The Handmaid’s Fling



Got started early today. Had to open up a house for cleaning. There’s going to be a photo shoot tomorrow. Just a realtor, gotta get pics to advertise the house. I also did my usual check-in on the Monday houses.



So the intern returns today. Won’t be working as much as she was, but it will be helpful. I started the morning a little early because of her. Went down and unlocked the amazing house for the incoming photographer. Opened up all the big doors too. She’s off to pick him up and deal with that while I do some more accounting.


Well, I got a bunch done today. I guess you could call it a head start on month end. I’m going to have to go back over some things, and finish other things, but I got a bunch done today. Pretty sure almost all expenses are entered.

The Handmaid’s Tale

So I’ve begun watching the show. I knew the general idea going in, although I didn’t realize it was set in modern day. It’s pretty good, but I have a hard time suspending my disbelief. I just can’t see the US going from what it is now to Gilead in such a short time frame. Maybe I don’t understand the scale of events in the show yet (I’m still on the first season) but it seems to me it all happened in a decade.



Worked more on the month-end stuff. I could probably have gotten it all done but I didn’t feel like it. Left a couple things to worry about for tomorrow, but that should be easy and all. I have a checklist I use every month. There are fourteen items in all, of them I’ve completed 11 for the month of June.


Tonight comes another conference call between the owners of the business. I don’t really see the point myself. In all it wasn’t so bad, just a discussion about how none of us know what’s going to happen.



Welp, got the accounting done for June. It really wasn’t that much, just had to reconcile the accounts and enter a couple of credit card charges. Once the reports were run I left it up to the roommate to go through them and verify I didn’t miss or mess anything.

Pool Day (Friday)


Started early today. The housekeepers are prepping the old house for guests tomorrow. I had to run down there and unlock a door for them. They’re busy working away while I’m off to clean pools


So I started up at the house on the hill, pretty easy. Then it was on to the easy house, which I gave a full vacuum and scrub. Got guests coming tomorrow so it has to look good. After that was a quick stop at the amazing house and my nemesis. Both were in decent shape but needed water. After all that I headed out to the old house and gave it a big scrub.


I picked my tomato! Thing is pretty small, even for a roma. Not exactly sure what I’m going to do with it. I think I’ll try eating it fresh. I’m not usually one for tomatoes, but without more I can’t exactly do much with it. I was afraid that would be the only tomato I get from the plant, but when I plucked it, I saw many other baby tomatoes starting to grow! My next harvest should be a lot more fruitful.



Two arrivals today, on the same ferry. I started prepping early, ran out at 9a to make sure the houses were ready. Opened things up and checked everything. Then I went home to prepare the information on both. Made a couple information cards, one for each. Gotta know what kind of car to look for, how big the group is, and how much they owe.

The actual arrivals weren’t too bad. I got both at the ferry, had them follow me. Pointed the first to their house and continued on with the other. Once I got them situated (and got their money) I headed back to the first and talked to them a bit and collected payment. Overall the arrivals didn’t take too long, about half the time was spent waiting on the ferry.


Not long after the guests arrived I had to run back down to the old house. Guests there wanted to BBQ but there was no grill. I borrowed it from next door, gotta remember to return it when they’re gone. I also had to make a small correction to something in QuickBooks. A simple mistake, which I’m sure I’ll make again.

Day Off (Sunday)

The Handmaid’s Tale

I’ve now finished watching what is available of The Handmaid’s Tale. I’m sad that they’ve pushed back the next season to 2021. It’s understandable, with the pandemic, but I want to know more about what happens next. I’ll be pleasantly surprised when it returns.


A small amount of work. Ran the company’s P&L and sent it out to the shareholders. We made a profit last month, but only barely. One thing of interest is I can see how much I cost. Rent, then another $600 per month for food and such. If you consider all that my salary it’s not too bad. Of course I’m not earning anything myself at this point.

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