Running Out of Titles



Not too bad of a workday. Went out and dropped off a couple checks. Closed up the house on the hill after the guests left. Other than that the day was mine.

Black Summer

Watched the entirety of this show in one dwy. It helped that the episodes weren’t very long. The connection to Z Nation is tentative, and the show has a much different feel to it. Definitely enjoyable.



Finally making my way to town. Just can’t keep putting off the bank. The ferry ride wasn’t so bad, and neither was the bank. . . At first. Things were going great, nice and quick. But then it took forever for them to get my cash to me. So long that I missed the earlier ferry and had to hang around for another hour to get home.

I took that opportunity to hit the pool supply store. I stocked up on testing chemicals that I can never find at home. In the end it all worked out well, even if it annoyance.


I must say, people are stupid. I understand that they’re just getting complacent since there’s no active spread here, but these stupid people will be the first infected. Many not wearing masks at all in public and a lot of the ones who do are wearing them wrong. Personally, I kept my mask on properly the whole time between when I exited my car and when I returned. Not once during my trip to Tortola did I lower my mask.



Ran around and paid a couple bills today. Waiting on a provision delivery, but that will come this afternoon. It came on the second round, first ferry we checked was not the right one. Handyman picked it up and delivered it and we worked together to put it away.



I worked on a couple pools today in anticipation of tomorrow. I worked the house on the hill and the easy house. Got an arrival for the easy house tomorrow, so I wanted it to look good. The house on the hill is kinda away from all the rest of the pools so I figured I’d whip it out too.


Had that arrival today. Amazing thing, while I was prepping to meet them I was informed one of the water heaters died. Hopefully it doesn’t cause the guests any major issues, but only time will tell. The actual arrival was no big deal.

Pool Day (Friday)


Three pools today, my nemesis, the old house, and the amazing house. Each house needed water, and I gave them all a better than average service. It took quite a while just for those three pools. Such a hot and sweaty day too, I was drenched when I finished.


I totally fucked up. I told my handyman that I needed him to do some work today which was actually scheduled for next Friday. So he took the day off other work to help me out and I told him wrong. Luckily I was able to find other work for him to do, so he isn’t missing out on earning money.

In the afternoon it was time to greet more guests. Course I took a quick shower and changed clothes beforehand. The actual check-in wasn’t too bad, the boat was late though. After waiting around for half an hour I met up with the guests and brought them to the house.



Spent a bit of time this morning working the accounting. Hadn’t entered anything in over a week. It actually didn’t take too long to get caught up. That is until I realized I missed a few checks. It’s not that bad, but I’m already done with accounting for today so maybe tomorrow.



I think I mentioned that I’ve been playing Stoneblock 2, right? Well I messed up and accidentally quarried a portion of my base! I was playing with the builder and set the area wrong and my whole cow and chicken set was destroyed. I kinda ragequit, although it isn’t that bad, I just have to rebuild, don’t think I lost anything.

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This week’s featured image is another throwback (what a surprise) . . . Tell me, what does the image make you feel?

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