Slow Week

What Did I Accomplish This Week?

This week I got to relax for a whole day. That was after hastily getting a pool pump replaced. Yeah, it was a slow week.

Back to Work (Monday)


I had feelers out for a new pump from the pool guy we know. Problem is he hasn’t gotten back to me and we need that new pump installed right away. So, after giving him one more chance, I had to run out and find one to buy at the store. Got it to the villa, now I’m waiting on the plumber to get it installed so I can get the electrician to hook it up. And we have guests arriving tomorrow.

Met up with the plumber in the early afternoon and he was installing the pump. Just says it’ll be another thirty minutes until it’s done, and then another thirty for the glue to dry. Now I’m working on arranging the electrician to wire it up. Still need to add water to the pool now, give it (and the other pool) a good cleaning too.

It wasn’t until much later that the electrician showed up (right around dinner time). He got the pump hooked up, but we ran into some issues with the timer. Luckily there was a spare timer there. Once that was installed everything was good to go. It was too late in the day to begin working on cleaning though.



Today I have to get that villa’s pools in shape and deliver some crash pads for rent. Loaded up the truck and headed out early to work on the pools. Had to add a lot more water to the leaky pool, seems things might be worse there. Got both pools all nice and clean.

After a couple hours and a couple trips to The Baths I got the pool topped off and the crash pads delivered. It was really annoying to go there, wait fifteen minutes in the rain, and have no one show up. Then another fifteen minutes later have to go back because they finally showed up. Dude took forever to pay me too cause he had to dig for his wallet.


Today the roommate’s boyfriend is coming in for a week. That means I get the house to myself for a while. They’ll be using one of our villas for some of the time he’s here. I was very happy to not have to worry about disturbing anyone (or being disturbed) at night.



Not a lot on the docket today. Okay, not really anything to do today. I did a little bit of accounting, just entering some transactions and such. In the afternoon I was informed one of our long term renters (this is their last month) was without hot water. I got there to find their water heater was unplugged and the vales (in and out) were off.

I called the plumber guy to see what was up. He tells me he replaced the heater and just didn’t turn it on but it should be good to go. So I turn the valves and water starts spewing out the bottom. Seems the drain valve was still open. Once that was closed I got the water flowing and plugged the sucker in.



What did I do Thursday? I really don’t know. I’m writing this on Saturday, and I just can’t for the life of me remember much about the day. Roommate was gone, took the day off. The intern was here though, for most of the day. I guess I mostly just dicked around on my computer.



Very quick pool day today. I basically did the bare minimum on all of them. Got done so fast because the ones in use didn’t really need anything more than a check. That got me home really early, with nothing else to do. So I binge watched See. Such a great show, can’t wait for more!



There was an update to Warframe. Big download, 4.4GB. I had to leave it downloading overnight, and it failed. Not enough free system memory. So I had to uninstall the game and redownload the whole thing. Going to take forever. Then the power goes out! There goes my day off of having fun playing games. Maybe the power will come back soon. Hopefully it will before my UPS goes out and I lose power completely.

And, of course, as soon as the power comes back on the roommate stops by. Why? Can I not just have a single day of peaceful solitude without any stupid interruptions? Oh well, hopefully she leaves soon and I can go about my day of relaxation. Once the roommate and her man finally left, I got back to watching some TV while waiting for Warframe to finish downloading.

Once again, an interruption! One of our housekeepers came by to pick up a mattress. Not much of an interruption, but enough to be an annoyance. I helped carry the mattress out, and all was good. I wonder what’s going to happen next? How about an argument with the girlfriend? Sure, let’s do that. . .



Finally, a day where I can be alone and just enjoy playing games and watching TV. I need more days like this. I’ve started rewatching Lost in Space in prep for the upcoming season. I forgot how great this show is. It’s gotten me excited for what’s next! I’m just sad I’ll have a wait a couple weeks for season 2.

Also played a lot, A LOT, of Warframe. This boost they gave us with the update really has helped a lot. I’ve maxed out a bunch of weapons and stuff. Four melee, two primary, two secondary, and two companions. Got Mars unlocked, picked up the archwing, just need a single scan on Mars to open the next junction. This game has really sucked me in.

Featured Image

This week’s featured image is rain over the ocean. It was just amazing to see the clouds shape and the shadow of the rain out there. I’m really stuck on clouds, aren’t I?

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