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Day Off (Sunday)

Learning a Lesson

Sunday was an off day. I started the day learning! It’s time to get cracking on making a video game. Unity is pretty easy to use so far. You can see from my post I’ve already mastered the basics of the beginner 2D tutorial. Still so much more to learn and do before I have a fleshed out game though.

A Visit

The boat captain stopped by for a while today. She brought some yummy food with her, homemade cinnamon rolls! They were delicious, especially with the cream cheese frosting we had in the fridge. The three of us hung out and chatted for a while. Lots of island gossip and complaining, the usual. It did drain my batteries a bit though.

Work It Out (Monday)


I spent more time this morning putting together information for my Game Development series. Gathering information and building off what little I’ve learned so far. It’s going to be a long road, but hopefully a fun and rewarding trip. I wrote up a whole bunch of ideas on my Next Steps.


Had to move some furniture around at one villa, get some lights working, the usual thing. Not a whole lot going on in regards to that. I was supposed to oversee refilling of the generator next door. After waiting half an hour I turned the water off at another villa when the pool was full. Then went back to waiting. Another 30 minutes passed and I gave up. Hopefully they’ll show eventually.

We finally had to call, seems they forgot about us. So they sent someone out to check on where the delivery of diesel will go. But the truck has a flat, so it won’t be out until tomorrow. Told the guy to do it early since we have guests checking in.


Still catching up on April. Already got through everything from when I was gone, receipts, checks, etc. I’ve not reconciled nearly everything in QuickBooks with what was sent to the owners for the month. Only thing left to go over is employee hours charged to owners. But that will have to wait for another day.

Early Start (Tuesday)


So I started a bit early today to get things done. Headed over to one villa to open it up for the housekeepers. Turns out I didn’t need to since they have keys. Luckily it wasn’t a completely wasted trip as I needed to add a bit more water to that pool.

After that I headed over to my nemesis. Gave it a good vacuum, it wasn’t too bad. Checked the levels and still tons of chlorine, everything else is okay. Gave it a bit of a spritz too since it seemed a little low. Now we just await the diesel delivery for there. Already had to call the guys again to get it moving along.


I continued my education on game development with a new tutorial. This is another beginner module with all kinds of stuff supplied, Ruby’s Adventure. I made it about halfway through before I called it quits for the day but I’m learning a lot.

Hump Day (Wednesday)

Couldn’t come up with a good descriptor for today. It’s the roommates final full day here, she leaves tomorrow morning. She’s stuffed her day full of meetings with people so she’s been off running around. I’m supposed to meet them at a villa at some point to talk to a guy about their pool, just waiting on them. Luckily the workday will end a bit early with a company happy hour!

Continuing Education

I’ve spent a bit of my alone time this morning continuing my education in Unity. And of course I continued updating my post about this tutorial. For some reason I’m not feeling as invested as I was yesterday. I’m having a harder time wanting to continue to the next lesson.


I’ve continued my data entry on catching up and correcting April’s accounting. Almost got it all done now. Just another couple of things to do which should be completed tomorrow. I have a meeting with the accountant on Monday, so I’ll have it all ready by then.

Happy Hour

Since the roommate is leaving tomorrow we decided to do a company happy hour. It was a great time. We got amazing food in a wonderful atmosphere. We even brought a photographer to come take some pictures of us for our website.

Home Alone (Thursday)

Today’s the day the roommate heads back to Atlanta. Usual morning routine, but she was off to the airport around 10. After that it was business as usual just without her. Work continues as always. I do need to get over my anxiety and get the tires fixed for our vehicles.


Transported one housekeeper this morning, nothing special about that. Gotta get up to one villa so a carpenter guy can do some work. Course, that’ll be after lunch. The tire run was no issues. Got one patched and the other swapped for only $16 (paid ’em $20 for the good service).

The carpenter guy was a quick easy thing. Just showed him what needed to be done and scheduled the work for this weekend. Then back home and changed the tire on one of the vehicles. Next up is an appointment with pool guys to look into issues at another villa.

Yay, looks like it’s not nearly as bad as we were expecting. Guy says we should be good to fill it up. Gotta schedule a water delivery for Saturday, if only I could get in touch with the guy. Strangely, the intern was able to right after I called and got disconnect messages. Then the guy called me back! I guess those just sounded like disconnect messages.


Let the intern leave a bit early. All the tasks for the day were complete and anything else that might have popped up could be handled remotely. It was nice to have the place to myself for once. Unmuted the laptop and watched some a stream on Twitch while playing more Sky Factory 4.

Pool Day (Friday)


Pools were pretty easy today. I started at the amazing house as usual. It was pretty low so I had to take my time to let it fill. After that was another villa up the road. I had to let it fill too. Luckily it was empty so I just hung out while that was happening. Once I was done there, I made a quick trip to the store for groceries, then back home for lunch.

Once I had finished my sammich I headed next door to face my nemesis. It’s still in pretty good shape. One of the guests was actually in the pool skimming it. Levels were good, no serious cleaning to be done. Finally, I ended with our pool. Levels were good, just gave it a full vacuum.


For some reason I just can’t seem to get myself to go back to my game development education. I’ve only got three lessons left (2.5hr)! Part of it is work, the other part is probably that once the tutorial is over it’s time to actually start building! Or is it? There will definitely be more to learn.

(Another) Early Start (Saturday)


Out and running around before 8am. . . Had to open up one villa for the carpenter, then opened another for the exterminator. After that was a stop next door to plunder the departed guests’ leftovers. Nothing super amazing, but definitely some good stuff. Then it was back out to another villa for more departed guests’ goodies. Unfortunately, they didn’t leave much of anything so it was a mostly wasted trip.

Pretty much the entire day was spent at that villa, waiting on a water delivery. “He’ll be there soon” seems to be code for “sometime in the next couple of hours.” It didn’t help that we needed two trucks of water. In the end the pool was full and flowing though. Took almost no time to get the chemicals in, then I just hung out for a bit to make sure everything was running right.

Featured Image

This week’s featured image is the sunset view from Sugarcane Restaurant. It’s absolutely an amazing view there and the food is delicious!

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