Skeleton Spawner Surprise


Another morning without a walk. Roommate woke up late, she had a late night and didn’t sleep well. I’m good with not walking, it’s rough to get up and immediately walk 3 miles.

I did my usual daily site checks, Facebook, Analytics, Google Ads, etc. Not much to report really, a lot of the same old stuff. Added 5 more new keywords in Google Ads though. Then I decided to check out my Bing Webmaster Tools because it’s been a while since I’ve done that. I almost forgot how bad the tools are. There’s a reason I don’t check it out much, it’s really hard to navigate and find what you’re looking for, and nobody uses Bing.

We headed out early to check on our villas. First we stopped by the Hunter House and found a good water level in pool. Next up was opening another villa for guests arriving later this afternoon. Finally we ran around a couple of the other villas that are closed up to make sure they’re still looking okay and all is on the up and up.

Once back home it was finally time wash my clothes. I hadn’t been able to do laundry like normal because of the recent lack of water. I almost ran out of clean clothes.

While at one of the closed up villas we borrowed a few of their fans. I’ve propped one right next to me in the kitchen and it feels so good. During the day when the air get still it can be stifling in here.

My brother texted me about a weird thing he was seeing with our site. For some reason, when trying to access the non-secure version of our site without the www it would redirect to a login to the WordPress admin page. Totally not a good thing. After nearly an our of trying all kinds of stuff, I found that the redirection plugin I had installed went wonky. I just had to clear all the settings and redo it. All is back to normal now and my brother tested it successfully too.

While the roommate was off at the bank I decided to play a bit of Minecraft. I cut down a few trees to clear land for a forward base near the witch hut. Then I went caving in the nearby mesa for some iron so I could make a flint and steel to get Nether travel setup. And wouldn’t you know it, almost immediately I came across a skeleton dungeon!

I still feel like I may need to setup some kind of mob farm to get more gunpowder eventually, but for now I can just work on the skeleton farm. Once that’s done I’ll look into witch farm designs to see if they’re viable in this version.


The guests coming today called to let us know the car barge is running late. They won’t be here until around 3pm. To kill time while waiting I played a bit more Minecraft. I ran around collecting resources from the cave around the spawner and dug out the spawning chamber for the skeletons. Only problem is that I can’t decide what I want to do for the design.

I think I’d like to make the kill chamber beneath the spawner, put some kind of glass overhead so I could see the mob spawning chamber. But what do I do with the inside of that chamber to make it look good? Maybe make it look like the inside of a skeleton head? The wall dimensions wouldn’t match the actual skin though. I’m open to ideas, what are your suggestions? I would like to work in a lighting system so I could turn it off and on too. Of course, it will be dark up there, so any design I make may not even matter, especially through water.

I’m pretty sure I’ll either build the nether portal there in the killing room or in a hallway connected to my witch farm. Maybe I should work a little on that too, just to get an idea of how I’ll connect them. No need to back up to the surface to get between them if a nice tunnel underground will do that trick. Of course, first thing’s first, I have to figure out where the skeleton killing chamber is going to be. 

It was finally time to head out to meet the guests. They were waiting for us at the dock when we arrived. After leading them to their villa we gave them a short tour. After, the roommate and I went off the the store for some groceries. 


Once back home I decided to continue working on the skeleton spawner. For now I’m just surrounding the spawning chamber with stone brick and using a glass floor. I’ve got the drop shaft setup and now I just need to clear all the stone between the killing room and the spawning room. I hope the drop is going to be far enough for me to get 1 hit kills, if not I’ll figure something out.

Tonight I have a night’s worth of YouTube videos to watch. Etho has a new Minecraft video and I have some other stuff from VintageBeef and Guude too.

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