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What Did I Accomplish This Week?

This week I got a couple of pool problems fixed. I also battled the winds that have been bringing in all kinds of waves (of the sea and weather). Found myself time for some fun and games too.

Leaky Pool (Monday)


Today I reached out to another plumber about the leaky pool. Wanted a second opinion and the first plumber just isn’t as reliable as I’d like. We have a very small window to be able to get this done. Guy showed up within an hour of contact, very responsive. He agreed with the original plumber as to the issue.

Amazingly, this is the guy who originally plumbed the pool! And he’s related to one of our housekeepers. This guy got started right away, already got the pool drained within a couple hours of showing up. This guy was the right choice. By the end of the day they were already jackhammering the wall of the pool.


So I bought Catan on the Switch because it was on sale. Never played, not the tabletop or anything digital. With a very rudimentary understanding of the game, my friend and I gave it a go. It definitely is a complex game. Pretty sure I have gotten a decent understanding of the strategy after the second game.



Ugh, last night, all night long, there was wind. That wind brought with it two issues, a banging coming from somewhere, and a whistle. The whistle has been ongoing for a while, but it’s really bad when the wind picks up. First thing in the morning I went in search of the banging. Turns out a door at an adjacent house was open (still needs to be rebuilt from Irma). I held it closed with a nearby cinder block.

After solving that problem, I tackled the other. I found the problem to be a window. These aren’t the usual American windows that open upward, but instead slide open sideways. Between the two panes of the window there is a small gap that the wind goes through causing the sound. I added a strip of clear packing tape to cover the gap and now the whistle is gone. Course, this will cause issues closing the window, but I’ll deal with that when the time comes.


Went to check out the work on the leaky pool. They’ve almost finished pulling out the concrete. Once that’s done they just need to get the pipe fixed and pour new concrete. Hopefully everything goes smoothly and we can get this pool back into shape by the time our next guests come.



A public holiday to honor a local who recently died means relaxing. Course, even so I had some work to do. Had to pay a housekeeper who is taking vacation. Other than that it was tv, movies, and video games all day.

Bank Day (Thursday)


Time to go to the bank again. Running low on cash and payday is coming up. Today is the last chance for me to go before it’s too late. So it’s time for the usual, ferry, watering hole, bank, etc. The bank didn’t take too long. I did things a bit out of order though. Bank first, food second. I was hoping I could be done and out earlier, but it didn’t work out that way.

After food, I made a stop by the nearby computer store. Just had a look around. Found a couple things I’m interested in, may pick up next time I’m there. Then the pool supply store, ordered more sodium bicarb and grabbed a bag of DE for the pool at the old house.

Pool Day (Friday)


Started off heading to the house with the (previously) leaky pool. Found the other pool there completely empty of water! Turns out the pump sprang a leak and drained the thing. When it rains it pours. So I ran and bought another pump, but wasn’t able to get anything done with it yet.

The actual pool service everywhere was really fast, I kinda did a crap job, just made sure things were in balance because of the hard morning. Gonna have to do an extra good job on all the pools next week.


Holy crap, the weather lately has been so fucking annoying. Tons of wind, rain all the time. The weather has been so bad that it’s been messing with the internet. Down for a while, bad latency all day, dropped packets. I really hope the provider gets everything fixed.

More Pools (Saturday)


So the roommate’s boyfriend is headed home. That means I don’t have the house (mostly) to myself anymore. Oh well, I’ll survive. I haven’t missed the constant political news running in the background.


So the electrician wasn’t able to make it out yesterday to disconnect the old pump. Pretty sure I can do that part myself, so I’m gonna give it a shot. Luckily, it was pretty easy. Power was already off, so I just popped off the cover, unscrewed 3 wires and called the plumber. Next up was the filter change.

That was pretty easy too, although a bit more time consuming. Opening the DE filter takes a while. But once the filter was swapped I added the powder and let ‘er rip. Added a bit more chlorine and waited around to let it run for a while. Everything there seems to be in order.

Sanity (Sunday)


A small amount of work in the morning. Ran by one house and opened it up for the owner’s arrival. Stopped by the leaky pool and verified the pump was installed. Then headed out to the new pool and took some pictures for the website.


Once all the work was done it was time to relax. Played Minecraft for a while with my friend. Then later in the evening we moved on to Warframe. At this point we’ve completed Mars, which is great, but there’s still so much content we haven’t even touched. And there’s an update that just hit with even more stuff!

Featured Image

This week’s featured image is one actually take a little while back. I was down taking pictures for a villa and thought the waves on the rocks looked pretty.

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