Slow Days



As it was a slow day yesterday, I spent a good while playing Factorio. I’ve gotten a lot of my nuclear power plant area prepared. I’ve even got the reactors placed. I haven’t put in the turbines yet, but I just need to redesign it a bit and get it built. I’m waiting on my robots to finish building the land bridge for it.


I did spend a little while on accounting. I’ve entered a lot more stuff but there’s still a lot more to go. There’s issues with employee time. What I have entered from the time sheets do not match what was put on the owners’ invoices. I’ll get it fixed, it’s just going to be a stupid, unnecessary pain in the ass.

Bird Box

I did spend some time movie watching. I’ve had Bird Box for a while and just hadn’t spent the time to watch. I finally got around to it and I really enjoyed the movie. There were a couple of stupid things, but overall it was good.



I finally got my nuclear power plant completed and working. I also got started with trains. So far, the only trains I have running are for the power plant. I installed a couple of mods too, SmartTrains and Waterfill. We’ll see how they work out for me.


Spent a bit more time today in QuickBooks. Got a decent amount of new data entered. Still more to go, but everyday I do some more accounting and eventually it’ll be done. Well, no, it’ll never be done. But I’ll be caught up.

Featured Image

Today’s featured image is a stone from the shore embedded with all kinds of stuff. It’s amazing to see rocks like this, makes you wonder exactly how it all formed.

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