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With breakfast comes more Factorio. Today I’ve begun building my nuclear setup. I’m going to start with the blueprints I’ve used before but try to redo them better. I have to find a way that will be modular and allow good water and steam flow. I’ve only just gotten fuel being made, and begun producing the parts of the nuclear power plant.


I spent a little time tending our pool. All I did was give is a good scrub down. It is getting better, but there’s still more to do. Tomorrow I will do another check and balance as well as a good thorough vacuuming.


Spent more time on accounting. So much is in there now, but there’s still more to go. One of the biggest problem I have is the way the roommate has been doing invoices in the past. Trying to match some things she puts on there with what I enter can be challenging. She’ll combine a couple things from different receipts, while I’ve been entering receipts individually. This causes me to hunt around so I don’t end up charging too little or too much.



Spent more time this morning during breakfast playing with the factory. Things are moving along nicely. Getting setup for nuclear power. It’s taking a while to prepare, but it will be worth it. Not going to work on trains until after I get power going. I have my green/red/blue circuit stuff figured out. . . As long as my copper keeps coming in at a nice pace.


Pool day once again. Got a new pole for one villa, it’s so much easier to work on the pool with a functional pole. I did have to take apart the chlorinator there to clear the junction screen. Hopefully that’ll take care of the chlorine problem. I saved a little lizard from another pool. The poor thing was clinging to the side and couldn’t get out. I grabbed it and put it on the ground and it just laid there. It was probably worn out from holding on.

My nemesis was so much better now that I bought them a new hose. I’m guessing that about half the time I spent vacuuming that pool was due to fighting with their old, shitty hose. Also got them a new vacuum head because their old one was warped and parts were ground down. The pool is still a pain, but at least these two new pieces of equipment made it a little easier.

Featured Image

Today’s featured image is a closeup of coral. I liked the color and structure of this piece. I wish parts of the image were a little bit sharper though.

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