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What Did I Accomplish This Week?

This week I got my truck back from the shop. Not much of an accomplishment, so what else. . . I got all the accounting done for January and the company’s P&L out. And I started training the puppy on the new invisible fence.



Started work early today to get the amazing house prepped for the filming. Had to pick up one housekeeper to get her started there. Then I worked on the pool to make it film-worthy. After that, I transported another housekeeper and finally dropped off some supplies for one more.


Once all that was done the roommate was finally going over the owners’ statements and found something to touch up in the books. Corrected that and regenerated the reports. Everything’s looking okay now I hope. I think the roommate still needs to go through a few more statements though.

Troubling (Tuesday)


Looks like the reports are all good, so I put together the company P&L to send with the next weekly update. Then, of course, the owners had questions because it can be confusing to read these things, even for me when I’m the one who puts all the data in.

Got a call from the housekeeper, something bad happened with the plumbing. Found a pipe broken, had to shut water off to the whole house. Pretty sure she accidentally hit the pipe with a mop or broom, but she denies it. Got the plumber out there quick and he’s working on repairing it. Looks like it might be a rough one to repair though.

Turned out it wasn’t too bad, he got it repaired in no time and we got the water back on. The housekeeper was good to go and got the place cleaned up.



The roommate was heading off island to the bank. Since we only have one car I dropped her off and went about my business. Had to clear a couple loads of things for some owners. Luckily it didn’t take long, and soon after I got the handyman working on delivery. Outside of that there really wasn’t a whole lot of work. Early in the evening I had to transport a housekeeper.



Still no word on the truck. Supposedly a lot of little things needed to be done and there were some parts to replace. Hopefully I can get it back soon because I got pool service tomorrow. At least I can use the roommate’s car again if I have to.


Another slow day today. Heading to a vacant villa to check out the place and give it a deep maintenance check. Right now the handyman is there dealing with a couple small things. It really wasn’t bad, no major concerns at the house. All was in working order.


Pretty sure I may have mentioned it before, right? Got a puppy, basically took her from the neighbors who weren’t doing a good job of taking care of her. She’s the sweetest puppy. A little boisterous, but a good dog overall. Well today we got an invisible fence so we can finally let her roam free. Gonna be a few weeks of training though. She’s a smart pup, I’m sure she won’t have a problem learning.

Pool Day (Friday)


Yay, it’s done! I went and picked it up this morning and it’s so much better now. Only a couple thousand for the repairs. It was a long list of repairs too. The biggest thing for me was the new tires. Those old ones were worse than bald.


Pool service wasn’t too bad today. I started with the new pool. It was quick and easy. Then I went on to my nemesis. Gave it a good vacuum and all was well. Then down to the old house, where I had to add a bit of water. I fixed the edge pump timer and setup the automatic filler. Hopefully it doesn’t screw up.

Then it was on to the amazing house. Just added some water and skimmed it. Things are so much easier when no one’s at the houses. After that was one more stop, the easy pool. I added a bunch of water there, it was pretty low. Other than that, everything was all good.



Today I worked the leaky pool. Had to add a bunch of water, give it a good scrub, and vacuum. It looks so bad, the discolored and chipping paint. I really hope the owners will go with a proper resurfacing at some point soon. Other than that, work was pretty tame.

Puppy Love

I spent a good amount of time putting the flags out for the dog’s invisible fence. Took a while to zero in on the right spots and in some places the ground was rock hard. But it’s all mapped now. I did one little training session on the fence. She doesn’t get it yet (no shock) but hopefully she’s learning.

Fun Day (Sunday)


Started the day off with some Warframe. Working our way through The Second Dream among other things. Slowly piecing together some new Warframes, even though I have one in my foundry that I don’t have a slot for. Pretty sure I’m going to end up spending some money on this game soon.

Puppy Training

Three more sessions today (no shock) with the puppy. I think she’s starting to get it, isn’t too interested in going beyond the flags. Hopefully this means when it’s time to start shocking she will understand what she needs to do.


Early afternoon I came out of my hole because the boat captain came for a visit. Just the usual mimosas and chatting. Prolly would have enjoyed myself more if I had stayed in my room playing games, but I gotta be social. At least that’s what they tell me.

Featured Image

This week’s featured image is the required puppy tax! Yep, that’s the puppy, she’s a big ole sweetheart. Lots of love from her, and she’s so much happier being our puppy.

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