around I have to do it’s hard though. I’ve entered all the receipts that were left for me as well as most of the check stubs into QuickBooks. But there’s still going to be so much more to do. I’m taking it a little at a time so I don’t overwhelm myself. Last thing I need to do is start freaking out about accounting and shut down.


Finished the sorting system expansion. Still not enough slots for all the things I’d like there, but once the bottom layer is done I think it’ll be okay. I think the bottom floor will be organics, maybe add in a few farms for things like sugarcane, pumpkins, melons, bamboo, etc. Course, the next expansion is going to take a lot of work. I think the next step will be making the building look better though.

Found (Friday)


Time to clean the pools once again! Luckily it was an easy day. The first few pools I just had to check levels, add a small amount of chemicals, but no major cleaning necessary. Then came the amazing house. It’s having chlorinator troubles. I had to spend a bit of extra time on that to try to fix the problem. Not sure it’s much better, but we’ll see.

Then came my nemesis, and luckily by the time I got there, my handyman had already done all the work! So instead I got to spend my time looking into the mystery leak. Seems someone came by and dug out the pipes. Not sure if they located the actual leak, but while I was there I think I pinpointed it. Still waiting on the other plumber to finish fixing the solar tanks there though.


Spent a good long while in creative mode decking out the look of the storage system. What was once an ugly square stone building has been transformed into a ruined temple. There’s all sorts of great looks we added. Check it out below in this week’s featured image.

What a Weekend (Saturday and Sunday)

I’m just gonna combine both days here because . . . well it’s easier.


Saturday I had to go out for a little work. Met up with the plumber about the mystery leak and it has been found and he just needed to get some pipe to fix it. Unfortunately, there might not be the right sized pipe on the island. We’ll see. . . .


Let’s see, what did I do. . . Fought the Wither. It’s so much easier when mob griefing is turned off. Built a beacon, then began work on a slime grinder. Did more caving. Built a bamboo farm for the storage system (to fuel the automated smelters). Not much else to say. The creative building/decorating is lots of fun. My friend moved the world to realm, so now I can connect when he’s not playing. And I think performance is better.

Featured Image

This week’s featured image is the ruins we built to contain the storage system. It’s hard to get a great idea of the way it looks in a still image, so maybe I’ll record a video to upload and show it off later. . . .

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