Truck Troubles

What Did I Accomplish This Week?

This week I got the accounting done for the month! Got my truck into the shop finally, because I had no choice. Not having a truck really changes daily life.



Well, things didn’t exactly go as planned today. Couldn’t get my truck to start this morning. Try as I might it just wouldn’t turn over. Had to call the mechanic to check it out here. So while waiting on that I took the roommate’s car. Drove on down to my nemesis to give it a quick clean for a showing tomorrow.

While I was there I got called away to deal with the electrical issues at the leaky pool house. Seems the whole thing there was just a single bad breaker. Once that was replaced everything was good to go. Even the washer we thought burned out. After spending a good while dealing with that I headed home to drop the car off.

Grabbed the dog and took a nice long walk to Crooks Bay. Stopped by to check on some guests with dead remote batteries. Then off to finish the work on my nemesis. The puppy was definitely a bit hyper. She tromped through the landscaping to chase lizards. Once that pool was good I made the long, hot trek back home.


After a sufficient cooling period it was time to continue my work on documenting my accounting procedures. I got the process for adding new guests, creating invoices for them, and recording their payments. Still a ton of accounting work to do this week though, only a couple days left in the month and I need to be ready for owner invoices as soon as possible.


Turns out the issue was something with one of the battery cables. The mechanic got that straightened and drove it to his shop to deal with the rest of the stuff. Needs a few new tires, an oil change, and brakes. Plus a good once over to make sure everything’s alright.



Outside of the expected expenses, it seems the truck will likely need a new radiator. Hopefully the costs won’t be prohibitive. I’m sure she’ll be humming along in no time. Because it’s still in the shop, all my running around was done with the assistance of the handyman.


The roommate has been off meeting with people today leaving me to my own devices. Work mostly consisted of me getting run to customs by the handyman to clear some stuff and deliver it. Picked up a door and a few beach chairs.


After that I did some more accounting. I’m keeping on top of documenting all the processes I use. I’m totally doing work everyday on this document. And by working on it everyday, it’s forcing me to try to catch up on the accounting backlog I’ve got. The backlog I have to get done this week basically, with it being the end of the month and all.



Still no truck so we’re sharing a car. Started off a bit later than expected with transporting a housekeeper. While I was there I also checked on the pool for the arriving guests. Wind has been super low this week, so my nemesis was still in pretty good shape from Monday.

Got to sit around playing video games in the air conditioning for work. Had two trucks of water delivered to the house on the hill. Water deliveries always take a while, and this was no exception. After the first truck was done, they had to roll back and refill. Overall it took about 3 hours.


Still working on the accounting and process document. I’m keeping up the task of working on it for a little bit everyday. I am procrastinating doing the hard stuff, but I really do need to get it done soon. Two big things, timesheets and the year-end carry over of owners’ balances. The timesheets isn’t a big deal, but I’ll be getting more soon, so I’ll just do the whole month at once.

The year-end thing is the bitch. I’ve basically gotta figure out how to do it, and do it right. It will take time and a lot of thinking. Trial and error will be a bitch on that one. I did it last year, but I don’t know if I did it right. This time I gotta get it 100% and document how I did it so next year I won’t have to worry so much.


Not only did I play during work, I played earlier than normal after work. I’m happy to announce I got the argon crystals I wanted so I could finally build an Atterax. Supposed to be one of the best weapons. Allows you to totally cheese things. Now I need the void trader to visit so I can buy the upgrades I need for it.



Still no truck, so no working outside the house. Started the morning with a blog post for our company site. This was something my brother’s wife typed up. Got it all transferred to the site and edited a bit. Added the usual stylization and formatting for a good blog. Just waiting on some photos now to make it really pop.


Well, I started work on what I was dreading, the year-end carryover. It isn’t nearly as bad as I was expecting, but I figured out exactly how to do it and documented it all. I haven’t actually done all the entries, but I did two to make sure things were correct and was able to document everything properly. Sure, I should keep going, and I just might, but at least I’ve done some serious good today.

Pool Day (Friday)


Still no truck, so pool service was a bit different. . . I started out with a drive in the roommate’s car to the leaky pool. It took a bit of work, because things hadn’t been so great last week with the lack of power and whatnot. Once the pools there were good to go I stopped by the new pool and gave it a good vacuuming.

Then came the fun part. I had the roommate drop me off at the old house where I couldn’t do a service because of fresh paint. Then I hit up my nemesis next door, which was in surprisingly good condition due to the recent lack of wind. After that I took a walk up to the amazing house. Again, really good shape without the wind.

Then it was a nice long jaunt up to the easy pool. Again, pool was in great shape so I didn’t have to do much there. While on site I checked the place out, the long-term guests had vacated it, one guy was a messy motherfucker. Also did some tech support on the WiFi because the range extenders weren’t working properly. Just a quick power cycle and everything was back in line.


Looks like the mechanic is still waiting on parts. Lots of little things that need to be done? This is all second-hand information from the handyman who dropped his truck off for service too. Vehicles really don’t last long down here. Gotta make time to get service more regularly.


Once I was recovered from my exertion of the day it was time to dig into the books again. I did do a little work on the process document, but not too much as I’m in a rush to get shit done for the end of the month. I put in as much data as I could without actually digging into the big chunks of stuff I have left to do. . . Procrastination is a bitch!

Accounting All Day (Saturday)


When you put off all the big accounting tasks until the last minute, you have to spend an inordinate amount of time catching up in one day. So I bit the bullet and plowed on. I did update my process document a little bit to streamline the year end procedure. Really simplifies things. I went through and finished year end for every villa, put in all the employee hours, and all their paychecks.

After a very long day of numbers, I got almost everything done. All that’s left now is to go through all the credit card charges. That should be pretty easy to do. But that will wait until tomorrow. I’m actually surprised I was able to get so much done today. I guess when I just buckle down and work I can accomplish a lot. And the stuff I was dreading really wasn’t all that bad, I gotta keep that in mind next month.

Mostly Day Off (Sunday)


Even though Sunday is usually my day off, with the end of the month I had to finish up the accounting. The roommate and I went over the credit card charges, then looked over all the owner’s statement. I found a lot of little things to fix, but it wasn’t so bad. Haven’t completely finalized everything, so I didn’t run the company P&L yet.


Spent most of the rest of the day relaxing. Played a long game of Catan that we didn’t finish because the computer was winning and it was taking forever. Later we played more Warframe. Got through Uranus and unlocked Neptune. I’m really digging the Atterax. That weapon is a beast. I don’t have all the mods I want for it yet, gotta wait for them to go on sale with the Void Trader.


While I was playing, the roommate got a call asking if we wanted to participate in a TV show filming tomorrow. Of course, she said yes. Seems some German show is filming something about the BVI and they’re showing off different things. They wanted to highlight rental villas, and we had a couple available to show.

Featured Image

This week’s featured image is the calm blue ocean. I snapped this pic while I was at the house on the hill getting water delivered. The wind was minimal, so the ocean was really calm and relaxing.

Remember to go check out my Gallery for more photo goodness!

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